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What to do with a blackhead that's got infected and so sore you can squeeze it to get the pus out? Please provide remedy for blackhead infection!

If have an eruption on any part of your body that is oozing pus when squeezed, then there are a couple of things you should check on. The first is whether the pus is yellow or green in color. If this is the case, in all likelihood, you have got an infection. In this case, you should go to a doctor at once and get this eruption examined. Your doctor may advise you to lance it. Lancing is a method wherein the doctor will cut the eruption open. Then, the pus will be drained out of your skin. The next step is to clean the wound with antiseptic solutions and bandage it in accordance with its severity. After all of this has been done, you will have to be prescribed a course of antibiotics that will take care of healing whatever is left of the wound. While it may sound simple and easy, do keep in mind that you should not attempt to do it yourself, as you run the risk of worsening the situation. If you indeed have an infection, there is greatest danger in trying to treat the wound yourself by using unsuitably sterilized instruments and so on.

If the pus is white in color, then the possibilities of you having contracted an infection are very low. In this case, you should squeeze out as much of the pus as possible and keep the area dry as much as you can. You can achieve this by simply rubbing ethyl alcohol over the wound every hour or so. You will notice the process of drying up begin very effectively. You can also employ a few home remedies to help with healing. The most highly effective one is apply a thick paste made with turmeric powder and rose water. Turmeric has excellent healing properties and will go a long way towards healing your wound. But before you apply the turmeric, make sure you have drained out as much pus as possible. If you are finding it painful to do it with your fingers alone, you should apply a warm compress to the blackhead repeatedly for a few minutes. The pus will then be easier to remove. If you cannot take the heat, you can apply chilled tea bags as well. These have the magical property of drawing out pus from any surface. Once your skin is suitably drained, you will find it easier to begin the healing process.