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Tips to stick to regime of cleansing and toning skin: I am 29 and have red color pimple marks, holes on my face left thru old pimples. I do not have pimple problem now. My skin is very dry, sensitive. How to cleanse tone moisturize face everyday at home? (12 Jan 2009)
Excessive sweating of scalp leads to sticky scalp which leads to sticky hair: I have developed sticky hair. Never colored or done anything to it. Heard it can be the water I am drinking, fungus, change in diet. No irritation on my head anywhere. ( 9 Jan 2009)
Is it possible to treat dark spots overnight: I have dark spots on face I need simple home remedies. (15 Jan 2009)
Possibility of hypo pigmented patches could be due to mild eczema tinea versicolor or vitiligo: Hi, I have hypo pigmented patches on my skin don't know how I got them - my dermatologist said it may be eczema but they do not itch, what could this be? ( 6 Jan 2009)
Is it safe to use waxing for removing excessive belly hair: Is waxing safer for removal of excessive hair from my belly? (10 Jan 2009)
Deep scales on soles of feet and fissures on heels due to slapping motion of slippers: How to get rid of deep scales on the sides of soles of my feet? Also have fissures on heels. I wear rubber flip flops all day, feet are not damp but maybe too dry? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Avoiding heavy moisturizing creams to keep skin moisturized: Does using moisturizing creams cause acne problem? If yes, then can I use sun block cream? (13 Jan 2009)
Using electrolysis and laser treatment techniques for the purpose of permanent hair removal: How to remove hair permanently? ( 6 Jan 2009)
Common misconception of believing allergies to be the cause of Pityriasis Rosea: What is the cause of Pityriasis? (10 Jan 2009)
Though eating on time and sleeping well having problem of hair fall and hair not growing: I eat my food on time, I sleep well then why hair is is not growing and hair falls a lot? (22 Jan 2009)
Tips to take good care of your hair by oiling shampooing conditioning your hair apart from healthy diet for having shiny silky hair: Tips for making hair most shiny and silky! (13 Jan 2009)
Beginning of thinning and falling of hair in men after the age of 30: My hairs are very thin and day by day they are getting more thin. ( 6 Jan 2009)
Invasive surgery method to remove deep chicken pox scar: I have a deep chicken pox scar in my face, I was 7 years old when I got this and now I am 17, how to remove this deep scar? Because of my scar in my face I don't have confidence. ( 9 Jan 2009)
Dark lips from smoking, black lips from smoking, smoking and lips: Hello Sir, I am smoking from 10 years now my lips going very darker. Please tell me the solution how can I turn back my lips pink, please help me! (16 Jan 2009)
Can we use egg white as a face mask: Skin care using eggs ( 4 Jan 2009)
Time period to see reduce and make pimples disappear: Sir, I have pimples on my face. Please suggest me some home remedies so that I can cure my pimples and pimple marks! ( 4 Jan 2009)
A 10 years old girls hair begins to whiten: I am 10 years old girl, some hairs on my head are getting whitened. Please any treatment or suggestion! ( 4 Jan 2009)
Excessiveness of dandruff due to a serious medical condition: My age is 25 years and I have plenty dandruff in my hair and in my eye brows also and my dandruff also falls on my face\. My face is oily and makes my face itch. Please help me! ( 8 Jan 2009)
Heredity an important factor in having long and thick hair: Suggest some herbal remedies to get long thick hair, waiting for your reply! ( 8 Jan 2009)
Using vitamin A rich sources such as fruits and vegetables for healthy hair: What is the best way to make sure your hair is healthy? ( 7 Jan 2009)
Eating a variety of foods fruits and vegetables for having smooth and silky hair: Sir, I want to make my hair very smooth and silky. Please suggest me some home remedies! ( 4 Jan 2009)
Making hair pack with gram flour almond yogurt and saffron for glowing long hair: I want to know some home remedy which is also of low cost to have glowing and long hair? Thank you for your understanding! ( 9 Jan 2009)
Causes of variation in color of feet and other parts of body, improving color of feet: I am a 19 year old college student and the skin of my feet is dark compared to others. Please suggest measures by which I can improve my feet! ( 8 Jan 2009)
Regular exercise and nightly pre-bedtime skin care regimen for softer skin: How can you get softer skin? ( 7 Jan 2009)
Suitable shampoo and conditioner for growing long and heavy hair: I really want to grow my hair long and heavy, my hair is not very thin also, now my hair is near my shoulder level. I trim it and again it becomes short, the process goes on? What to do? ( 4 Jan 2009)
Dark spots on top of feet, having dark patches on the feet: The area on my top feet is very dark and gets spoilt. It looks very bad, can you advice me how to take care of my feet? ( 2 Jan 2009)
How to stop the growing of white hair: Hi, I am of age 25 and having white hair. I want to stop the growing of white hair and is there any possibility of changing into black color. ( 4 Jan 2009)
Is decrease in melanin production the only cause of gray hair or premature graying of hair: I am 20 year old but I have gray hairs. How to cure my problem? ( 3 Jan 2009)
Hair turning white due to coloring, cause of hair turning white: I have shoulder length hairs, few months back I colored them and they are turning white, also growth rate is small. Please suggest so that growth rate and volume of hair can be boosted. ( 3 Jan 2009)
Having brown spot on the legs, how to fade brown spots on the legs: I have brown spot in my legs. ( 3 Jan 2009)
Controlling hairfall and dandruff both using natural products: I am having dandruff so I used Pantene Blue for dandruff but hairfall is not controlled yet and dandruff too. Please give me a solution which controls both by the way of natural products. ( 3 Jan 2009)
Very greasy spots due to oily scalp: My husband is bald and his pillow gets a very greasy spot on it continuously. He refuses to believe that he has an oily scalp. What is the cause of the oily spot on his pillow case and what can he do to prevent it? ( 1 Jan 2009)
Using chemical treatments to straighten curly hair: I have curly hair and it does not suit me I want to straighten it. Is there any problem in doing chemical treatment or is there is any natural treatment available? ( 2 Jan 2009)
Facing hair loss problem at an early age due to inheritance: Please send the treatment details regarding the hair loss control and hair regrowth. I am 24 years old. Is it possible for me to get best results? Please answer me! ( 2 Jan 2009)
Cause of skinfold irritation, treatment for skin fold irritations: What is the treatment of skin fold irritations? ( 1 Jan 2009)
Tips to check causes of dandruff problem, natural solution for dealing with dandruff: I am suffering from dandruff, give me the natural solution that I can do at home. ( 2 Jan 2009)
Ways to get rid of hair on the face at the rear side of cheeks: I have hair on my face on the rare side of cheeks. Please tell some home remedy for that! ( 2 Jan 2009)
Having excessively dry skin, treat excessively dry skin: My body skin is too dry, I apply oil after bath and lotion before sleep, use baby soap for bath still my skin looks dull, dry and stretched. It is loosing tightness and looks older then my age. ( 2 Jan 2009)
Steps to treat acne scars for a 50 year old African American man, reducing enlarged pores in old age: I am a 50 year old African American and I have acne scars and enlarged pores on my face, what can I use to make them a lot less visible? (31 Dec 2008)
Conditioning uncontrollable frizzy and unmanageable hair due to dry hair: How do I tame a mane that is out of control? I have tried the mayo and egg thing and it did not work! It turned my under hair blonde and I have dark brown hair! Please help! (31 Dec 2008)
Using henna powder as a natural dye to color beard, avoiding allergies due to chemical dyes: I am 50 years and want to dye my beard, I have tested 2 to 3 market hair colors but they have caused allergy on my face, kindly suggest a non-allergy product. (31 Dec 2008)
Reducing exposure to rays of the sun to maintain fair and clear skin: I want a fair and clean skin, I want some household tips to get it? (30 Dec 2008)
Using plain cucumber juice for even skin tone and clear complexion: How can I make my skin in one tone and clear complexion using home made facial mask? (30 Dec 2008)
Using olive oil to keep skin safe, benefits of olive oil for healthy skin, how to use olive oil for skin care: How far the olive oil helps us to keep our skin safe? What are its uses in skin care? How and when it should be used? (30 Dec 2008)
Home remedy to have voluminous and fuller hair: Suggest some home made tips to get voluminous hair. (24 Dec 2008)
Information on the various fairness skin products in the market: I am dark and I want to become fair, what are the fairness products available in the market? (28 Dec 2008)
Frequently shampooing hair to reduce dandruff: I have a problem of dandruff and my hairs are also falling please tell me what I should do. I do not want to eat medicine I want to solve this problem by using natural diet, vegetables and fruits please. (15 Jan 2009)
Applying lemon juice and teaspoon of rose water for removing acne: How can I remove my acne using eco friendly materials? (27 Dec 2008)
Uneven skin color on different parts of body: Due to sunlight effect my hands till my dress sleeves, my foot, my face and neck seems to have slightly darker shade differing from my original color. Suggest home-made remedies for regaining my color. (24 Dec 2008)
Darkening and lightening of skin color due to exposure to sun: When I exposed to sun or outside my complexion becomes very dark after few days my skin is normal again if my skin is exposed the same problem repeats. Please suggest me any solution! (25 Dec 2008)
Coal tar and salicyclic acid to treat severe seborrhoeic dermatitis: I have seborrhoeic and weeping dermititus on my scalp. My doctor wants me to go to a dermatologist. Do you have any suggestions? I have tried every shampoo and nothing works. (24 Dec 2008)
Natural treatment to stop loss of hair from top of head: I am loosing my hair fast from top and it is spreading downward towards my forehead. Only one layer is left, so I need a natural or medical treatment. (25 Dec 2008)
Appearance of blackheads on body parts with sebaceous glands: I have black dots in my nose. I feel they are hair roots but how can I completely get rid of them? (29 Dec 2008)
Gaining original skin color after skin being tanned due to sun exposure: My skin in certain areas like hands, foot, neck and face has been tanned due to sunlight expose. How to gain my original fairness? Suggest some home-made remedies please! (24 Dec 2008)
Reducing greasiness and oiliness of hair and have shiny hair: I am 15 years old and my hair is very greasy and oily. I feel very complex before my friends as they have shiny hair. I want my hair to look like them please guide me. (27 Dec 2008)
Excessive sweating due to hyperhidrosis, effects of hyperhidrosis: I perspire tremendously everywhere my armpits are the most embarrassing because they smell after a while what can I do I have been to doctors and I am desperate. (24 Dec 2008)
Having red spots on both legs: Red spots on both legs. (25 Dec 2008)
Sterilized needles and pins for removing a bee sting: What to do in case of a bee sting? (24 Dec 2008)
Solution to remove hairs from the face: I am about to be 17 next month. I have hairs on my face, I mean on forehead, cheeks but I do not want them. Please give me some solution keeping in mind that it may not use any money to be cured. (25 Dec 2008)
Skin conditions and infections which cause white spots on legs and body: What are these white spots on my arms legs and body? (29 Dec 2008)
Tips to cut your hair for getting rid of split ends: How to get rid of split ends problem? I need to increase my hair volume in thickness. Suggest home-made remedies for good hair growth. (24 Dec 2008)
Tips to prevent yeast infection, getting rid of a yeast infection: The best way to get rid of yeast infection? (30 Dec 2008)
Children of 2 years age with gray hair, preventing premature graying of hair in children: My daughter is just 2 years and 5 months old. She has got a gray hair! How can I prevent further graying of her hair? (30 Dec 2008)
Dark underarms due to tight clothing on arm pits and joints: My joints like arm pits are very dark. (26 Dec 2008)
Treating tiny spots left behind by pimples: What can I use to get rid of tiny spots that were left behind from the pimple? (26 Dec 2008)
Using boiled Indian gooseberry powder for soft, healthier and shinier hair: I am 18 years old female. I have hairfall problem and have lost a lot of hair in this. I oil my hair once a week as I go to college and can not oil my hair daily. (26 Dec 2008)
