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Treating Ring Worm Infections, Cure for Ring Worm and Ringworm Fungal Infection

How to cure advanced ringworm infection?

Ringworm fungal infection is a fungal infection that affects various parts of the body. Although it is common to see evidence of the ringworm infection on the arms and legs, a manifestation of this infection on the scalp is also possible. Ringworm skin infection appears as a round or oval patch on various parts of the body. The skin on the rings is raised, scaly and red in color. By contrast the skin inside the round is clear. This medical condition causes itching and it is through this itching that the infection spreads to other parts of the body. Ringworm infection can be passed on to a healthy person if items of clothing like towels and clothes are shared. Therefore, you should take to ensure that the clothes and personal effects of the person suffering from this infection are kept separately.

Raw papaya is generally very effective as medication in the cure for ring worm infection. You can chop pieces of the raw papaya and rub this on the patches of affected skin. You can also grind the seeds of papaya and apply this paste on the patches of ringworm. Mustard seeds are effective in treating ring worm infections. You can grind a handful of mustard seeds to a paste. Before you apply this paste to the affected area, you should wash them with warm water. Apply this paste and leave on. Regular application of this paste will help control the infection and clear your skin.

Turmeric, because of the antiseptic properties it boasts of, is very effective in treatment of ring worm infection. You should use the juice of raw turmeric on the ring worm infections. If your ring worm infection is really bad, you should also add a spoon of pure turmeric powder to a cup of warm milk and drink this at bedtime. In addition to external application of various pastes, you can also make some changes to your diet in order as a remedy to help cure for ring worm infection faster. It has been found that a juice made of spinach and carrot is helpful in treating ring worm infection faster. You can mix the two and drink every morning. Keep away from beverages like tea and coffee. Instead, drink fruit and vegetable juices. Remember not to add any sugar because this can interfere with the curing of the infection. Eat a diet that is well balanced. Your diet should include whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables that are cooked with a minimum of spices and oil.