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Insect bite marks, Insect bite remedy to get rid of insect bite mark

How do I get rid of marks that were left by insect bites?

The fact that the insect bit you in the first place can be quite irritating, but to have to deal with the insect bite mark or scar as well is just plain frustrating. There are a variety of ways in which you can treat scars left behind by an insect bite. These solutions or insect bite remedies are easy to administer or use. Onion extract has anti-inflammatory properties that seem to lower the over production of collagen in the scar, thus reducing the chances of the scar becoming too deformed. The extract is available in a gel form and can be purchased from an herbal or drug store. Whether used in tandem with another treatment option or just by itself- the treatment takes a period of several months in order to produce noticeable effects in getting rid of insect bite mark.

An alternative to the onion extract is the use of silicone. Available in a gel form or rubber like sheets; silicone has the ability to lighten and flatten scars. You can apply the gel topically or otherwise use medical grade tape to keep the silicone sheets in place. Silicon is used because, the static electricity generated by the silicone helps align the collagen fibres in the scar in a proper manner. This helps make the scar less noticeable.

The third type of treatment that you can use is a slightly more popular method of scar treatment and is primarily available in the form of an over the counter or prescription cream. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are derivatives of natural fruit acids that are very useful in the speeding up the exfoliating process of the skin. This in turns aids the development of new skin cells and hence helps get rid of the scar faster. If you are going to use this form of treatment it is advisable to consult a dermatologist regarding what strength of alpha hydroxy acid you are going use as it can cause mild skin irritation and other problems in people who have sensitive skin. If you aren’t considering using any of the above treatment solutions you can also try surgical treatments. There are a number of treatment options that include collagen and steroid injections and even laser treatments. Though these treatments are relatively costlier and require a number of sessions they are sometimes far more effective and will be needed if you're scarring is severe. Consult your doctor or dermatologist in order to understand which the best treatment option.