Can inferior quality cosmetics cause dark brown lips: My lips are dark brown what to do? (26 Dec 2008)
Daily cocoa butter massage home remedy to treat scars and blackheads: Remedies for more scars and black marks. (22 Dec 2008)
Various symptoms of hyperthyroidism: I have tiny but very red blemishes on my face, I have just found out I have hyperthyroidism, could this be the cause. (21 Dec 2008)
Using steaming as a home treatment for blackheads, clear the pores: I have skin problem on face I have blackheads on forehead and nose circles, please help with some useful remedy to cure for ever. (22 Dec 2008)
Scarring and hyperpigmentation due to peeling, harmful effects of Obagi Blue Peel treatment: I had Obagi Blue Peel about 8 years ago, the peel left scarring and darkened pigment around my mouth. My doctor told it could be permanent. Any suggestions? (21 Dec 2008)
Sudden shock anxiety and worry could be causes of sudden hair loss: I am 22 years female and I am losing hair terribly for almost a year and a half now. I noticed my hair is less dense than before, my siblings and parents all have thick hair. (19 Dec 2008)
Rid of oily dandruff, oily dandruff and scalp: I have oily dandruff, scalp is always itchy, hair becomes oily after one day of wash. If I use anti dandruff shampoo hair becomes rough. If I scratch scalp then oily dandruff comes in my nails. (22 Dec 2008)
Having dry hair and skin due to cold dry air of air conditioner: My husband has dry skin and hair and hair fall too but he used stay at office with centralized air conditioners as a result his hair has become drier. Kindly suggest home care for his hair. (19 Dec 2008)
Avoiding junk food caffeine alcohol and fatty foods for long dense hair: My hair is not growing. How to make hair long and dense? (19 Dec 2008)
Using fresh lemon juice home remedy to get rid of black spots in the thigh region: I had black spots on my thigh region and I want to remove them, they are spreading in area please help me with that. ( 5 Dec 2008)
Conditioning hair regularly for thick wavy hair, oiling hair regularly for thick wavy hair: I have thick hair which is wavy and I want straight hair. How can I do this? ( 5 Dec 2008)
What to do to stop hairfall due to dandruff, massage hair with warm oil to stop hairfall due to dandruff: Hair fall due to dandruff. ( 5 Dec 2008)
Protecting hair from effects of pollution to have shiny and soft hair, using home products for making shiny and soft hair: How can I make my hair shiny and soft by just using products I can find at home? ( 4 Dec 2008)
Protecting skin from the elements to get fair skin complexion, home care treatment to get fair skin complexion: Some homecare treatments to get fair skin complexion. ( 4 Dec 2008)
Exercising regularly and drinking lots of water for reducing acne on the face: Taking antibiotic, applying Clindamyciní also take Safi and gooseberry juice too. Acne is lesser - not very big in size Ė when I wake up but increases during the day, help! (18 Dec 2008)
Causes of having pores on the head, what are treatments to reduce pores on the head: What about opening pores on the head? (18 Dec 2008)
Preventive measures to stop scratching of itchy skin: My mom is having skin problem, she always scratches her skin with her finger. I think she has allergy but I do not know of what. Please do help us and she only takes light medication. (17 Dec 2008)
Cause of increase in hair fall after pregnancy, how to treat hair fall after pregnancy: My age is 29, I am having regular black heads, pores problem and I am having hair loss problem from last 8 months. I have a baby she is only 1 year old. (16 Dec 2008)
Primary substance which moisturizes hairs, completely moisturizing hair using house hold products: What can I do to completely moisturize my hair naturally using house hold products? (16 Dec 2008)
Removing facial hair with mechanical shavers or using home remedies: I have facial hair, I brought a Rio Salon Laser hair remover, I made the mistake of shaving the hair off, do these machines really work and how long it takes to get rid of the hair? (15 Dec 2008)
Pollution, anemia, dandruff, improper lifestyle can be the causes of hair falling: My hair is falling a lot of nowadays so I am suffering a lot from it. (18 Dec 2008)
Home remedy to have beautiful hands, tips to take care of hands at home: Give active remedy for beautiful hands. (18 Dec 2008)
Completely natural way to straighten curly hair without irons driers and straighteners: How to naturally straighten natural curly hairs? (16 Dec 2008)
Formation of pimples, swelling of pimple, preventive measures to stop pimple growth with home remedies: How can I treat my pimples using home remedies? (17 Dec 2008)
Harmful effects of doing a perm frequently with inappropriate products or strong chemicals: Effects of a perm after inappropriate product use? (15 Dec 2008)
Applying three home made hair conditioners at once: After applying whole egg with olive oil can I apply mix of coconut oil with lime afterwards? - after shampooing - and after that can I apply milk cream with a tablespoon of lavender oil whipped? (18 Dec 2008)
Few simple home remedies to treat heavy pigmentation on the cheek: I am 42 year old man with heavy pigmentation on the cheek area. I need some simple remedies to help me lighten these marks. Also because of this my whole face looks a shade darker. (22 Dec 2008)
Can perm lotion be harmful for the eyes: Can perm lotion harm my eyes? (20 Dec 2008)
Avoiding severe invasive skin treatments in teenage: I am fourteen years old and want to know a skin care routine for smooth and clear skin as I have small acne, thanks. (19 Dec 2008)
Hair damage due to streaking of hair, reverse hair damage due to streaking: Hello, my hair is very damaged by doing streaking. It is like a broom so what to do for my hair please give me your valuable suggestion! (21 Dec 2008)
Cutting hair short when trying to recover from split ends in hair: My hairs are too bad. They have too much of dandruff and spilt ends. They do not have growth but I like long hairs. Please advice me and tell me some home remedies! (20 Dec 2008)
Treating dryness of hair and brittleness separately: I have dry and brittle hair problems. In your articles there are treatments for dry and brittle hair separately, do I have to do all of them or should I treat dryness first and then brittleness? (18 Dec 2008)
Using a mix of goose berry powder and water to reduce grey hairs: Natural home made recipe for stopping grey hair and stop hair loss. (14 Dec 2008)
Effective solution to get rid of very small pores for school girl: I am 16 year school girl and want my face clean, fresh and active but at this age I have very small pores and want to get rid of them, please suggest simple effective solution. (14 Dec 2008)
20 year boy with thick hair losing thick hair rapidly, rapid thinning of hair: I am a 20 years boy and used to have thick hair but for the last 6 Months my hair has been falling rapidly and thickness is half of before and has also lost the healthy look. (18 Dec 2008)
Causes of dark skin on inner thighs, remedy to lighten dark skin on inner thighs: I have a very fair complexion but my skin around my inner thighs near pelvic area is dark. What home remedy should I use? (18 Dec 2008)
Having a facial massage while having skin disease or disorder: To get a facial massage what skin conditions or skin disorders you should not have? (15 Dec 2008)
Shampoo to add volume to straight hair without weighing hair down: I have extremely fine hair and I wear it straight. Which shampoo would be best to use that would give it some type of volume but not weigh it down? Thank you! (14 Dec 2008)
Using turmeric to lighten skin and get rid of blemishes: Does turmeric powder help in skin lightening? What about hazel? (19 Dec 2008)
Making hair look silkier and soft to the touch: I am 12 years old and i want my hairs to be straightsmooth and silky which shampoo should I use and I have dandruff in my hairs too what shall I do? (13 Dec 2008)
Causes of hair turning yellow from gray hair: What causes gray hair to start turning yellow? (18 Dec 2008)
Oily scalp and having rough hair: My scalp is oily and hair somewhat rough. No shampoo suits me except an herbal one. What should I do to prevent hair fall? Please help. I do not use any oil to message my scalp. (11 Dec 2008)
Child of 12 years of age with grey hair and dandruff problem: My son is 12 years old and he has grey hair and dandruff. Suggest me the solution. (12 Dec 2008)
Inner thighs are dark, dark skin around the vagina: Hi my inner thighs are dark. (Even the area around the vagina). I also have stretch marks on my thighs. Please help! Thanks. (11 Dec 2008)
Severely tanned hands because of swimming: I have very fair skin on all parts of my body except my hands. They got severely tanned while swimming. Can I put something at night to restore their original color? Please advice! (10 Dec 2008)
Using olive oil for the treatment of chicken pox scars: Can I use olive oil for chickenpox scars? (11 Dec 2008)
Getting rid of dark underarms, cause of dark underarms, lighten black underarms: I have a black underarm what should I do? I tried many ways just to whiten it but still it is dark and always wet and sometimes it has a bad odor even I use roll-ons. (10 Dec 2008)
Squeezing pores, squeeze pores, squeezing oil out of clogged pores, squeeze pore: I use to squeeze oil out of my pores now that I have stopped that the pores are large and full of oil and appear very unsightly. ( 9 Dec 2008)
Getting rid of black marks on nose due to glasses: How do I get rid of these black marks on my nose from my glasses? (24 Nov 2008)
Mix of lemon juice, honey and cucumber for treating skin infection, skin infection with black spots on skin: What is the infection called which causes black spots coming on skin and what is the cause and what can help to prevent it? (25 Nov 2008)
Making dark brown skin to white, improving skin complexion with home remedies: Is it possible to make dark brown skin to white? If yes than what I have to do? My skin is normal. (25 Nov 2008)
Home remedies to lighten skin complexion, remedy to lighten skin and become fair: How can we make our skin fair? (24 Nov 2008)
Tips for making face with oily skin look beautiful, removing dark spot and pimples from oily skin: My skin is oily and I have slight pimples on my face and also dark spots are there how can I prevent dark spots from my face to look skin beautiful? (25 Nov 2008)
Dandruff and hair fall due to unhealthy lifestyle and bowel disorders: How to treat dandruff and hair fall? (20 Nov 2008)
Using aloe vera gel and honey for getting rid of clogged pores, tea tree extract and honey for clogged pores: Open pores! (23 Nov 2008)
Hair fall during pregnancy and after delivery: My hair has been falling out since a few months after giving birth, my daughter is now 15 months old should this still be happening? (20 Nov 2008)
Natural exfoliating product for preventing blackheads, clay mask and tea tree oil for preventing pimples and blackheads, curing pimples and blackheads: I have skin problem of white heads, black heads, pimples and red dots. Please teach how to cure them! (21 Nov 2008)
Skin rash under breasts: What do I do if I have a skin rash under my breast? (16 Nov 2008)
Losing hair and greying of hair due to deficient diet: I am 40 years old. I lost my hair and also have problem of grey hair. Tell me some remedies for it. (21 Nov 2008)
Protecting skin from prolonged exposure to sun, preventing dry peeling skin: What is a good way to get rid of dark spots and dry peeling skin on African American females? (20 Nov 2008)
Lightening stretch marks using few home remedies: I have a problem with stretch marks where in stead of red are white and they started on my buttocks but as months pass started moving on to my legs. Any natural remedy or products I can use? (20 Nov 2008)
Having youthful skin, preventing skin aging, anti aging skin care with healthy diet: People have youthful skin at age 30 also. I am just 21 and now only it has started looking aged. I am taking care of the skin what else I can do? I have oily skin! (23 Nov 2008)
Face becoming dark due to tan: I am having pigmentation on my face (nose, cheeks, chin) I am really worried for that what is the reason, how to cure it, please help me! (16 Nov 2008)
Getting rid of split ends by avoiding exposure to chemical products, protecting hair from chemical treatments: How do I get rid of split ends and get healthy hair? (21 Nov 2008)
Having black mark on cheek: I have a black mark on my check since I was 23 years old and now I am 26. So how can I remove it? (16 Nov 2008)
Bump marks on legs and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation: How can I get rid of my bump marks on my legs? (20 Nov 2008)
Treatment for hereditary premature greying: I am 24, male suffering from hereditary premature grey hair since 10 years. I am using hair dye since then. Recently, I am getting lots of grey hair on my beard and chest. Any natural permanent treatment? (16 Nov 2008)
