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Foot Crack Treatment for Crack on Toes

I have torn feet with painful cracks. How can one cure cracks in heels with some crack remedies?

The medical term for cracked heels is known as heel fissures. These are cut wounds and only affect the upper layer of the skin or the epidermis. If it goes deeper into the skin layer it does become painful. The cracks generally appear due to the excessive pressure put on the pads of the feet. The excessive pressure makes it expand sideways and due to the fact that the feet are dry they crack. Sometimes if your body is deficient in zinc and omega – 3 fatty acid then you may also develop cracked heels. Another cause is xerosis or dry skin caused due to negligence or hereditary causes. Other reasons include prolonged standing, being obese (there is an increased amount of pressure on the fat pad under the heel causing it to eventually crack), the use of open back sandals. Heel fissures are not a serious problem and can be easily remedied using some of the remedies and solutions mentioned below.

You can start by applying any kind of oil to your feet after you have washed and dried them. Massage the oil properly into the cracks and then wear a thin pair of socks. Leave the socks and the oil in your feet for the duration of the night and then wash it off in the morning. Carry out this procedure out for at a least week in order to get effective results. Another remedy that you can try is applying banana pulp to the affected areas of your feet or the heel. Leave the pulp on your feet for about ten minutes and then wash your feet. If these remedies do not work then, you can try lemon. What you have to do is take a large quantity of lemon in a bowl and soak you feet in them for a period of about ten minutes. Another solution you can try is soaking your feet in warm soapy water daily, for about twenty minutes. Once done, rinse your feet and gently dry them. Make a mixture of Vaseline (one spoon) and the lemon juice (one lemon) and apply the same to your feet making sure to massage them well. Another remedy that you can use is paraffin wax. Melt the wax and mix it properly with some mustard oil. Apply the mixture to the cracks and leave it on for the entire night. If you do not want to use these home remedies then there are a variety of over the counter heel fissure creams that you can purchase from your local drug store.