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Chapped Burning Lips and Burning Lips Treatment

It has been long since I got burning lips. They get dry soon and have cracks too. It causes burning sensation whenever I eat anything hot or chilly. Please suggest any remedy

Usually lips start to burn when tiny cracks appear on the lips due to excessive dryness. Unlike the rest of our body, our lips do not have any oil glands that produce any natural oil. Our lips tend to feel the effects of dryness earlier and faster then the rest of our body. Lips usually become dry due to dehydration, over exposure to the sun and cold and windy climate. Therefore, the best way to get rid of the burning sensation is to take care of the cracks and the dryness. For this, you need to employ those remedies that will take these factors into account.

Deal with Causes of Burning Lips for Burning Lips Treatment

The best solution for cracked and dried lips is to liberally apply aloe vera gel to the lips. Aloe vera gel will help to heal the cracks and to eliminate the dryness. Another solution is to cut cucumbers into thin slices and rub these slices on and around the lips. Since cucumber is made up mostly of water, it provides natural moisture to the lips. But you will need to do this continuously throughout the day, for at least a week to see any kind of positive result. You can also apply milk cream to your lips every night before going to sleep. The greasy nature of milk cream will work wonders on the lips. Whenever you go out in the sun, make it a point to apply a lip balm or cream which also protects your lips from the sun, that is, a lip balm that works as a sun screen lotion for the lips as well. This will help prevent your lips from getting damaged due to the harsh rays of the sun. When the lips are dry, we tend to lick our lips more often. Avoid doing that. Licking the lips will provide only temporary relief. On the contrary, licking the lips tends to make them drier. Also, till the lips remain cracked, try and avoid eating spicy and citrusy foods. These kind of foods will make your lips burn even more.

In fact, avoid using any cosmetics as well till your lips do not heal. Cosmetics like lipsticks and lip liners will just increase the dryness. Even after the lips have healed, apply any cosmetics on them only after you have applied a thin layer of lip balm to your lips. Also, preferably use a glossy lipstick. Last but not the least; make sure that you increase your intake of non-alcoholic fluids, especially water.