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How to Treat Blisters and Skin Rashes on Feet

I have blisters one on each of my feet. Is there any home remedy to get rid of blisters?

Blisters are formed when your skin chafes against something over a period of time. If you have blisters on your feet, this means that your shoes are perhaps not as comfortable or well fitting as they should be. Blisters are not only annoying, they are also painful. They can make carrying out your daily tasks both painful and difficult. If blisters are not attended to at the earliest, they can develop into an annoying and long term problem. That is why you should do something about your blisters at the earliest, before they can become infected and cause further problems. You should try and ensure that the blister does not grow bigger. Try to keep your feet clean and comfortable. Since you have the blisters on your feet, it makes sense to keep your feet free of encumbrances like tight shoes and socks. Instead, you should wear open sandals so that your feet can breathe. You can use the juice of Aloe Vera on your blisters. Vitamin E oil is another option that you can try on your blisters.

You have not mentioned if your blisters have burst. If they have not burst, then you should simply leave them alone. Swollen Blisters will burst when they are ready to do so. Till that time it is a good idea to stay away from a blister. Don’t burst the blisters since this could well lead to an infection of your feet. Instead, you should just leave the blisters alone. They will burst when they are ready to. Underneath the blisters you will find that the new skin is already grown. You should take care to protect a burst blister from any dangers of infections. You can use a bandage to protect your blisters, after they have burst. Change the bandage regularly and ensure that your feet are kept clean. The blister and the skin around it should be kept clean and dry to discourage any chances of any infections. You have not mentioned how you got two blisters. Although blisters are usually very common and you can try these simple home remedies for blisters mentioned here to treat them, you should also remain alert for signs of any infection in the blisters.  If the blisters are filled with a colored fluid, then it is advisable to consult your doctor at the earliest. Your doctor will be able get rid of the infection in the blisters.