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Itching Herbal Remedies for Extreme Body Itching

I am experiencing itching sensation which is uncontrollable. Can you suggest me some Home remedy for extreme itching?

You have not mentioned where you experience extreme itching. Very often we experience uncontrollable itching when you have some kind of infection. Usually this occurs in the areas where our sweat and the kinds of clothes that we wear tend to create a perfect breeding ground for various kinds of organisms which cause itching. If you find that you are itching under your arms or around your pelvic region, then you should take more care of your personal hygiene. You should change your underclothes as often as possible. Always dry yourself well after you have been to the bathroom. Avoid using highly scented toilet paper since this will only aggravate your problem. Use plenty of water to wash yourself when you have your bath. Dry yourself well. However, don’t rub hard since this can cause chafing and further aggravate the problem. Instead, you can use a thick towel and pat yourself dry. Using a hair drier ensures that you are completely dry and reduces the chances of an infection of any kind.


Tips for extreme Skin Itching and Itching Rash

Wearing loose clothes is a very practical way to handle the itching. Loose clothes ensure that your skin can breathe. This helps reduce the itching. Your clothes should be made of natural fibers since this is far more healthy and practical. Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe and possess the ability to actually absorb the sweat. This keeps your skin dry and less likely to get an infection. If you have noticed the extreme itching on other parts of your body, this might be due to the extremely dry weather. This can cause your skin to completely dry up and make you fall prey to the itching urge. Itching will only break the skin and irritate it further. So avoid the temptation to actually scratch when you feel like it. Instead, ensure that your skin is always kept properly moisturized. Choose a moisturizer that helps you. You can smooth this onto your skin just after you bath.  The skin is still slightly damp at this time and it is easier for the cream to be spread and to be absorbed by your skin.   Avoid using hot water for your bath since this tends to dry your skin out. You can use cold milk to bathe the areas that have been itched. If your problem persists then you should certainly visit your doctor since a bad case of itching could be indicative of some kind of a medical condition like eczema.