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How to treat Black Spots and Facial Black Spots Treatment

I got Big Black Spots on face after I used a face peel. Can you help me out with some treatments for black spots?

Sometimes one of the side effects of a face peel is hyper pigmentation. This hyperpigmentation causes formation of big black spots on your face. However there is no need for alarm as hyper pigmentation is a rather common and normally harmless skin condition which can cause certain areas of the skin to go darker than the normal surrounding areas of skin. The skin goes dark due to an increased rate of melanin production. Melanin is a brown pigment that is responsible for the color of our skin and the level of melanin production varies from person to person. If this is the reason then, you can remedy hyper pigmentation very easily. There is a number of ‘prescription’ or ‘over the counter creams’ that contain an ingredient known as hydroquinone. This ingredient helps reduce the excessive production of melanin by the skin and hence will reduce the intensity of your dark patches over time. Consult a doctor or dermatologist to get a proper idea of what type of skin lightening cream to use, because prescription bleaches contain almost double the amount of hydroquinone than over the counter skin lightening creams and therefore which one you use will definitely make a difference to the skin lightning process. Over exposure to the sun also creates an excess production of melanin in the skin and hence when treating these patches; avoid going out in the sun during the peak hours or staying out to long in the sun.

If you do not want to use a skin lightening cream there are also organic remedies that you can use for skin care. These remedies are easy to prepare and can be done by yourself at home. Here are some of the skin care tips and solutions that you can use for treating these kinds of skin problems. Mash a slightly raw papaya and apply it to your face before going to sleep at night. Leave it on for a while and then wash it off with water and complete the procedure with a commercial moisturizer. Another remedy you can try is lemon. Take two spoons of fresh lemon juice, a small potato, and about half a cucumber. Mix all of them together with a large spoon of yoghurt such that it forma a thick paste. Apply this to the spots and cover it with a hot damp towel. Leave the whole thing on your skin for about a half hour and rinse it with water, followed by the use of a moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying out.