Homemade conditioner recipes which do not spoil: Is there a recipe for home made conditioner that I can keep in my shower that would not go bad after a day? All the recipes I see are made of fresh ingredients that spoil. (19 Nov 2008)
Having hair on the ears, getting rid of hair on the ear: I started getting hair on my ears. I felt it bit embarrassing and started plucking them. My ears have turned black and the skin looks almost dead. I request a cream treatment to get rid of this. (17 Nov 2008)
What is hair bonding, is hair bonding harmful for the hair: Is hair bonding harmful? (19 Nov 2008)
Reduce dryness and roughness of hair, make hair shiny: My hair is very dry and rough. I am worried about it please give good remedy to get rid of this problem. Even let me know what to eat and drink to keep hair healthy, thank you. (17 Nov 2008)
Using homemade hair conditioner for slow hair growth: My hair does not grow. If it does, it grows very slowly. What do I do? (19 Nov 2008)
Hyperpigmentation due to certain chemicals, hyperpigmentation on nose cheeks and chin: I am having pigmentation on my nose, cheeks, chin I am really worried for that what is the reason, how to cure it, please help me! (16 Nov 2008)
Using tea tree oil in case of scalp infections causing hair loss: I have a hair loss problem, is using tree oil bad for my hairs? (18 Nov 2008)
Hair style tips for dry frizzy and tangled hair: I have dry and rough hair, when wet the hair looks good, ones dry and exposed to air hair ends become frizzy and tangled. How to keep hair as it is when it is wet and what kind of hair style suits me? (18 Nov 2008)
How to shampoo when having oily hair: Oily hair! (19 Nov 2008)
Keeping sore clean by washing, applying antiseptic ointment to disinfect sore: I have open pore that has not healed. It produces blood, liquid and is very bothersome, any treatment that can be done for it? My doctor froze it twice but did not help. (17 Nov 2008)
Hair removing using waxing laser removal or electrolysis: Is wax better for face except laser? (19 Nov 2008)
Need and effects of skin polishing: What is skin polishing? (17 Nov 2008)
Causes of shineless thin rough and dry hair: My hair are very thin and short. Hair growing is very slow and texture is also rough and shineless. In fact no growing. Please give me simple and effective solution. (19 Nov 2008)
Washing face with warm water to get rid of blackheads: I have black line and black heads on my nose how to remove it? (18 Nov 2008)
What is insulin spillover, causes of insulin spillover: What is insulin spillover? (16 Nov 2008)
Steps for using steam to remove blackheads on face: What is the complete procedure of taking steam on face in order to remove blackheads? ( 6 Dec 2008)
Causes of skin to discolor, best way to avoid discoloration: What causes a man skin to discolor? ( 5 Dec 2008)
Getting rid of childhood black chickenpox scars: I use to have chicken pox when I was a child, left blacks marks all over my skin. How do I get rid of those black marks? ( 4 Dec 2008)
Using warmed oil for healthy hair growth: I have loss so much hair very recently. I do not have dandruff. Can my hair be back in some time as my marriage is near? So please give me some tips! ( 3 Dec 2008)
Oatmeal yogurt and honey for curing pigmentation: I have pigmentation on my hand, neck and near forehead from past 6 years Which medicine I must use in order to get cured? ( 6 Dec 2008)
Too much hair on face hands and legs, bleach hair using natural products: I am getting too much hair on my face, hands and legs. ( 6 Dec 2008)
Reasons for having dry and frizzy hair: Hi, can you provide me with some tips for dry and frizzy hairs? ( 5 Dec 2008)
Reasons for unnatural hair fall: I have lost my hair so much now I have very thin hair, can my hair grow again? Please give some tips my marriage is in Jan. ( 3 Dec 2008)
Tips for controlling and reducing pores: How can we close our open pores? It gives very dirty look, please tell how can we remove pores? ( 3 Dec 2008)
Remedies to remove burn marks on belly and legs: I have burn marks on my belly and on legs is there any solution to remove these burns marks, please give me homely tips! ( 1 Dec 2008)
Having blackhead at the age of 11 years: How can I get rid of blackheads if I am eleven years old? (30 Nov 2008)
Using peeled potatoes to cure whiteheads: In whiteheads cure how to put the peeled potato in the face? (29 Nov 2008)
Red swollen itchy face due to menopause: My face is slightly swollen, red and itches. If I scratch it usually when I am sleeping then I develop small welts. What could possibly cause this? I am 50 years of female. Could this be related to menopause? ( 2 Dec 2008)
Tea tree oil for swollen gums: Can I use tea tree oil on swollen gums? ( 1 Dec 2008)
Lemon juice for upper dark lip: Hi, my upper lips are dark than lower lips I read applying lemon juice to lips will cure it but it did not, it made my lips only red colored. I do not smoke or drink tea or coffee, help me to get rid of this. (30 Nov 2008)
Catching dandruff from somebody else: Can you catch dandruff from somebody? (28 Nov 2008)
Using hot oil for reducing dandruff and stop hair turning white: I am 14 years old and my hair is constantly becoming white. I have a little dandruff in my hair and have tried a few medicines as well but none of them is working. What should I do? (27 Nov 2008)
Dark spots due to injury and skin infections, tips to reduce dark spots on skin: I have dark spots on my skin tell me how to reduce it? (29 Nov 2008)
Using steam for good skin: Is steaming good for the skin and how often should it be done? (27 Nov 2008)
Hair fall problem at age of 14, tips to treat lice: I am 14 years old and have a hair fall problem and I have lice too. Please help. (29 Nov 2008)
Straighten curly hair: Hello, I am 25 male and my hair is too curling. I want to have straight hair now how can it be possible? My hair is too thick, give me good answer. (29 Oct 2008)
Best remedy for removing acne scars: How do I get rid of dark spots caused by pimples? (27 Oct 2008)
Reduce dark patches on forehead and chin: How to reduce forehead and chin dark patches or to make them even to skin? ( 1 Nov 2008)
Causes of skin becoming darker everyday: My face becomes darker every day. My friends do not want to friend with me. Please give some tips which can be followed at home so that face becomes fairer. (28 Oct 2008)
Cause of discolored spots on my face: I am 37 years old lady I have dark spots on my face from 1 year what can I do? (31 Oct 2008)
Using honey and lemon for healthy skin: I use to apply honey and lime juice at night should I apply toner and moisturizer after that if yes then after what time? (28 Oct 2008)
Causes and treatment for whitening of hair: My age is 20 and my hair has started to turn white. ( 4 Nov 2008)
Natural remedy to make hair shiny and beautiful: My hairs are very frizzy and weak please suggest a shampoo and a natural remedy to make my hair look shiny and beautiful. (29 Oct 2008)
Causes of armpit hair, remove armpit hair: What is the best way to remove armpit hair? (28 Oct 2008)
Using coconut water and coconut oil for fair skin complexion: Does coconut water or coconut oil gives fair complexion? If not suggest some remedies. ( 3 Nov 2008)
Weakening of hair due to hair straightening: Will straightening weaken my hair? (29 Oct 2008)
Causes of dry, cracked and peeling skin on the bottom of feet: The skin on the bottom of my foot is cracked, gets very dry and peels off. It gets so sore I can't walk comfortably. What is this? (27 Oct 2008)
Make hair thicker, stronger and healthy: How to make hair thicker stronger and silky? ( 1 Nov 2008)
Skin pigmentation due to stomach problems: Skin pigmentation, can it be due to stomach problems? (29 Oct 2008)
Cause of bald spots on head: I am a 37 year old black male my hair is going bald only in the front right side of my head. How could this be? Could this be stress? Are there any solutions? It looks kind of a crazy head full of hair except in one area. (31 Oct 2008)
Effects of not maintaining long hair, tips to maintain long hair: I had long and nice hair but I never use to care for hair can you please suggest some tips to maintain my hair. (28 Oct 2008)
Getting rid of black patch on cheek: Hi, I do have a black patch on my cheek. It is not a birth mark, it appeared around 9 years ago also I consulted various doctors but failed. Kindly help. ( 4 Nov 2008)
Treat dark patches on face above cheeks and below chin: I am 33 years old and fair color (dry skin off late) I have dark patches on my face above cheeks and below chin. When I am stressed out or in tension the patches become darker. (30 Oct 2008)
Healthy, fair and glowing skin care regime: I want healthy, fair and glowing skin what should I apply? Any natural pack? (28 Oct 2008)
Treat long dry hair, split ends, pimples and blemishes on face: My hair are long and dry and have split ends what shall I do. It is blackish under my eyes and I have pimples and blemishes and dark spots left of pimples. ( 3 Nov 2008)
Treat dark and dry lips, make lips pink: My lips are very dark and dry any way to make them permanently pink? (29 Oct 2008)
Product to decrease hyper pigmentation: I want to ask you have if any product which is helpful to decrease hyper pigmentation meaning dark complexion as well as which does not has any side effects and don't need to take that product again and again? (28 Oct 2008)
Broken hair due to bleaching of hair: My hair is really badly broken from too much bleach it is really dry what can I do? ( 2 Nov 2008)
Making rough hair smooth: I have kinda curly hair and to keep them set I straighten them sometimes but now they are getting unsmooth, I can feel them so rough, tell me something before they start falling like hell. (25 Oct 2008)
Get rid of dryness due to eczema: I have a dark circle on my leg, the circle seems dry, no itchiness or swelling and its been there for a while now, what could it be? And why? (24 Oct 2008)
Protecting skin from pimples: How to protect our skin from pimples? (27 Oct 2008)
Shampoo and conditioner for oily hair: I have oily hair is there a shampoo that you can buy at your local Walmart or pharmacy that will help with this problem? And what is the name of the shampoo if there is one? (26 Oct 2008)
Reversing darkness of face, treating dull skin, removing pimples: My skin was very clear and fair but now my face color is getting comparatively dark and dull too. Am also getting pimples on face. Tell me something that can help me get my skin back? (25 Oct 2008)
Causes and symptoms of fungus, mold and skin allergies: Fungus, mold or skin allergy. (25 Oct 2008)
Common causes of lack of dark circles under eyes: I have dark circles under my eyes. I did a lot to remove but no effect. What should I do something really effective? Please help me out! (27 Oct 2008)
Tips for washing long hair everyday: Hi, I have long hair and I have to wash them every single day which is not good as you mentioned in your website. So what is best way to take care of them? They should be shiny and healthy. (27 Oct 2008)
Get rid of white flaky skin on legs, causes of white flaky skin on legs: My legs have a white flaky appearance to them, how do I get rid of that? (25 Oct 2008)
Itchy red rash behind the ears: How can I find out what kind of skin problem I have? It's a red rash behind my ears and it itches. (23 Oct 2008)
Treating inflexible and sticky hair: I am 16 and my hair used to be rather soft but recently the top part of it became rather inflexible and sticky. I have washed it thoroughly for three days yet the situation is still the same. Please advice. (24 Oct 2008)
Causes of pores and whiteheads, pores and whitehead remedies: What are the remedy for pores and white heads? (24 Oct 2008)
Combing hair to solve problem of dry and frizzy hair: What is the hair care for dry and frizzy hair? (24 Oct 2008)
Treat extra thin hair with slow growth: My hairs are extra thin and their growth is too slow I used mustard oil, henna oil but still my hairs are too thin. I have curly hairs please tell me an easy tip for long and strong hair. (24 Oct 2008)
Treat extremely frizzy hair: I do not have a chance to leave my hair after hair wash because it gets damn bushy my friends laugh so please help me out. (24 Oct 2008)
Hair style for person with long face and long chin: How do I get the perfect match hairstyle for my long face because I have a long chin? (24 Oct 2008)
Thick hair on face, lip and legs of children: My daughter is 5 plus years old and she is having thick hair on her face, upper lip and very thick hair on legs. Please suggest some remedy. (23 Oct 2008)
Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer, types of skin cancers: Can you have a squamous cell on the scalp? (22 Oct 2008)
Face masks for clear and pure face skin: I wish I could have pure and clear face can you help me for determining proper masks for me n how can I use them? (23 Oct 2008)
Dull and greyish hair: My hairs are very dull and greyish in color. They do not grow after a little growth. (23 Oct 2008)
