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Herpes Medication

Herpes medication today is a lot more effective and also offer a much wider range of treatment options. Unfortunately there is still no permanent cure for herpes and even the best herpes medications or treatment can only combat an isolated outbreak, speeding up healing and even reducing the frequency of such outbreaks, but it can not prevent a relapse. Herpes drug research is beginning to look promising as researchers are close to developing a vaccine that will be able to prevent further infections.

Conventional treatment of herpes generally employs two approaches; antiviral or immunotherapy. There are different types of antiviral medication for herpes:

•    Nucleoside analogs help to reduce the duration of an outbreak and relieve the symptoms. They also accelerate healing.
•    Fusion inhibitors help by preventing viral entry into cells. This is accomplished by preventing fusion of the viral envelope with the cell membrane.
•    Helicase primase inhibitors are another type of antiviral herpes medications that could play an important role in treating herpes. the helicase primase structure is one of the key protein structures that is involved in Herpes Simplex virus DNA replication. New research compounds show an impressive amount of effectiveness against the herpes virus by binding to this megamolecule.
In addition to these antiviral medications, there quite a few other medications, that are commonly used in the treatment of herpes.

•    A castor oil derivative, undecylenic acid has been found to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that are quite effective against viral skin infections like herpes. It is generally used in a cream formulation and significantly reduces viral shedding and the severity of itching normally associated with an outbreak. Like other treatments it can not cure the condition permanently, but it also can not prevent outbreaks or accelerate healing.
•    Lysine, which is an amino acid has also been found to be an effective herpes virus medication. According to researchers the amino acid can bring about a reduction in the duration of an infection by acting as an inhibitor to the replication of the herpes simplex virus. Lentils are high in lysine while some varieties of nuts like peanuts are high in arginine.

Some other commonly prescribed medications contain acyclovir, vidarabine and foscarnet. Acyclovir speeds up the healing process and also provides relief from the pain. Acyclovir pills are used in the treatment of primary and recurrent herpes and can lessen and in some cases even stop recurrences. It is also available in a cream for application on sores. The use of vidarabine as a herpes virus medication is not as common because it is not as safe as acyclovir. Foscarnet is also used as a herpes medication only in severe cases as it is highly toxic.