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Stretch Marks Remedies and Ways to Fade Stretch Marks

I have got several stretch marks. They are thick and dark. Can you let me know what can I do to fade my stretch marks? Please help me out.

A Stretch mark is a type of skin scarring that is caused due to the tearing of the dermis (the upper layer of the skin) and given time it will fade, but not disappear completely. They are caused due the sudden or rapid stretching of the skin and hence overrides the dermis's elasticity. This is generally caused due to pregnancy, rapid muscle growth or sudden weight gain. Stretch marks cannot be made to completely disappear using any type of treatment however they can be effectively minimized so as to make them less noticeable. The most effective way to reduce stretch marks is to target them when they are just forming. At this stage their appearance can be changed by using moisturizing agents like cocoa butter, almond oil and even aloe Vera gel.

Tips on How to Make Stretch Marks Fade

You can start this treatment at home and unless your stretch marks are severe there is no real need to seek professional help. The first option that you can try is aloe Vera gel. Every morning apply aloe Vera gel on the affected areas. Make sure to apply a good amount of aloe Vera gel and massage the stretch marks well for a good period of time. When first applied, the gel feels a bit sticky but there is nothing to worry about because as the gel dries it will soak into your skin and eventually stop feeling sticky.

Another remedy that you can try is the application of cocoa butter lotion. Apply the lotion several times during the day (a minimum of twice a day) for effective results. The third remedy that you can try is the application of tea tree oil. Apply tea tree oil to the stretch marks and make sure to massage the marks well enough before you go about you're daily activities. Remember that any one of these three methods will work but the process takes time and dedicated application everyday. The results of your faded stretch marks will be visible in a period of about three weeks to a month or more depending on how you carry out the application and the massaging of the stretch marks. Along with these solutions another effective way of reducing the severity of the marks is to exercise the affected area regularly. Therefore if you have stretch marks on your hips and thighs then practice straight leg exercises. If the marks are on your stomach then use stomach crunches to combat them.