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Diaper Rash Types & Tips to Cure Diaper Rash


Is diaper rash contagious?

Diaper rashes are common skin rashes problem suffered by children, especially infants. The basic cause of this is the damp skin. When the skin is wet this not only causes the skin pH level to rise but also increases the skin friction, irritating the skin. This is a condition that all children who use diapers are prone to. These kind of diaper rash skin problems causes the baby discomfort and even pain.  If the parents or care givers fail to notice a wet nappy and it is left unchanged for some time, it can cause diaper rash. The most common type of diaper rash is the one caused by friction on the skin. This is usually noticed in the areas where the child’s clothes are tight. Places where there are elastics are also places where this rash appears. These rashes are not usually contagious since they are caused due to the friction between the skin of the baby and the items of its clothing.

You can try various skin care methods to help a child get over a diaper rash. Washing the baby at least thrice a day with warm water is very effective. You should ensure that you dry the baby carefully, making sure that there are no wet spots. Using a hair drier can completely dry out the area and reduce the chances of diaper rash.