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Remedies for Dark Lips, Treatment for Dark Lips

Hi! My lips are black due to continuous application of lipstick from many years - Can you suggest me how to retain back the original color of my lips?

If you have been using a low quality lipstick, then this is an expected reaction as the harsh chemicals present in the lipstick tend to damage the lips over time. You will not be able to retain the original color your lips had but by using these remedies you will be able to prevent further damage or blackening to your lips and even lighten the blackness to a certain extent. If you feel you need a more intensive treatment for your lips then it is advisable to consult a dermatologist or doctor for your problem before you consider using any harsh medication as it can have certain side effects that may add to your problem of darkened lips.

The extract of glycerine, lime juice and honey in form of a cream is an effective home remedy for dark lips curing the problem of your blackened lips. If these do not work for you can try using almond milk on your lips or milk cream on your lips. First washing your lips with cold water and then gently dry them using a towel in order to remove any dead skin. Then apply the milk cream or almond milk (almond oil is also a good substitute) and let it remain there for a period of about an hour. These remedies take time to show any effect (generally a treatment period of two or three weeks is required) and hence you should continue the treatment until you notice any results.

Another remedy that you can try in order to reduce your lip blackening is the application of clarified butter. Apply it to your lips at night and leave it on for the whole night. Vaseline is also a good remedy that has been in use for a long time. Vaseline will not only reduce the levels of excessive pigmentation (the reason your lips are turning black) but also keep the skin on your lips from chapping and breaking. On days when you know you will be out in the sun for a long period of time you can apply sunscreen lotion to your lips .This avoids the further darkening of your lips as UV radiation increases the pigmentation levels. Another skin lighting remedy that may work on your lips is lemon juice. Take a spoon of yoghurt, a spoon of gram flour, a spoon of honey and a spoon of lemon juice. Mix them together in a paste and apply it to your lips. Leave it on for about a half hour and then wash it off.