White hair at the age of 25 years, tips to stop white hair growth: I am 25 years old and have started having lot of white hairs, please tell me what should I do to minimize it? (22 Oct 2008)
Balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and vitamins for reducing hair problems: I suffer from hair problems, many hair fall everyday. I am using Arnika hair root vitalizer since three years but it does not stops hairfall and increases dandruff. (21 Oct 2008)
Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to get rid of pimples, remove dead cells on skin: How to get rid of pimples tell any home remedy or cream? (22 Oct 2008)
Cleaning face with pores and blackheads: My face looks oily, has large pores and these pores are covered with blackheads and whiteheads. So how can I cure it? I want to know how to clean and how to treat by natural methods. Thanks. (21 Oct 2008)
Tips for improving quality of hair with stress free life: Hi, my hair falls and is very thin and I want to make it healthy and bulky because of my hair problem I get tensed please suggest me how to make my hair bulk! (24 Aug 2008)
Reasons for white hair growth in teen age girls: For what reasons does white hair grow in teenage girls? (30 Aug 2008)
Smooth silky and bouncy hair: I am 18 years, my hair 4 years back was very smooth, silky, bouncy but from last couple of years my hair is growing very rough like brittle frizzy with no bounce. (21 Aug 2008)
Removing and lightening dark patches of skin on forehead and at the base of neck: My husband is Spanish and has a large patch of dark skin on his forehead also around the base of his neck. What causes this and how do we get rid of it? ( 4 Sep 2008)
Reducing stretch marks with olive oil and cocoa butter: Hi there! I am having some stretch marks on my hips I think they are due to little weight gaining. What (cream) should you advise me to use? Thank you! (29 Aug 2008)
Toning and massaging with olive oil to close open pores, remove deep marks: I have open pores on my cheeks, please suggest me some homecare tips! ( 2 Sep 2008)
Using fruit mixtures for removing freckles: What are some fruit mixtures to remove freckles? (27 Aug 2008)
Nourishing pack for controlling dandruff, how to control hair fall: How can I control dandruff and hair fall? ( 1 Sep 2008)
Using carrot oil for long healthy hair: Is carrot oil beneficial for the hair or is there any other oil which will result in longer and stronger hair? What other things can be done for hair to grow long? (25 Aug 2008)
Controlling hair loss from the center of head: What to do if hair loses from the centre of head? (31 Aug 2008)
Preventing hair from becoming oily: I am 20 years male suffering from hair fall from 15 my hair nature is it will be dry for two days after shampooing it will become little oily and I had dandruff also. I am applying oil before shampooing only. (23 Aug 2008)
Dietary changes and home remedies to remove pimples all over body: I am 22 years old and recently married I have pimples all over my body also I have lots of pimples on the face please suggest me some home made remedy for the same! (30 Aug 2008)
Hair conditioner for dry and frizzy hair: What conditioner to be used for dry and frizzed hair? (20 Aug 2008)
How to lighten dark forehead skin color: The color of my forehead is dark than my face, how will I resolve it? ( 3 Sep 2008)
Is applying oil beneficial for hair: Does hair oil really promote hair growth? (29 Aug 2008)
Remove skin discolorations: I have an oval like dark spot that came from no where on the lower part of right side of my neck and a few smaller ones around my chest. I do not have insurance and need some advice as my fiance is very scared about it. ( 1 Sep 2008)
Maintaining dry short curly hair: My hairs are very dry and short and curly please suggest how I can maintain them and suggest me which product should I use to give it wet look. (27 Aug 2008)
Dry hair and skin due to thyroid problem: I have a thyroid problem. So my hair and skin is dry and skin is also wrinkled. So what should I use as a home made remedy? ( 1 Sep 2008)
Home remedies and treatment to reduce dryness on face, prevent premature aging: Tips to prevent premature aging and dryness on the face, any home tips? Please suggest! ( 7 Nov 2008)
Causes of small white blisters on hands: I have small white blisters that seem hard on my hands and when they are they become sore and sensitive, what is this called and what causes it? (13 Nov 2008)
How to treat gray hair when graying is not genetic: I am just 21 and have a gray hair problem from the age of 16 years. My hair is dry too. I have applied heena many times. This problem is not genetic in my family. Please suggest me something. ( 5 Nov 2008)
Diet and skin care tips to remove pimples, have clearer face skin: How can we remove pimples and clearer the face? (13 Nov 2008)
Reducing pimple marks on face as fast as possible: I have pimple mark on my face I want to reduce them as fast as possible, what can I do? (13 Nov 2008)
Hair loss due to Hyperthryroidism: I am suffering from lots of hair loss. I have an overactive thyroid. I am vegetarian so my protein intake is not good. Which kind of food I should eat, which kind of shampoo I should use? My hair type is normal. ( 7 Nov 2008)
Regular skin care and maintenance tips for men: How to have a good skin for man? (13 Nov 2008)
Natural color of gums, tips to maintain oral hygiene: How to redden gums? ( 7 Nov 2008)
Clear dark skin on side of the nose: I have dark skin on the sides of my nose, please provide some tips to get it cleared! (13 Nov 2008)
Technique to straighten curly hair: Even after I straighten my hair it still seems to curl under and I cannot figure out why? ( 6 Nov 2008)
Remedies and skin care tips for long silky shiny hair: How to have silky and shiny long hair? (13 Nov 2008)
Getting back glow of the skin, rid of dark circles and hairfall: Hi, want to how to get back my glow on the skin and rid of dark circles, hairfall, dry skin and whitening? ( 4 Nov 2008)
Home remedies to remove blackness from underarms: How to remove blackness from underarms, please tell some homemade remedies! (13 Nov 2008)
Graying of hair in teen age: I am 18 years old and I got lots of white hairs so tell me some treatment to reduce it please! (13 Nov 2008)
Effects of going to bed with wet hair: I need information regarding the wisdom of a child going to bed with wet hair or very damp hair. This may be a medical decision but would be grateful for any information your website can give me on this issue. ( 7 Nov 2008)
Reducing open pores: How to reduce open pores? Suggest any herbal treatment? (13 Nov 2008)
Remedies to close or tighten pores: How to close open pores or tighten the pores? (14 Nov 2008)
Black lip causes: What causes black lip? (11 Nov 2008)
Reducing hair fall after pregnancy: I am 22 and got baby of 4 months my hair started falling last month but I did not care but now I am getting bald from the front and have hair fall too much. I am scared to touch, wash or comb my hair, please help! ( 9 Nov 2008)
Straightening dry frizzy hair: My hair is dry and frizzy. What I have to do for the straightening of them? (15 Nov 2008)
Remedies to treat dry chapped flaky skin under lips: I have dry chapped flaky skin under my lips. I have tried a lot of things but have had it for a while. What can I do? ( 8 Nov 2008)
Using hair blower or drier to dry and style hair: Is hair blower or drier safe to use frequently to style or dry hair? Are there any special precautions we should maintain while use of the same? How often is safe enough? (14 Nov 2008)
Using exfoliation for reducing darkness of underarms, elbows and hips: My underarms, elbows and hips are darker than my rest of the body. Suggest me some home treatment to look my whole body color same. (14 Nov 2008)
Inheriting leucoderma from parents, reducing risk of inheriting leucoderma: My father is having leucoderma what is the probability that my children get the same? (11 Nov 2008)
Hair breakage due to tinea cap: My daughter is 8 when she was five she developed tinea cap and she had treatment. Now her hair is breaking like crazy what do I do? (13 Nov 2008)
Maintaining curly hair: I am 24 year old male working in a software organization. My hair is pretty long enough. It gets rough and curly by the end of the day which makes me wash it daily to straighten it. Suggest some easier methods. Thank you! (10 Nov 2008)
Cause of black spots on legs: Due to arthritis many black spots in legs appear only in the evening. ( 8 Nov 2008)
Getting rid of black scars and marks due to injury on leg: I am a black female and every time I get an injury on my legs they turn into black scars and marks. How can I get rid of them always on the front? This is very embarrassing. Help! (14 Nov 2008)
Excessive hair fall due to type of water used to wash hair: My hairs fall very fast, what is the reason? ( 8 Nov 2008)
Regrowing lost hair quickly: My hair falls very much due to that in certain areas I feel bald also. Please suggest me how to regrow hair faster and how to stop hair fall very soon? I am really fond of healthy and strong hair. How can I stop hair fall? (12 Nov 2008)
Itching on back, legs, arms and face: I have too much itching on my back and have developed lots of rashes because of the same. I also have itching on my face, legs and arms. My skin is dry so I apply lots of moisturizing lotions also. (12 Nov 2008)
Fresh aloe vera gel to get rid of pimple marks: I have pimple marks on my face, how to get rid of them? (15 Nov 2008)
Stress causing hair to turn white: My hair white at early age. (15 Nov 2008)
Trimming underarm hair to reduce darkness of underarm skin: Home remedies for dark underarms. (15 Nov 2008)
Overcoming dandruff: I need to know how to overcome dandruff I am an engineering student please help me to get rid of dandruff! (12 Nov 2008)
Avoiding after shave lotions with alcohol to close pores: How can I close my pores? (15 Nov 2008)
Hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar for removing dark spots: Dark spots! (15 Nov 2008)
Treating scars left by pimples: I have small holes in my face due to pimples please help me and also I have black spots left after pimples all over my face. (13 Nov 2008)
Tips for preventing oily skin: How to prevent oily skin? (12 Nov 2008)
Causes of white patches: What causes increased skin pigmentation and white blotches? (21 Oct 2008)
Hair loss due to wearing helmets for more than an hour: Hi, I would like to know if wearing a helmet for more than an hour can lead to hair loss? (30 Aug 2008)
Shampoo and conditioner for curly, dry and rough hair: My hair type is curly, looks wavy and very rough. I tried shampoos and conditioners made for my type of hair. But, no result. Which shampoo, conditioner and home remedies for soft straight hair? ( 2 Sep 2008)
Make dull hair shiny and straight: My hair is shoulder length, wavy and dull too, I love straight hair and shiny too. How can I have it? Also have wheatish complexion with rough skin, it lacks glow. How to have glowing, clear and clean skin? (31 Aug 2008)
Trimming the hair to improve texture of hair, how to get rid of split ends: My hair is very dry, has splits and the length does not increase? ( 3 Sep 2008)
Using coconut oil therapy on oily hair: I am having oily hair with full dandruff, I use coconut hair fall therapy still it is not under control advise me what shall I do? ( 1 Sep 2008)
Extreme cases of hair fall, severe hair fall: Lot of hair falls, bundles of hair fall and dandruff too what is your opinion for the solution? (30 Aug 2008)
Reducing spicy diet to remove black marks, removing pimples, treatment of oily skin: Lot of black marks, pimples and also oily skin, what can I do? (30 Aug 2008)
Removing relaxer from hair: How can I remove relaxer from my hair instantly? (12 Oct 2008)
Calcium deposits under eyes: How do you get rid of calcium deposits under eyes? (20 Oct 2008)
Reducing darkness of skin around neck and mouth: Suggest tips for reducing darkness around the necks and around my mouth. (15 Oct 2008)
Causes of eyebrows disappearing: My eyebrows are disappearing. what can I do? (12 Oct 2008)
Using glycerin to massage and reduce darkness of skin: I have darkness around my cryptic parts example penis, anus and around waist and knee. Can I use Glycerin to rub and massage on those parts? If not, what to use to decrease the darkness? (21 Oct 2008)
Removing black heads without side effects: I have black heads on my face I want to remove it without side effects. (15 Oct 2008)
Child losing hair due to male pattern balding: My husband and I have a full head of hair but for some reason my younger son is loosing his hair, could this be due to nutrition? (13 Oct 2008)
Tips to hide network of veins on hands: Hey, my question is in regard to appearance of a network of veins on the hands, any other home remedies apart from drinking water? (15 Oct 2008)
Juices for good skin complexion: Hi, I want to improve my complexion please do advise me some juices to increase my complexion! (16 Oct 2008)
Basic causes of pimples, remove pimples on face: How can I remove pimples from my face? (16 Oct 2008)
