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Remedies for Boils and Boils Natural Treatment

What is the best medicine to cure boils? Please suggest me some good treatment to cure boils at home

The best medicine to cure a boil will depend on the kind of boil you have. It will also depend on how long you have had the boil. If your boil has been around for over a month, then it is advisable to get it examined by a physician to eliminate the possibility of it being a symptom of something much more severe. If the boil has appeared recently, then the boil is either a boil that has developed due to heat or else it is boil that has developed due to a hair that has been pulled out incorrectly.

If it is a heat boil, the best thing that you can do is to apply a mixture of freshly squeezed onion and garlic juice. Heat boils require some more heat in order to rupture. Both garlic and onion have properties that will ensure that the boil ruptures fast. Apart from this, garlic also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties. This will ensure that after the boil ruptures you will not have to endure any residual infection from this boil.

Boils Treatment and Measures for Prevention of Boils

Another mixture that will work in the same manner is turmeric powder mixed with rose water. You will have to make a thick paste of this and apply liberally. While turmeric will do the job of providing more heat and rupture the boil, rose water will provide the necessary coolness to soothe the burning sensation that usually accompanies the rupture of a boil. After the boil ruptures, there may be swelling around the opening of the boil. To suppress the swelling, apply a warm compress to the area. This will help to soften the accumulated pus and drain it out faster. If the boil has developed due to the incorrect pulling of hair, chances are that the boil is big, extremely painful, and a large portion of the surrounding area is hard and inflamed. This kind of boil does not rupture easily. For this kind of a boil, make a thick paste of chalk powder, turmeric powder, and clarified butter. Chalk powder and the butter will help to soften the boil, while turmeric powder will take care of the infection. You will need to apply this at least thrice a day for faster results.

To ensure that the boils do not keep reoccurring, every morning, drink one glass of bitter gourd. Make sure you drink this on an empty stomach. You will have to drink this for a minimum of five months to remove the problem from its roots.