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Bikini Line Razor Burn

I have razor burns on the bikini line. Please suggest how to prevent bikini razor burns.

If you are plagued by the problem of repeated bikini razor burn on your bikini line, the best bet for you would be to stop shaving temporarily. If you need to have your bikini line always clean shaven and free of even the smallest bit of hair, then you can try to employ other methods of hair removal in that particular area. There are several other types of hair removing methods you can use to get rid of unwanted and unsightly hair. Several creams and lotions which remove hair upon application are also available in the market for your use. But since you seem to have sensitive skin, you should make it a point to conduct an allergy test before you use anything. This would entail putting a drop of any hair removing solution on the inner part of your elbow and testing it out before you apply it to a larger area. You must wait for 24 hours before you can tell for sure if your skin is agreeing with the product. There is also the option of waxing available to you for hair removal on your bikini line. Make sure you get a qualified professional to do this, however. Is done the wrong way, waxing can have severe and unsightly side effects. It can also cause other painful problems such as ingrowths.

Tips to Prevent Razor Burn in Bikini Area

If you have to shave, you can take certain simple precautions to ensure that you do not suffer from bikini line razor burn every time you do so. The very first thing is that you must try to always shave after a shower, rather than before it. This is because after a shower, your skin is supple and soft and you may not need to run the razor repeatedly over the same area. This is sometimes a primary cause of razor burn. You must also make it a point to apply soap generously before you shave. This is yet another method to ensure that you do not suffer from razor burn due to repeatedly running the razor over the same spot. Remember to always shave in the direction of hair growth. This will ensure not only a smooth shave, it will also prevent your skin from toughening in that area. If you shave in the direction opposite to the growth, then the hair will scrape against your skin and cause abrasions. Remember to always apply lotion after you are done. All these methods should help you out.