Difference between cleansing and toning: What does cleansing and toning mean? (15 Oct 2008)
Reducing sunlight exposure and diet tips for fair complexion: I want to make my complexion fair please suggest me some diet to be taken in eating! (16 Oct 2008)
Causes of pimples and black spots on face, removing pimples and black spots on face: I have pimple on my face and some black spot in my face and I want to clear it so what is the solution for it? (16 Oct 2008)
Having clear glowing skin: How to have a clear and glowing skin home remedy? (16 Oct 2008)
Darkening of skin due to constant dampness, hyperpigmentation of underarms treatment: How to treat hyperpigmentation of underarms? (28 Sep 2008)
Regrowing bald patches on head: I am 19 years, have very thin hair and less volume, there are patches of baldness on my scalp especially in the centre and have dandruff also. I want volume in my hair and regrow these patches. Please tell what to do? (29 Sep 2008)
Remedy to control hair fall: My hair fall seems to have increased quite a bit although I am not facing any stress or tension, could you please provide me with some quick home remedy as to how to control the hair fall if not stop it completely? (30 Sep 2008)
Cause of pigments on upper lips part, what is melasma: Hi, I have pigments over my upper lips parts and around my lips chin part. The whole part has uneven skin tone. Can you please suggest me what shall I do to get rid of that? (28 Sep 2008)
Using honey for skin everyday: Can only honey be applied on skin on daily use? (30 Sep 2008)
Oil and home remedies to regrow hair: I would like to know if there are any ways to regrow hair. If any kind of oil or special home made remedies that can be prepared and used at home? Please guide! (28 Sep 2008)
Tips to make dark tan skin fair: My skin is a bit dark or can say tan, I want home made or herbal remedy to make skin fair? (29 Sep 2008)
Differences between shampoos and conditioners: What is the deference between shampoo and conditioner? (28 Sep 2008)
Home remedies to stop losing hair rapidly: I loose my hair very rapidly and really I am very much worried about it, can you please suggest me some homemade herbal recipes? (29 Sep 2008)
Getting rid of dry face with acne scar: What do I do to treat my dry rough face with acne scar? (30 Sep 2008)
Black spots and thick hair growth on hands cause: In my hand there are small black spots it seems that the growth of hair in my hand is not proper and after waxing my hand looks more bad please give me the solution to make my hand clean and clear! (29 Sep 2008)
Using almond oil for dry skin everyday: Can I apply almond oil on face for dry skin or badam rogan will be beneficial on daily basis? (30 Sep 2008)
Darkening of hands after surgery: Why would my hands darken after surgery? (28 Sep 2008)
Long and thin face hairstyle tips: I have a long and thin face with pale complexion, my hairs are straight and silky, my forehead is almost shapeless, help me by suggesting a good hairstyle please! (29 Sep 2008)
What are facial and body scrubs: What is a scrub? (28 Sep 2008)
Products for making hair curly, soft, smooth and shiny: I have long (middle of back) permed hair, I use spray gel or curl defining moose but it makes my hair crunchy, what products can I use for defined curl that is softer and not crunchy? (29 Sep 2008)
Causes and symptoms of cellulitis, can cellulitis be fatal: Is cellulitis fatal? (27 Sep 2008)
Vitamins for preventing pigmentation on face and arms: What vitamins can I take to prevent pigmentations on face and arms? (25 Sep 2008)
Fair skin products to get fair skin: How can I get my skin to become fair? What are the products you have? (27 Sep 2008)
Fruits and vegetables for reducing hair fall, avoid white hair: What are the eating (fruits and vegetables) items to reduce hair falling and avoiding white hair? (27 Sep 2008)
Healthy vitamin rich diet for healthy shining hair: I have long hair but I do not have thick hair and my main problem is hair falling and dandruff. ( 8 Oct 2008)
Early appearance of chest hair: I am only 15 and I have already got hair on my chest! ( 5 Oct 2008)
Treating breast lumps and breast cancer: Breast cancer and black circle mark where the lump is. ( 8 Oct 2008)
Types of hair conditioners: How to condition hair? ( 8 Oct 2008)
Controlling oiliness of skin, tighten pores on skin: How can I make the pores on my face smaller? ( 6 Oct 2008)
Reducing serious hair fall occurring since 3 to 4 months: My hair is very dry and I am suffering from serious hair fall from past 3 to 4 month please send some remedies to overcome this problem! ( 8 Oct 2008)
Procedure for oiling hair: Procedure to oil your hair? ( 8 Oct 2008)
Dark underarms cause, regain normal shade of underarms: My underarms are too dark tell me all possible ways to get them in normal skin shade? (14 Sep 2008)
Scaby, flaky and peeling skin on babies head: If on a babies head here are scabs, its flaky and peeling and loosing her hair. What should be used? (10 Sep 2008)
Massaging skin everyday to remove hyperpigmentation: Help me remove hyperpigmentation through some best home made recipes. (13 Sep 2008)
Cause of black patches on body since birth: I have black patches on my whole body from the birth. Now bubble kind of pimples have started on whole body, it is becoming harder and not getting burst like other pimples. Please suggest me the solution! ( 9 Sep 2008)
Remedy for reducing discoloration of skin by old scars: I have a lot of scars on my body from the sores I had when I was still a baby. I can not afford to buy the products for scars how can I treat my scars using homemade remedies? (12 Sep 2008)
Manage fuzzy hair: Been buzzing my hair for 10 years, every time I grow it out it drives me crazy and gets fuzzy standing straight up. If I use gel I have to use a lot and it looks like a big ball of goop landed on my head. Any suggestions besides hats? ( 8 Sep 2008)
Daily hair care routine for graying hair: Hair care for graying hair. (15 Sep 2008)
Choosing anti pimple cream: I am 22 and have red pimples on my face and due to pimples I have dark spots. I am very careful about my skin and wash my face with acnelak soap but I am not satisfied with it, what to do to reduce pimples and dark spots? (11 Sep 2008)
Waxing using ball of dough: I have hair in my hand always, waxing is a big scare to me and creams are of no use, they grow the next day, please help me! (14 Sep 2008)
Cure and treatment for blackening of skin on neck: Hi, I am 24 years. I could see a black color layer formed around my neck, suggest some treatment and cure measures. (10 Sep 2008)
Is vitamin E oil beneficial for hair: If you put vitamin E skin oil on your hair will it help it to grow? Do you know of anything that will help your hair to grow? Thanks! (14 Sep 2008)
Reason for hair becoming curly and dull: At first my hair was straight and shiny now day by day my hair has become curly and looking dull starting towards white. ( 9 Sep 2008)
Waxing with natural products to remove body hair: Are there any methods for removal of hair by natural products? (13 Sep 2008)
Slow hair growth causes, tips to grow hair faster: I have got curly hair and it had stopped growing after a very short limit I want to grow it please tell me way with home remedy! ( 9 Sep 2008)
Olive oil massage for babyís skin: My baby had a small spot red in her face, is it normal? What solution to remove red skin spot on my baby? (16 Sep 2008)
Greasiness of skin: I am 22, my skin is oily, greasy, has lots of pimples and dark spots, I use acnelak soap for face after washing with soap skin looks very dry though skin is oily, which soap I can use and what to do for pimples and dark spots? (11 Sep 2008)
Tips to treat pimples by regulating eating habits: On my face there are pimples and pimple black marks. I tried almost every thing but no good result, my age is 19 years. I need your help! I want to become fair also. ( 7 Sep 2008)
Hair growing white cause, white hair remedy: My hair had black color and now it is going towards white, so give me some home remedy! (15 Sep 2008)
Little production of sebum in scalp, dry and rough hair cause: I have very dry hair and rough too, what do I do? (10 Sep 2008)
Identifying common food and mild allergy: The skin under my eyes is very itchy and stings. I use face lotion so tried not using it but still it happens and even tried other lotions. It makes my eyes look more wrinkly and tired. What to make it stop? ( 5 Sep 2008)
Effects of using hard water to bath: Will the water with which we bath cause hair fall? ( 5 Sep 2008)
Signs, symptoms and effects of eczema and goose bumps: I have skin problem which leaves me with white dots all over my body and resemble goose bumps. Do you know what it is or if it could be treated? I used to have eczema so could that be related? ( 6 Sep 2008)
Avoiding shaving legs in hot weather: I get itchy skin in hot weather and when I shave my legs they not only get itchy - razor burns like - but water from shower head causes to itch more. When I get out of the shower I am still itching, what can I do? ( 5 Sep 2008)
Applying cream oil to oily skin: Hi this is Madhavi! I have oily skin problem after applying cream with in half an hour my skin becomes very dark and oily what cream should be used daily please give me suggestion of any dry cream thank you! ( 5 Sep 2008)
White marks due to Vitiligo or fungal infection: What are white marks on the skin and how can I get rid of them? (10 Oct 2008)
Tips for having healthy hair: How to get healthy hair? (18 Oct 2008)
Grow straight hair fast: I am 19 year old male and I want my hair to grow fast and want them straight too tell me what to do! (10 Oct 2008)
Cause of having dry hair, how to make dry hair soft: I have dry hair, how can I have soft hair and also while sleeping how we should tie our hair in ponytail or some other patter? (17 Oct 2008)
Abnormal and excessive hairfall: I have straight and silky hairs but not healthy, in these days due to hair fall problem I am too much worried. So please send a suitable and good tip for my hairs Thanks in advance. (10 Oct 2008)
Using cucumber slice to lighten dark lip color: I do not have the habit of smoking but my lips look darker, I am fair colored, only my lips look darker spoiling my facial appearance. Suggest me a solution for this! (19 Oct 2008)
Dryness and dullness of hair: How can I get rid of dry and dull hair? (17 Oct 2008)
Reasons for occurrence of blackheads, removing blackheads on the nose: hey! Can you tell me the way to remove blackheads on nose? Please I need it very much! (19 Oct 2008)
Causes of appearance of white patches: What are white round marks on my skin they are not every where just on my shoulders and have only just appeared. In the past I got one mark on my face next to my eye and its never gone away, is this skin cancer? (10 Oct 2008)
How to dye blonde hair back to brunette: I currently have dyed blonde hair and would like to dye it back to brunette? What are the best ways to do this without it turning brassy? (18 Oct 2008)
Lime juice and lemon juice for acne scars: For removing acne scars can lime juice be used instead of lemon juice and does it have to be juice fresh from the fruit or can I use the commercial one the bottle? (10 Oct 2008)
White hair due to aging, reasons for white hair, preventing white hair: What causes white hair? How to prevent white hair? (17 Oct 2008)
Make up and adhesive allergies: How would you identify allergies and intolerance to make up or adhesives and what appropriate remedial action should be taken to neutralize effects. (10 Oct 2008)
Sources of vitamin C and vitamin B: How we get vitamin C and B1, lysin? (17 Oct 2008)
Buttermilk to cleanse and bleach skin: I am 25 and many mole size brown spots are present on my T-zone of my face which looks very dirty. I am suffering this problem last 6 year. Please mail me suitable tips so I get rid off this problem in home. (19 Oct 2008)
Applying henna every 15 days on hair: Hi, I have short and dry hair nowadays I am facing heavy hair fall I apply henna for every 15 days please suggest! (16 Oct 2008)
Cucumber juice scrub to lighten dark skin, how to have fair skin: My skin is dark I want to make it fair tell me home tips like that will help me to get fair skin! (18 Oct 2008)
Multiple causes of hairloss and breakage: Severe hairloss and breakage, what could be the reasons? (20 Oct 2008)
Symptoms of varicose eczema: What does varicose eczema look like? (20 Oct 2008)
Surgical removal of hair, hair removal with laser beams: How much is the cost to remove hair on my back? (20 Oct 2008)
Calcium deposits on forehead: I have bumps on my forehead that I was told by an aesthetician are calcium deposits. What is this condition? What can I do to prevent it? (20 Oct 2008)
Avoiding using shampoo on dry hair: My hair is fully dried for my job purpose I shampoo my hair every day; please tell me tips on home made remedies for hair. (20 Oct 2008)
Avoid tying of hair, combing hair with fine tooth comb: I have natural hair but it tends to get plenty breakage how do I stop that from happening? (20 Oct 2008)
