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Itching Allergy and Itching Treatment

I got itching sensation due to some infection. Now I am getting red dots on body by itching. What are the reasons and are there any home remedies for itching cure?

The symptom that you are describing may indicate that you have some kind of heat rash or possibly an insect bite. The red dots are due to the fact that when you scratch you are breaking small blood vessels spread out under your skin and when these rupture they spread and it may seem like the rash is spreading. This rash is rather harmless and is also known as ‘prickly heat’. It may be caused due to the fact that the weather around you is hot and humid.  To combat it you can use an antihistamine cream to reduce the scratching and thus in effect reduce the spread of the rash. However the best way to get rid of these kinds of rashes is to take a couple of preventive measures. Therefore avoid wearing very tight clothing (especially if it is synthetic). Make sure to always keep yourself cool in order to avoid sweating. You can do this by taking regular cold showers, keeping your skin dry, and always wear loose fitting clothing, thus helping speed up the healing process.

You can also use an antibacterial powder which contains cooling ingredients like menthol or camphor for relief. Avoid the use of oil based lotions as they block the sweat pores and increase the itching sensation. Consume large amounts of vitamin C or vitamin A either by; consuming foodstuffs that are rich in these nutrients or take them in the supplement form. The consumption of vitamin A and C helps speed up the healing process. As far as possible avoid going out too much and do not consume a high protein diet during the period of treatment as it increases the metabolic heat of the body. Also make sure to avoid over working yourself in the heat as it can negate the preventive measures that you are taking.