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Blisters on fingers, How to avoid blisters, Treatment for blisters

I have small blisters on the end of my fingers. Can you help me out with some treatment for blisters on the fingers?

If you have small blisters at the ends of your fingers, the first thing you need to ascertain is why you have these blisters. There could be any number of reasons you have developed them. The best way to find out why you have them would be to go for a medical examination. If you go to your regular family physician, it would suffice, as this is an easy enough diagnosis to make. If there is indeed a problem that requires further examination, even in that case your family physician is the best one to consult, as they could direct you further.

Generally, blisters occur due to a sudden change in food habits or the weather. It is possible that you may have transitioned to hotter weather, which has caused the blisters to pop up. It may also be that you have eaten something you are allergic to which has caused these blisters to erupt. Once your doctor tells you the reason for your blisters, you will receive proper medication for them. And if you have eliminated causes like ringworms or tapeworms, then you can actually set about taking care of your blisters at home as well.

You should eliminate all sour things from your diet, as these are the commonest type of food allergens that react adversely with skin and cause all kinds of blisters and rashes. The other thing to eliminate from your diet is all kinds of spicy food. For the duration of treatment of the blisters, this is the best thing you can do for them. Spices will always cause more harm than good if you are suffering from any type of allergic reaction. You should also stay away periodically from all common food allergens such as peanuts, seafood, soy and so on. You can obtain a list of common food allergens from your physician.

Treatment of blisters is simple. If your blisters are painful or sore, then you can apply rose water to soothe them. Common cold cream also sometimes helps with this. If both of these remedies do not work, you can pick up any soothing cooling menthol based cream from any pharmacy. This should help you to get temporary relief. If it gets too much, you can also apply plain ice cubes to take care of any burning or excessive itching that you may be suffering from. Used and chilled tea bags also help with blisters to a large extent. You can also apply them as frequently as you like.