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Black Eyes: Home Remedies for Black Eyes

I have got black eye. My eyes have turned dark and it is painful too. How do I get rid of the injured black eye?

A black eye is formed when you suffer a hard blow. This causes the blood to congeal and turn dark. Using a steak on the black eye is an old remedy. However, don’t worry if you don’t have steak. You can use anything cold on the injured eye. If you have bags of vegetables in your freezer you can use this on the eye. This will help reduce the color and the pain. You can also pack some ice cubes in a thin cloth and use this on the eye. However, you should consult your doctor if you notice any signs of injury to the eye. If you experience double vision or blurring of vision then a visit to the doctor is essential. In addition to the pain around your eye, if you notice that your eye hurts, then you should consult your doctor.

A day after you get a black eye, you will notice that the skin around the eye is puffy and discolored. You should soak a soft towel in hot water, wring out the excess water and then hold this to your eye. Repeat this as often as you want since this will not only reduce the pain but also give you relief.  The warm water will also help disperse the blood that has clotted around your eye.   Popping an aspirin is the first thing that people do when they have a black eye. But it is believed that this is not a very good idea. Aspirin prevents clotting of blood and this could mean that your black eye will take loner to heal. You can also increase your intake of Vitamin C since this will help you too. Vitamin C helps in healing faster and with a black eye, you desperately need to heal quickly.  You can take Vitamin C supplements right after you get a black eye.  


Black Eye Treatment – Black Eye Remedies


You can also increase the amount of Vitamin C rich food that you eat. Eat plenty of sweet potatoes, broccoli, mangoes and peppers and you will notice a reduction in the black eye. You can also make a too using comfry root and use a piece of clean cotton to apply this tea to your injured eye.  You should also eat ripe papaya or pineapple. It is believed that eating these fruits helps fight the lingering effects of a black eye. Both these fruits contain enzymes and it is these enzymes which help to alter the molecular structure of blood. This altered molecular structure helps the body absorb the blood faster. So, when you have a black eye, you should gorge on both papaya and pineapple.