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Fair Skin Complexion, Fair Skin Remedy, Remedies and Treatment for Fair Skin

What can be done in home to get fair skin complexion?

Home Remedies for Fair Skin Treatment

A beautiful fair complexion refers to the overall condition of your skin and there are different remedies for different skin types. Based on this, the following home remedies should be used. If you have normal skin then you will need to mix green gram and Bengal gram powder in equal proportions, along with an equal quantity of milk and then apply the same to your face. Let it dry and then apply a little water to it. After a while remove the mask by using water to wash it away, gently scrub the mask away using your hands in a circular motion. Use the face pack at least twice a week. If you have oily skin then take a spoon of oatmeal (mixed with water) and a quarter spoon of sandalwood powder. Apply it to your face and then gently scrub your face with your hands using a circular motion. After you have done this use a toner on your skin. If you do not want to use a ready made toner then you can prepare your own toner by mixing a spoon of lemon juice with rose water and apply it to your face.

If you have normal skin then you can use this almond remedy for a fair skin complexion. Take about six- eight almonds and soak them in water. After that peel them and crush them, then mix it milk to form a paste. Apply the paste on your face and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Once the paste dries wash it off with warm water .if you are going to do this during the day then apply a sunscreen lotion before going out. Another remedy for a fair complexion that you can try is honey and banana. Mix half a banana and a spoon of honey with two spoons of sour cream. Apply the same to your face and leave it on for about ten minutes. After ten minutes gently wipe your face clean with a soft damp cloth .Your diet also plays an important role in getting a fair complexion therefore make sure to eat a large number of fruits , vegetables and also drink an ample amount of water daily. Also when washing your face, remember to never use a strong or harsh soap. Avoid the over use of bleaching and fairness creams as they only darken your skin in the long run. The sun also has substantial effect on the skin, as UV rays increase the pigmentation levels of the skin causing it go darker, therefore when going out into the sun always wear a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

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