Developing dark spots on lips, swelling on the lips: My lips have developed dark spots. They itch and sting after eating certain foods and are sometimes swollen when I wake up! (20 Oct 2008)
Hair oil to prevent hair fall: Which oil is best for hair? (20 Oct 2008)
Having dark patches on the face skin: Hi, I am 27years old and I am light skinned. I have dark patches on both sides of my face, what can I use to clear them? (11 Oct 2008)
Face pigmentation medicine: what are the medicines for face pigmentation? (11 Oct 2008)
Managing curly hair: Hi, my problem is that my hair is curly and I also used many products like Wellastrate Keune but no response, please tell me some tips for my hair! (11 Oct 2008)
Nourishing and moisturizing skin: I have very dry skin I want to get rid of this. (20 Oct 2008)
Regaining hair color: I have naturally dark hair and have had a copper base color with lots of bleach highlights - I want to return to dark hair, how can I do this? (19 Oct 2008)
Ringworm diagnosis info: I have four patches of reddish slightly raised almost circular areas on my face and head where I shave (I am a male) and it is negative for ring worms. (11 Oct 2008)
Exposure of neck to sunlight: Hi, I am 24 year old man my neck is more dark than my face because of sun exposure, what should I do? (11 Oct 2008)
Vegetable juice for hair fall: Please recommend me what type of vegetable juice to take for hair growth daily. (11 Oct 2008)
Types of skin cancer: What are the different types of skin cancer? (19 Oct 2008)
Reason for hairfall, problem of greying hair: I am 22 year old girl having hair fall, white hair and dandruff problem. What shall I do to stop hair fall and dandruff? How I can have again black hair? Do the needful! ( 5 Oct 2008)
Sunscreen lotion for sunlight protection: Can a sunscreen protect us fully without any side effects? ( 5 Oct 2008)
Mineral and vitamin rich diet for pimples: Recently I started with Nivea products but since then I have a lot of pimples and pimple marks, I have wasted a lot of money! ( 5 Oct 2008)
Cleanser for dull and dry skin: What type of cleanser should I use as my skin is dull, dry, black and problematic? ( 4 Oct 2008)
Honey, lime juice and milk powder to lighten dark skin: Suggest some home made remedies for dark skin ( 4 Oct 2008)
Natural bleach, herbal bleach for fair skin: I have an olive colored skin and my face is darker than my hands and legs so please give me natural tips and how can I become white? ( 5 Oct 2008)
Sunscreen protection, protection from harmful sunrays: I go in sun every day up to 2 hours so I apply sunscreen so what should be the SPF of my sunscreen to protect myself? I have a very oily skin. ( 5 Oct 2008)
Soft and silky long hair: My hair is long and thick what should I use to make my hair soft and silky smooth, am using dove products. ( 5 Oct 2008)
Good toner for skin: What type of toner is good for my skin as my skin is very dull and problematic? ( 4 Oct 2008)
Hairfall due to straightening: I did permanent hair straightening and my hair started falling very badly. ( 5 Oct 2008)
Cornstarch for oily skin: honey and ground almonds face scrub: I have oily and dark skin with black heads so I want to know some home remedies for it. ( 4 Oct 2008)
Conditioning oily scalp, oily hair and dry skin problem: I have 2 types of skin - my body has dry skin thatís why my skin is rough and scalp is oily so I have the problem of hair loss, please give me suggestion! ( 1 Oct 2008)
Tangled hair, effects of tangled hair: Do you have any suggestions of a at home remedy one can make to spray in hair after washing while still wet to get tangles out easier with a comb and also one that can be left in hair and not rinsed off ( 3 Oct 2008)
Prevent sunlight exposure, control appearance of wrinkles, become fair: How to control wrinkles with age and how to become fair? ( 3 Oct 2008)
Small pores and small pimples: Hi, I have small pores on face and small pimples keep coming, please suggest me which face wash and face cream I should use with which I can have more beautiful and clear skin. ( 3 Oct 2008)
Treat pimple pits, removing severe and old acne scars: I have pimple pits on my face Ė like holes - some are quite big, how to remove them? ( 2 Oct 2008)
Raw potato to bleach and lighten skin: My skin darkens every day - can you give me the ways to make my skin become fair? ( 3 Oct 2008)
Skin burns and sun tans info: I have been exposed to the sun at a swimming pool during the summer (5 sessions every time 25 min laying in the sun) and have a tan skin now. How long does it take to remove the tan? How do you know if it is pigmentation? ( 3 Oct 2008)
Unmanageable hair: How can I make my rough, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair soft and silky? ( 3 Oct 2008)
Homemade scrub for pimples, clean dirt and dead cells from skin on face: The pores on my nose seem to fill up with white yellowish fowl smelling hard puss, I guess equivalent to whiteheads which I have on my chin, looks like silly string when pressed. ( 2 Oct 2008)
Cause greying of hair, dealing with grey hair: How to deal with grey hair? ( 1 Oct 2008)
Tea tree oil for getting rid of dandruff: How to get rid of dandruff? (25 Sep 2008)
Strong hair roots: How to make hair roots stronger? (24 Sep 2008)
Fastest way to good skin, having healthier and glowing skin: How can I get fair and glowing skin by home remedies in 2 weeks? (25 Sep 2008)
Extremely good looking long hair: I have waist length hair and I love it but I cannot think of a thing to do with it. Preferably quick and simple, but elegant, please help? (23 Sep 2008)
Using sugar, lemon and water for permanent hair removal: Will sugar lemon and water work for permanent hair removal of the upper lip? (23 Sep 2008)
Toning face skin, reducing wrinkles, reducing red marks and blemishes on face: How can I reduce wrinkles, blemishes and red marks on my face? (23 Sep 2008)
Clear skin program, cleansing dark spots: My skin is not clear, it has some dark spots on my skin! (19 Sep 2008)
Tips for growing long hair: I am wanting to have long hairs I have shoulder length hairs, please suggest hair care tips for growing long hairs, I will be very much grateful to you! (22 Sep 2008)
Severely dark underarms: My underarms are becoming quite dark, what should be done? (21 Sep 2008)
Arresting premature hairfall, regain thick long black hair: My hair used to be very thick but they started falling after I used a certain shampoo, please help me how to regain thick and long hair back again! (21 Sep 2008)
Using dark chocolate for facial: I want some home care for improving my complexion and I want to know how we can use dark chocolate for our facial I am using your suggested almond and milk face pack twice a week (20 Sep 2008)
Get rid of old acne scars: I got marks on my face, I donít how to get rid of them? I got this from the pimples. (22 Sep 2008)
Tomato juice face pack, cucumber pulp skin toner: Can I use Bengal gram with rose water and tomato juice as a face pack, if not then please give an alternative. I am 18 years female with oily skin, I want to have clear fair skin, my color is wheatish! (22 Sep 2008)
Old acne scar removal: My name is Amanda Luis, I am having some marks on my face they are not going from a long time, please suggest some remedies for the problem! (21 Sep 2008)
Cure rash on the back: What should I use to cure rash on back? (20 Sep 2008)
Types of dark spots, get rid of very dark spots on the legs: How can I get rid of very dark spots on my legs, they are a discomfort to me because I cannot wear short clothes, help! (19 Sep 2008)
Avoid hair breakage, reduce hair breakage: I have hair breakage problem. (19 Sep 2008)
Quality of skin, improving skin complexion, remedial tips for healthy glowing skin: I have a wheatish complexion and very dull face, how to improve my skin complexion and have a natural glow on my face? (19 Sep 2008)
Stopping premature graying, graying of hair reasons, home remedy to regain black hair color: Give me some home remedy to get black hair color! (19 Sep 2008)
Red blotchy skin: How do I get my blotchy skin to calm down? I need a fast remedy because of my dance that I am going to tomorrow night. I need to have clearer skin by tomorrow - it is affected easily by too much real soap cleansing. (18 Sep 2008)
Cause of thin hair and hair fall, regular scalp massage to reduce hair fall, circulation of blood to the scalp: Hi, my hairs are thin and also fall, give me suggestions to get my hair healthy! (18 Sep 2008)
Remedies thinning hair, excessive hair fall treatment: Hi, I am 23 I want my hairs to be thick and heavy as I used to have earlier but I have very thin hair because of major hairloss, please suggest home remedies! (19 Sep 2008)
Avoid getting pimples, home remedy to reduce pimple, healthy diet for pimple free skin: How to avoid pimples and what should be done? (18 Sep 2008)
Cream for oily skin: Can you suggest some cream for oily skin - which one will be better? (18 Sep 2008)
Does hair color damage, hair damage due to coloring: Does coloring damages hair? (19 Sep 2008)
Glowing face skin: How to have a glowing face skin? (17 Sep 2008)
Frizzy hair care tips, hair care regimen, rough frizzy hair: My hair is so frizzy and rough, please give me the solution for this with domestic remedies! (17 Sep 2008)
Oily face skin care cream, reducing oiliness of skin: Can you suggest what cream shall I use for oily face? (18 Sep 2008)
Extra sensitive skin, skin darkening cause, exposure to sun: I am 35 and my upper lip is darkening in color. I even waxed thinking it was hair but it is still there, it is very noticeable and bothers me badly, what is causing this? (16 Sep 2008)
Get rid of brown spots on the face, cure for brown spots on face: I have brown spots on my face please tell me how to cure! (18 Sep 2008)
Red bumps on my scalp: I have red bumps appearing on my scalp. I pull the hairs coming out of them and they have a black tip. The black tip is causing the bump. What could be the reason? (17 Sep 2008)
Measures to prevent hair loss, simple hair care tips, regrowth of hair: How to care for my hair growth? (17 Sep 2008)
Keep skin healthy, have glowing skin, home remedy for glowing skin: How can I keep my skin healthy and glowing with domestic remedies? (17 Sep 2008)
Cause oily skin, oiliness of skin, excessively oily skin care: I have oily skin, please tell me how to take care of my skin? (18 Sep 2008)
Regain natural lip color: I had a bad habit of peeling dry skin on my lips from childhood. I stopped this long back my lips look dark and dry not natural in color or appearance any more. Please suggest treatment for getting my lips natural color back. (17 Sep 2008)
Warts infection, recurring warts, using onion to get rid of warts: What is the cheapest remedy for wart and does it really disappear after a period of time by itself and does onion really works? for how long should the process take using onion? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Make your skin dark, skin protection from sun, protection from UV rays: Home remedies to make your skin darker? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Info on treatment for Vitiligo, what is Vitiligo, cause Vitiligo: How can we treat vitiligo very fast? ( 3 Feb 2009)
hair turning white, hair going white, white hair home remedy: I have white hair all over my head, please suggest remedies to bring hair back to normal black color, I feel very shy and bad moving in public and I am spending a lot of money to dye hair. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Treat old scar on face, getting rid of scar due to cut on face: How can I get rid of a scar that resulted from a cut on my face three years ago? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Ribbed gourd for premature greying, treat premature graying with Indian gooseberry: In premature greying of hair article i did not understand what is amaranth, ribbed gourd, can you tell me what they call it in Hyderabad? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Black spots on hip, get rid of black spots on the hip: Hi, I have black spots on my hip area, can anyone help me in getting rid of this? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Treatments for pimples: Please suggest some treatment for pimples! ( 3 Feb 2009)
Cause sores on the leg, preventing sores on the lower leg: I have sores on lower legs, like blisters. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Dry unhealthy hair, thin dull hair care tips: My hairs were normal hair, at the teen age they were healthy but now my hair are thin and have no shining - I do not understand what to do - please suggest me some good home remedies! ( 3 Feb 2009)
Lighten skin complexion of children: Improvement of skin whitening in children! ( 3 Feb 2009)
