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Itching Treatment and Home Remedy for Itching Skin

My daughter has been suffering from itching allergy. She is 6 years old. Please tell me some home remedies for it.

The first thing to do in cases of all allergies is to consult a doctor. It is absolutely necessary to get a medical opinion on any kind of allergies, as some allergies are so strong that they have a tendency to aggravate and cause serious problems over a period of time. Consulting a doctor is particularly important if your daughter has been suffering from allergies for more than a month. This is no ordinary matter – please know that your child needs help immediately. You should also be aware that itching allergies can be both topical and due to reasons of diet. In either case, you should check to see if any new addition has been made to her diet, if so, you need to remove it at once. This will take care of the problem. The most common allergens are soya, milk and all milk based products, peanuts, wheat and all sour foods. If you have introduced your daughter to any of these of late and her skin has broken out, then you should know that the problem lies with the food and take care of it accordingly.

It could also be that a new product, such as soap, shampoo, cream, lotion or oil has been recently introduced to the child and she has reacted adversely to it. You should take care of this problem appropriately as well. Once you have eliminated either of these possibilities, you can move on to improve your child’s immune system so that her body can better fight allergies from within. Start by giving her Indian gooseberry, also known as amla. This is the richest source of vitamin C and will help to build and boost her immunity greatly. If you cannot find the fruit in fresh form, or in juice form, you can also buy it in pill form. It is easily available in shops and stores that sell natural and organic products. Echinacea is yet another herb that is extremely useful in boosting poor immunity and strengthening the system. It is easily available in pill form and must be taken as prescribed. Do remember not to try any other drugs that can further harm the child until you have consulted with a doctor. Since the child is itching, it is preferable to consult a dermatologist, as opposed to a family physician. A skin doctor may also prescribe further tests to determine the cause of the allergy. You need to know that treatment can commence only once the cause is determined.