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How to Reduce Acne Scarring and Reduce Back Acne

Reduce Back Acne Scars Tips

Hi. I'm 22 & have severe acne on the top of my arms, shoulders and back. Any advice on how to help reduce this?

How to reduce acne scarring - Acne can often make life difficult by popping up all over our face, shoulders and chest. You have mentioned that you have severe acne on your arms, shoulder and back. Since acne is a manifestation of problems related to your digestion and your stomach, you should first ensure that your stomach is healthy in order to reduce back acne and reduce acne scarring. You should eat food that is rich in fibers since this will help you move your bowels every morning. You should also ensure that you maintain a very high standard of personal hygiene. You should always wash your hands after you touch the acne since it can spread if you don’t wash them. You should make it a habit to drink lots of water since this will help flush out the toxins in your stomach. During the day you can drink up to three glasses of water to which the juice of half a lemon had been added and a tablespoon of honey mixed into it. Fruits juices and buttermilk should be drunk at regular intervals. Fruits and vegetables should form a large chunk of your diet. Vegetables like radish should be eaten regularly. In fact, it is suggested that you eat one raw radish every single day.

To reduce acne whether it is on your arms, shoulders or another part of body you should avoid eating oily and spicy food since this will only aggravate your problems. Instead, you should eat light and simply cooked food. A good night’s sleep is absolutely essential and you should ensure that you get at least eight hours sleep every night. Often it has been noticed that there is a definite link between mental tensions and the appearance of acne. You should learn to relax and stop worrying. You can practice some regular exercises and meditation techniques to keep yourself calm.  

You can also mix oatmeal with water and apply this on the areas where the acne is the worst to reduce acne scarring. This can be washed off after half an hour. Mix lemon juice with equal quantities of rose water. Dip a clean cotton ball into this and apply on the affected area. This can be left on for some time and then washed off. You can peel and grate one cucumber and squeeze it to extract the juice. Dip a clean cotton swab into this and apply on the areas affected by acne. You can scoop the ripe flesh from an avocado. Mash it well and add some water to make a smooth paste. This paste, when applied on the acne, is very effective in clearing the boils.