Leucoderma cause: Will medicine reaction cause Leucoderma? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Controlling hair fall, grow hair on bald head: How to control hair fall and grow hair on bald patch? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Premature wrinkle, causes of premature wrinkling: How I remove my premature wrinkle? Tell me home made face pack - my age is 23. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Home remedy for black dark lips, black arms remedy, home remedy for black neck: Home remedies for dark black lips and dark black arms and back black neck. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Small white spots on legs: Do you have a remedy for discolored spots on the skin? I do not know what they are really called but they are white little spots on my legs - I have heard they are harmless but they really look bad, some help please! ( 3 Feb 2009)
Tired eyes remedy: How do I relieve my tired eyes, which makes my body tired too? ( 3 Feb 2009)
What is nail atrophy, diagnosing nail atrophy: When a child loses his nails without pain. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Cracked lip corners: What can I use for crack lip on the side? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Remedy for thin hair: Is there a remedies for thin hair - not thinning hair but naturally thin hair, I would like to have a little thicker hair! Hope you can help! ( 3 Feb 2009)
Dry skin patch diagnosis, home remedy to get rid of eczema: I have a patch of skin on my face on the right side of my chin, it started out as a dry patch and then started to loose color, I have had it for about 4 months, what do I do to cure it? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Controlling dandruff, clean hair and scalp, preventing hair fall: I am 13 years old girl and I am suffering from hair loss and dandruff. I need advice as soon as possible please. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Turmeric facial hair, turmeric for facial hair: I have heard that using turmeric will decrease facial hair and how to use it? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Natural dye for grey hair, stop grey hair: I am 37 years old and I am suffering from grey hair. Please can you give me some advise and medicines if possible? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Garlic good for acne, using garlic for acne cure: Does garlic really cure acne? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Removing bleach spots, bleaching dark spots on face: I am black, I bleach my skin, I now have black spots on my face, I cannot seem to get them off, please help, thanks! ( 3 Feb 2009)
Cause of swelling on cheek, face swelling due to sleeping: I get swelling of inner cheek moving to lips once monthly, always at 3-4 am waking me up with tightness of face, I take 2 benadryl but makes me drowsy and takes a day to combat swelling. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Dry and chapped skin on feet, treating dry feet skin: Doctor says I have allergies on my foot, I have a lot of itching, new blisters appear often, dry and chapped areas around my toes, what to do? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Excessive redness of skin, blemishes and dark spots: My face gets red with heat, rubbing, sun, hot showers, what can it be, I get upset for no reason, I started getting blemishes and have dark spots left from them and when I blush they turn darker. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Wart on the nose: I have a wart on my nose, how can I safely remove it? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Grow hair on bald head, grow back hair: I am 25 years old and my hair is falling very rapidly, I am almost at the situation when I can say that I have gone bald can any one please suggest how I will be able to grow back on my head with full volume. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Cause darkening of skin, measures to prevent skin darkening, protection from sunlight: I was fair before but now while playing in hot sun my skin became dark what are the home remedies which I should take to make my skin fair? (16 Sep 2008)
White spots on my lips, symptoms and diagnosis of white spots: My age is 27 and past 7 years my lip color changes to white in upper part, if any possibilities to recover it then please suggest. (16 Sep 2008)
Applying henna to hair, types of henna, hair conditioning with henna or mehndi: Is applying henna regularly to the hair for coloring and conditioning is harmful to hair? (16 Sep 2008)
Natural face scrub, dry skin and pimples, oatmeal scrub for moisturizing dry skin: My skin has become very dry and I am getting pimples here and then which turn into red patches and which are not going. (16 Sep 2008)
Dark under eye circle, cause dark circle, common home remedy for dark circle: I am 32 year old and I have a problem of dark under eye circles please suggest the easy and natural care to over come the dark circles. (16 Sep 2008)
Dryness between fingers, cracked fingers, dry skin on fingers: In between one of my finger there is dryness and cracked? What is causing this, I keep it dry but it is not helping. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Getting rid of genital warts, genital wart cures: How to get rid of genital warts? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Poker straight hair: I have curly hair and want them to be poker straight, how to get poker strait hair? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Bald patches on the head, bald patches on scalp: My head has got patches because of hair loss, it was a small patch but over a few weeks it has gone a lot larger please can you give me a good remedy, thanks! ( 3 Feb 2009)
Castor oil and hair growth, castor oil for eyebrows: Does rubbing caster oil on the eyebrows make the hair grow faster? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Brown marks on face cause, remove brown mark on face: What causes brown marks on your face and should I seek medical advice? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Tips to lighten skin tan, get rid of skin discoloration, getting rid of old suntan: Suggest remedy to help me get rid of an old 1 year suntan, I have moderate complexion on face and skin covered by swimming suit but rest of my body is still darker. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Skin discoloration on leg: I have a skin discoloration on my leg that has a little bead underneath the skin what could it be? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Severe rash skin allergy, aloe vera gel for skin rash: My husband has been living on benydrll all summer, he has a severe rash that drives him crazy if he does not take benydril. He starts itching after shower. He uses special soap without perfumes. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Causes and symptoms of vitiligo, remedies to treat vertigo: Can you give me a remedy for Virtigo please? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Preventing hairloss, ways to prevent hairloss: How to prevent hair loss and grow them very long and silky? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Reduce heat boils, heat boils on head face and back: My husband has red boils on his face, scalp and back which go and come back again, please suggest a home remedy to get rid of the boils. He drinks Safi for this but nothing is happening. ( 3 Feb 2009)
How to get pink lips, have red lips, to make lips pink: How to make my lips pink or red? I have dark lips not extremely dark but want them to b very pink, help me please. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Vitiligo and Leukoderma: Hi, both my mother and father-in-law are suffering from leukoderma but their sons are completely normal. Is there a possibility that my kids may get this disease? If yes, what percentage? Please help, it is urgent. ( 3 Feb 2009)
White spots on the back: My teenage daughter has a lot of white spots for about 2 years on her back, as years past they are spreading on her stomach and her skin dries only on the spots. Is this normal for her age and is there a cure for this? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Tightening belly skin: What are some good excersizes to tighten up excess belly skin? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Prevention tips for baby skin care: My 4 month old grandson has a white (like pimple shaped) spot on the left side of the tip of his tongue. He is bottle fed, I don't think his nipples are sterilized, he is happy, has no fever or symptoms of any type. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Virgin olive oil to moisturize, moisturizing extremely dry skin: I have redness and my skin peels from my chin, in the sides of my nose and on my eyebrows. I want to know whats causing this and is it something i have to worry about? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Lighten dark spots with lime and cucumber juice: How do I get rid of dark spots from pluckin hairs under my chin and neck? ( 3 Feb 2009)
Oily face remedies, home remedies for oily face, oily face skin care: Oily face. ( 3 Feb 2009)
Wrinkles below eyes, wrinkles besides eyes: How can I treat and reduce wrinkles below and besides the eyes? ( 9 Jan 2009)
How can I get rid of deep scales along the sides of the soles of my feet? I also have fissures on my heels. I wear rubber flip flops all day, feet are not damp but maybe too dry? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Children with grey hair, grey hair in children, baby gray hair: A three year old with grey hairs. ( 9 Jan 2009)
Burning sensation mouth, cause of burning sensation in tongue, burning sensation in cheeks and lips: Burning sensation of tongue, lips, cheeks and also foot figures - what is the cause and remedy? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Causes blind pimples, get rid of blind pimple: How do I get rid of a blind pimple? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Eczema symptoms, cause of eczema, treating eczema with home remedies: Hi, my mother-in-law is suffering with eczema from past 20 years can you suggest something for her? ( 9 Jan 2009)
How to treat pink eye, pink eye itchy, pink eye home remedy, pink red eye: I have pink eye, what can I use at home to stop the pink eye itching? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Toenail cause, remedies for treating toenail: How long does it take to cure toenail fungus in the early stages? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Swelling of the legs and feet, causes of swollen legs and feet: Can standing for too long be one of the causes of swollen legs and feet? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Improve quality of hair, reduce dandruff with hair massage: I am 13 year old girl and have short, thick wavy hair - it takes a lot of time to grow, I have dandruff too, interested in silky hair, please suggest some treatment or remedies for my hair. ( 9 Jan 2009)
Causes of genital warts, treat genital warts, castor oil and potatoes for warts: I am 35 year old male, I am not married till now, my scrotum has lots of things like warts when it bursts a white colour puss comes out, is there any remedy for this? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Zinc, iron, vitamins, iodine, whole wheat for preventing hair loss, hair growth: I am 20 and am suffering from hair loss the sides have totally lost hair and I can see the scalp now, please help! ( 9 Jan 2009)
Women hair fall out, natural remedies to regrow hair: I am 18 yr female, my hair has started thinning down from roots, I suppose the shampoo does not suit me, how can I regain previous state of my hair - any natural remedies? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Get rid of a swollen lip, swollen lip treatment, cause of swelling of lips: How can I get rid of a swollen lip fast? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Sulphur and Tinea Versicolor, treating Tinea Versicolor: What dosage of the sulphur powder do I need to mix with the alcohol to treat tinea versicolor? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Eczema on the scalp, treatment for scalp eczema: I have a problem with eczema on the scalp and a lot of hair falls out, is there any remedy? I am scared I will be bald, please help! Regina. ( 9 Jan 2009)
Treat leucoderma, treatment for leucoderma, cause of leucoderma: I am 20 years old and I am suffering from leucoderma so please help me! ( 9 Jan 2009)
Symptoms of scabies, prevent scabies, home remedies to cure scabies: What cures scabies? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Using potatoes for treatment of Leucoderma: Are potatoes harmful for Leucoderma patients? Do they have any role in increasing the disease? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Cause of boils, how to prevent boils, simple remedies for boils: What to use for boils? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Preventing allergic reactions, treating contact dermatitis of hands: Is there a cure for contact dermatitis of the hands? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Factors of hair growth, steps to take care of hair for healthy hair: How to make your hair grow? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Causes of hair fall, how to prevent hairfall, promote hair growth: How can I stop my hair from falling out by a handful? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Dark skin around chin, dark skin on lips: I have dark skin around the chin area and lips. Kindly suggest home remedy. ( 9 Jan 2009)
