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Black Skin Care Tips

Skin care depends on the tone, texture, color and age. White skin requires a different regimen from black skin. The latter, which is darker due to the presence of more melanin, requires more care because it is prone to hyper pigmentation. This is where the skin darkens even more and gets very oily. Black skin also has the tendency to lose its elasticity quickly. Contrary to popular belief that black women are somehow “protected” because of the presence of more melanin in their skin, they still need to know some black skin care tips especially since their skin is very prone to scarring. Such happens during plucking, shaving or squeezing blemishes and results in dark spots or pockmarks.

The first thing one should understand about black skin care is that it does not involve the same products as one would use on white or yellow skin. First of all, black skin needs heavy (but not too oily), deep penetrating oil to maintain its elasticity and health. Hence, black people should still use sunscreen as often as possible because this can prevent hyper pigmentation. Another thing to avoid is using bleaching creams. Skin lightening creams may result in streaks in the blood vessel. Experts say that creams with Tretinoin, which is an acid form of vitamin A and is normally used to treat acne, are also helpful. Black women should avoid using skin peeling products since these may cause damage to the skin.

Dark Skin Care

To maintain healthy black skin, one can choose from the many products especially designed for black skin available in the market today. Most of them are made out of shea butter, which, in the world of cosmetics, is a popular ingredient among emollients and skin moisturizers. Products with shea butter, when used for the face, for instance, can help develop and maintain the skin’s flexibility and can further protect it and when used for the whole body, can be relaxing and revitalizing. Shea butter products are also ideal for use on sun damaged skin and can soothe chapped or rough skin. Many of those who use products with shea butter apply it before they go to bed and after their showers in the morning. They attest to the fact that products with shea butter have helped the skin regain freshness. All these are primarily because shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F as well as cinnamic acid, which acts as a natural sunscreen.  

Ideal makeup for those with black skin should also depend on the tone and hue. Always use a foundation that can even out your skin tone and buy products that have a high level of SPF to further protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Colors that will complement black skin include caramel, apricot, honey and mauve.

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