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Treating Skin Burn and Skin Burn Home Treatment

How to cure burns on skin? Are there any home remedies which can help to treat the burns and blisters?

The treatment for a burn will depend on which degree it falls into. A first degree burn is where only the outer layer of the skin is damaged. In this, the skin becomes red and the pain is not that severe. This kind of burn heals within five to six days. A second degree burn is where even the second layer of the skin is damaged. In this, the skin becomes intensely red leading towards swelling and blisters. Then there is the third degree burn which is the most severe of them all. In this, all the layers of the skin are destroyed, making the burned area look charred. A third degree burn requires authorized medical attention.

Going with the assumption that you are looking for a cure for either a first or a second degree burn, you can administer any of the following remedies. If it is a first degree burn, then all you need to do is apply cold compress to the area to remove the sting of the burn. After that, apply aloe vera gel to the injured area to start the healing process. As far as possible, leave the burnt area open so that it heals faster.


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If it is a second degree burn, chances are that by now, the burn has swollen and developed into a blister. You will need to treat this carefully. You should never try to burst a blister. If you do, it will not only slow down the healing process but might also cause infection. A blister usually has a watery substance trapped inside it. This substance actually helps the burn to heal. Therefore, you need to let the blister burst on own. During this process, you also need to take care of the pain caused by the burn. For this you can apply peppermint toothpaste to the blister. The peppermint will help to cool down the skin and the fluoride will help to heal the blister. You can also apply ice to the blisters but only after the skin covering the blister has become a little thick. A thickened skin is a sure indicator that healing is well under way. You can also apply a paste made out a peppermint leaves and olive oil to provide relief from the pain. Once the blister bursts, wash the area with warm water. Then apply honey to that area to prevent any kind of infection and to start the healing process.