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Get Rid of Dark Upper Lips, How to Lighten Dark Red Lips, Dark Lip Treatment

Hi! I am 19 years old girl. The corners of my lips are very dark. The lower lip is red but the upper lip is dark, please help me to get rid of dark upper lips with some dark lips treatment!

Dark Lip Corner Treatment

Dark lips are a problem since they can cause an enormous amount of embarrassment. You have mentioned that your lower lip is red and it is only the upper lip that is dark. Being addicted to smoking is one of the most common reasons for dark lips. If you are a smoker then you should immediately cut down on smoking, or better still, completely stop smoking. This is sure to have a positive effect on your lips. Another possible reason for dark tone of lips is excessive consumption of tea and coffee. If you do drink lots of tea or coffee through the day, then this could be the reason for your dark lips. You can cut down on your intake of tea and coffee. The color of your lips will immediately change back to its natural tone.

The other remedy for dark lips that you can try is to apply lemon juice. You can also mix some honey with the lemon juice and apply this to your dark lips. Coriander juice is another home made remedy that is believed to be very effective in reducing the dark lip color. You can grind a small bunch of coriander leaves and squeeze out the juice. This can be applied on the dark lips. It is believed that a beetroot is also an effective remedy to dark lips. You will need to peel a piece of beetroot and apply this on the lips.  Beetroot juice is also very effective in ensuring that your lips become lighter in color. Beetroot juice, when mixed with a tablespoon of pomegranate juice and applied on the dark lips is also very effective.

Sometimes lips look dark because they are not moisturized sufficiently. You should use unsalted butter to apply on the lips since this will keep them moisturized. You should apply this at night and allow this remedy to work on your lips during the night. Glycerin is also a good option. You can apply glycerin overnight in order to ensure a quick result. Almond oil is another oil that can be used on the lips in addition to coconut oil. These oils work best overnight and should be left on the lips at night. Soak three almonds overnight. In the morning you will find that they can be ground into a smooth paste. To this paste you can add a few drops of milk cream and a few drops of lemon juice. This paste can be applied on the dark lips.