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If someone works at a flower shop and have skin allergy with the flowers so what remedy is the best for flowers allergy?

The first thing to know is whether working in a flower shop is affecting your skin allergy in any way. If it is aggravating your allergy to work there, then the most obvious solution would be to get another job. However, the chances that any kind of skin allergy will be affected in any way if you are surrounded with flowers are extremely low. This is because the allergy causing substance in flowers is usually pollen. Pollen is a product that contains a substance known as histamine. The presence of histamines will have some element of impact on your airway and breathing canal. Therefore, the kind of allergy that flowers can trigger would be the one causing breathing problems, or even sensitivity of the eyes. Histamines are not the kind of product that will affect skin, so you are safe in that department.
But in order to take extra care and precautionary measures nevertheless, you can work on some methods to prevent the flowers from affecting you skin. The best thing to do would be to make sure that the flowers do not touch your skin directly. You should make it a point to wear gloves while handling flowers at all times. It is preferable to opt for disposable gloves so that you can change them frequently during the day. This will ensure that there are no remnants on your gloves after the day is done. It will also ensure that if there are any remnants, you will not be exposed to them too much. The next thing you can do generally for allergies of any kind is to boost your immune system. This is really the only thing which will prevent you from developing allergies in the future. In order to do this, you must try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adequate rest, exercise and a proper balanced diet are all important requirements to this end. You should increase your intake of vitamin C to improve your immunity. This would include all citrus fruits. Green vegetables such as kale, Brussels sprouts, peppers, green cabbage and all leafy greens are also excellent sources of vitamin C. You can also start taking a daily dose of Indian gooseberry. This is the richest natural source of vitamin C and will go a long way towards improving your immunity as well. It is also easily found in stores that sell natural or organic goods. It can also be found in any Indian grocery store.