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How do you Treat Sun Poisoning Blisters, Remedies for Lip Blisters, Lip Blister Treatment

I have several blisters on my lips, my family says I have sun poisoning. Should I go to the doctor or wait for the sun poisoning blister to clear on its own?

Blisters due to sun poisoning are not only very tough to treat; they can also be quite dangerous if left untended. The first thing you must do under the circumstances is get yourself examined by a doctor. This will determine whether they are indeed blisters caused due to sun poisoning, and whether they are infectious. For infectious blisters, you would need to follow a proper course of medication without any further delay; otherwise, you are in the imminent danger of spreading them around.

It is important for you to know that sun poisoning can lead to skin infections that may actually grown into more serious things. As it is, sun poisoning itself is not the most pleasant of things to acquire. Once you have had sun poisoning, your chances of becoming prone to skin cancer increase. This is all the more reason you should not neglect any sign of sign of sun poisoning, no matter how small and trivial it may seem to you. Make it a point from here on to never expose your skin to the sun without first applying a generous layer of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. This rule will go a long way towards protecting you from the dangers and hazards of the worst part of the sun’s harmful rays.

If your blisters are not filled with pus or any watery kind of liquid, you can easily take care of them right at home. Begin by applying a paste turmeric powder and clarified butter. Clarified butter and turmeric powder both have healing properties which will help you to get rid of your blisters faster. Turmeric powder, particularly, has anti septic healing properties. This application will not only disinfect your blisters, it will stop them from spreading as well. It will also help to heal the burn. Used and chilled tea bags, particularly green tea bags, are very good for providing relief with these blisters. You can apply them as often as you want. In order to sanitize your blisters, you can make a mix of one part organic vinegar, one part hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water and apply this. This will also help with treating them appropriately. If you have determined that your blisters are caused due to sun poisoning, apply fresh yogurt to them. This will not only provide relief from the burning sensation, it will also help with the healing process considerably.