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Alternative Treatment for Shingles and Shinges Info

Shingles cause great pain. What are the alternative medicines for shingles pain?

Pain caused by shingles can be relieved by taking some tried and tested home remedies. The important thing for you to know, however, is that most of these remedial measures will only provide temporary relief. They may not be able to completely remove the painful sensations typically accompanied with the problem of shingles. In order to take care of the problem altogether, you would need to seek medical help and get into a proper course of medication. Unless you do that, it is not possible to remove the itching, burning, pain and discomfort from the roots. It is also wise to remember that once you begin taking medicines, the burning and itching become part of the healing process. With home remedies, the pain may take time to recede completely. You should remember to be patient and try out remedies for prolonged periods of time before expecting to see any results. Also, remember that there are no instant results available at all!

Applying thick layers of chilled whole milk to your shingles will help to relieve pain. You can massage this into your skin by rubbing gently and repeatedly. Milk is known to have healing properties that will help considerably with the pain. As far as possible, try to use organic milk. You can apply a paste made of sandalwood powder and rose water to particularly painful areas. This will help to provide relief, as sandalwood has that property. Take 100 grams of plain unsalted butter, mix it with a tablespoon of turmeric powder, and apply this to your shingles. This will help with healing as well as fight your pain very well. Do remember that this remedy will take about a week or so to show any effect. Massaging your body with extra virgin olive oil will also help to deal with the pain. If possible, you must also try to cook in olive oil. Ingesting olive oil is an excellent way to boost your immunity and help further with healing the pain.

It is important for you to know that shingles should be treated with a proper dosage of medication. You should seek medical help for dealing with the pain and other troublesome symptoms associated with shingles. While simple home remedies can provide relief, they will never help to completely provide any solid healing. You should seek medical advice and embark upon a proper course of medication and diet to get rid of all associated problems.