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Treating Bug Bites: Treat Bed Bug Bites on Legs

Hi, I got severe bug bites. I am looking for a remedy for bug bites that will help won't be small children which would be harmless and which could relieve the itching in no time. Can you suggest some bug bites remedies?

In order to deal with any kind of bites in particularly small children, it is always best to use natural and organic products. This ensures that they do not suffer from any harsh effects of regular creams and ointments. Natural and organic remedies also ensure that there are no side effects to cope with at some later date or stage. There are various natural products that can be used to provide relief from the itching caused by common bug bites. One of the most effective products to use is calamine lotion. This is a particularly cooling lotion, and it looks and feels like a solution of chalk powder and water. But when applied to bug bites or any other kind of problems that may cause itchiness, it acts almost instantaneously. It will cool down the surface of the skin tremendously so that the effect of the bites will barely be felt. You can keep this on the skin till it dries and then wash it off with plain water later. The good part about this lotion is that it can be applied as frequently as you want. It will not cause any harm or damage to your child’s skin at all.


Bug Bites and Treatment for Itching Bug Bites

Another excellent healing solution is calendula lotion. This is a homeopathic preparation which is used to heal bites of all natures. It is also easily available in any shop that sells natural or organic products. Calendula is also available in talcum powder form, so you can use it in that form as well. A popular old wives’ remedy for taking care of bug bites is to apply yogurt all over them. This will cool down the skin as well as help with healing. You can also use a tamarind slush to take care of bug bites. Soak some over ripe tamarind overnight and use your fingers to make a thick slush out of it in the morning. This should be rubbed all over the areas where the bites predominate. This method will help to provide relief from itching. For better results, you should refrigerate the tamarind for about half an hour before using it. You can also use chilled milk cream to help with itching. Chilled milk cream has healing properties as well, so it will help with that end of things also. Otherwise, this product will help to relieve the child temporarily from the severe itching and the burning sensations that typically accompany bug bites.