Black eye treatment tips, black eye remedy, treatment for black eye: I had a black eye two months ago now I've got a purple spot right underneath my eye it's been nearly two months and it won't fade, what to do to make the noticeable area fade away? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Applying nail polish over a toe nail fungus infection: Can I use nail polish while treating a toe nail fungus, it helps covering the damaged nail, but I want to know if it's a good idea or better to keep the nails clean from any polish? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Cause of dandruff, dandruff free, itchy scalp and while flakes: Hi, I am 27, I have dandruff and itís itchy too and I am having white hair also. How can I have dandruff free and silky smooth black hair? ( 9 Jan 2009)
Using milk for removing dark circles, can potatoes be used for removing dark circles: How potatoes and milk can help removing dark circles? (24 Dec 2008)
Stinging bumps, stinging red bumps on skin: Red itchy stinging burning bumps. (24 Dec 2008)
Symptoms of chicken pox disease, info in diagnosis of chicken pox: Daughter had chicken pox less than 2 weeks again have never had feeling tired head and neck ache feeling sick diarrhea no spots - could this still be start of chicken pox? (24 Dec 2008)
Bumps on side of leg: My daughter is 1 years old and on the side of her legs she has batches of bumps, they are not red you really canít see them unless you feel or know they are there also she does not scratch them. (24 Dec 2008)
Brake fluid to reduce and treat ringworm infection: I have been told that brake fluid can alleviate ringworm completely as my son's is endemic. (24 Dec 2008)
Pierce ear infection, pierced ear infection, infected ear piercing: Need remedy for pierced ear infection, peroxide not taking care of it. (24 Dec 2008)
Itchy sunburn remedies, sunburn and itchy skin: How to cure and get rid of itchy sunburn? (24 Dec 2008)
Home remedies for dark lips: Remedy for dark lips. (24 Dec 2008)
Smelly stinky feet, smelling stinky feet, cure stinky smelly feet: Get rid of stinky feet. (24 Dec 2008)
Ribbed gourd for treating premature greying of hair: When you say pieces of ribbed gourd should be dried in the shade do I peel off the skin of the ribbed gourd before using them to treat premature greying of hair? (24 Dec 2008)
Sore scars, sore scar removal, sore scar treatment, reduce discoloration when sores leave scars: What can I use to get rid of old sore scars on my body? (24 Dec 2008)
Whiten dark underarms, lighten dark color of underarms: Can I use tawas to whiten underarms? (24 Dec 2008)
Healing for burns, burns and healing: I got burnt by hot glue and it is an open burn what can I put on it to heal it? (24 Dec 2008)
Natural remedy for toe nail fungus, get rid of toe nail fungus: How do you get rid of toenail fungus? (24 Dec 2008)
Sandalwood oil for curing chickenpox: Is it ok to apply sandalwood oil to cure chickenpox marks? (24 Dec 2008)
Pimple on the back: I had lots of pimples on my back and I envy those girls wearing backless and halter blouses, what shall I do please help me! (24 Dec 2008)
Measles symptoms in babies: Symptoms of measles in baby. (24 Dec 2008)
Swollen sores, sore swollen lip, lip is swollen, cold sores and swollen lips: My lip is swollen and it's due to me having a cold sore and maybe using the wrong medicine to treat it, how can I reduce the swelling down? (24 Dec 2008)
Reduce puffiness and swelling, remedy for tired eyes: How do I get rid of the swelling due to puffy eyes and please suggest remedy for tired eyes! (24 Dec 2008)
Premature greying of hair due to anemia, skin problems, how to take care of skin: Hi I am 25 years and my hair have started greying, my skin also looks very unhealthy please I need some solutions from you, I am also an anemic. (24 Dec 2008)
Toenail fungus info, home remedies for treating toenail fungus infection: Toe fungus. (24 Dec 2008)
Home remedy for teen acne on the face, back and shoulder: What can I buy or use as home remedies for acne on face, back, shoulder area on front of body for my teenager son? (24 Dec 2008)
Cure for canker sores, natural remedies cure for canker sore: How to cure canker sores? (24 Dec 2008)
Causes of peeling lips, causes of dry chapped lips, treat chapped lips: My lips are very dry and keep peeling, I thought its an allergic reaction to a new lip gloss, they are almost painful if I do not keep something on them, how to stop the peeling? (24 Dec 2008)
Natural remedies to lighten suntan, potato and cucumber to reduce suntan: Kindly let me know how to remove suntan from my daughter's face and make her look fair? She is 9 years old. (24 Dec 2008)
Plantar warts home remedies, getting rid of brown spots on feet soles: What is the best way to get rid of brown spots on the soles of your feet? (24 Dec 2008)
Pigmentation from sun exposure, home remedies to reduce hyper pigmentation: What can I do to reduce the discolored pigmentation on my cheeks due to sun exposure? (24 Dec 2008)
Ichthyosis symptoms, natural remedies for microbial fungal infections, remedy for contact dermatitis: I have small white cream dots all over my body (they look like permanent Goosebumps), I have them since I was a baby, any idea what this could be? (24 Dec 2008)
Preventing Chickenpox: How do I prevent chicken pox? (24 Dec 2008)
What is jock itch, tips and measures to treat jock itch, cure jock itch: Cure for jock itch. (24 Dec 2008)
Get rid of sweaty underarms: Please suggest something for my sweaty underarms! (24 Dec 2008)
Causes of mouth sores, prevention and treatment for mouth sores: How to get rid of a mouth soar or mouth blister? (24 Dec 2008)
How to treat toenail fungus, nail fungus prevention, vinegar cure for toe nail fungus: I have toe nail fungus and I'm wondering if the inside of my shoes will carry bacteria and reinfect me, if so how should I naturally treat the inside of my shoes! (24 Dec 2008)
Severe dry skin treatment: Need to know what helps severely dry peeling skin from eczema! (24 Dec 2008)
Have dark brown spotting during periods: I have been having a light red type spotting for the last 2 weeks and now I am suppose to be getting my period and I have a very heavy dark brown spotting for the second month in a row, is this normal? (24 Dec 2008)
Signs and symptoms of genital warts: Can genital warts be popped? (24 Dec 2008)
Cause and remedy for tinea versicolor: I have tinea versicolor I had it for close to a year now I have tried Clotrimazole and Bacitricin and Bactroban cream also tried dandruff shampoo and still no improvement any hints? (24 Dec 2008)
Treatment for dry cracked heels, causes of dry cracked heels, how to heal dry heels: Dry cracked heels were first then I got foot fungus on the instep of my right foot and now both fee are dry, rough and cracked all over what do you recommend? (24 Dec 2008)
Rashes on back of the neck and they have turned black: I have rashes on my back which have become black and look very bad I even can't wear anything backless how can I cure them so please help! (24 Dec 2008)
Sun poison itch, sun poisoning itch, sunburn and itching, remedies for sun poisoning: What do you use to stop itching from sun poisoning? (24 Dec 2008)
Dark spots lower lip remedial measures: How to remove dark spots on lower lip? (24 Dec 2008)
Lemon juice and olive oil scalp massage to prevent and cure dandruff: To prevent or cure dandruff massage your scalp with olive oil or lemon juice. (24 Dec 2008)
Is using natural olive oil to treat dry skin around eyes safe: Could you recommend a natural oil that would be safe to use around my eyes and on my lids for dry skin? (24 Dec 2008)
Grow soft hair, taking care or rough and coarse hair: How to get soft hair? (24 Dec 2008)
How to use vitamins as a cure for genital herpes: What type of vitamins is good to drink for genital herpes? (24 Dec 2008)
Measures to treat dark circles, learning the causes of dark circles around eyes: What is the treatment for dark circles? (24 Dec 2008)
Occurrence of brown patches on hands and legs, treatment to reduce dark brown patches on skin: I get brown patches spot on my hands, legs, please advise me any home made solving. (24 Dec 2008)
Cause toenail, precautions to take while treating toenails: My toe nail is lifting from underneath. What can I do to clear this up? (24 Dec 2008)
Tea tree oil and head lice, mayonnaise treatment for head lice: When using mayonnaise as home remedy for head lice & then vinegar do you use miracle whip or real mayo & can the vinegar just be regular vinegar or is there a special kind to buy? (15 Dec 2008)
Home remedies to get rid of ringworm infection, effects of ringworm infection: Can ring worm kill you if you don't take care of it? (15 Dec 2008)
Excess hair loss: I suffer from excess hair loss, can you please suggest me one reliable and effective home remedy to reduce hair loss? (15 Dec 2008)
My hair not growing after I finished fifth grade: My hair has not grown at all or ever itís been the same length since I was in fifth grade, yes Iíve dyed it before but I take vitamins like candy, why isnít anything working! (15 Dec 2008)
Ways to remove hair dye stains from your skin: How to remove hair dye from skin? (15 Dec 2008)
Regular routine care for dry rough hands: How do you heal or what is the treatment for dry rough hands? (15 Dec 2008)
Hair care routine, natural remedy for hair growth: Home remedy for hair growth! (15 Dec 2008)
Cause skin discoloration, get rid of skin discoloration: My complexion is fair but some part of body like tummy and back complexion is dull, that's way I couldn't get deep neck dresses. (15 Dec 2008)
Peanut butter pimples: Can peanut butter make pimples worse? (15 Dec 2008)
Chicken pox immunity, chicken pox and shingles, Chances of chicken pox after vaccination: If I've been vaccinated against chicken pox can I still get it from someone who has shingles and if so how bad will it be? (15 Dec 2008)
How to lighten lip color in children: How to prevent the lips from getting dark, especially for the kids babies below 3 months? (15 Dec 2008)
Red spot or pimple under the eye, reducing a pimple with hot fomentation: A red spot the size of a zit showed up under my eye - I'm sure itís not a pimple - what else could it be? (15 Dec 2008)
Cucumber and rose water to get rid of dark circles, cause of dark circles: I have dark circle under my eye, can u please tell me some home remedy? (15 Dec 2008)
Reducing redness and irritation on lips, moisten excessive dry and dead lip skin: White creamy substance on lips when removed lips are red and irritate - problem won't go away, it is very frustrating. (15 Dec 2008)
Getting rid of scars under the eye with simple treatment to remove scars with cucumber, lime juice and fullers earth: I had syringoma treatment around my left under eye but now itís became worst because I got scars how can I eliminate these scars. (15 Dec 2008)
Oiling hair, using natural conditioner and regular shampoo for dandruff and dry hair: What are the remedies for dandruff and dry hair? (15 Dec 2008)
Ways to prevent hair whitening, causes of white hair in early age: I am a 20 year old girl, I have a small white hair sprouting out in the front part of my head, how to stop this at the initial stage itself and remove that sprouting up white hair? (15 Dec 2008)
Removing body hair: How to remove hair permanently home remedy? (15 Dec 2008)
Lighten skin color with fresh lemon juice, get rid of dark underarms: I have dark underarm. Please suggest me some useful home remedies to get rid of dark underarms. (15 Dec 2008)
Using honey to treat boils: I am suffering from boils from 10-12 years and I used antibiotics but no use, is intake of honey in empty stomach helpful in any way. (15 Dec 2008)
Healthy diet to reduce bed sores, bed sore causes: My Mom has a bad bed sore, she is in a nursing home for rehab and we would like to bring her home and need to know how to care for her and some healing remedies for the bed sore, any suggestions? (15 Dec 2008)
Loose natural fiber under garments, tips to reduce darkness of buttock skin: I have got very black buttock due to post acne marks and due to friction, please suggest some natural or home remedy to cure it? (15 Dec 2008)
How to maintain oily skin and reduce oiliness of skin, keep looking fresh: Tips for oily skin and how to maintain our face while going out? (15 Dec 2008)
Naturally increase thickness volume of hair, home remedies for growing thick strong hair: How should I increase the thickness and volume of my hair naturally, please suggest some home remedies! (15 Dec 2008)
Using potato and onions to treat warts, castor oil home remedy to get rid of warts on face: Some warts are on my face what should I eat or and what I do not eat. (15 Dec 2008)
Dark skin due to tan, home remedies to lighten skin tan and remove tan fast: My skin has tanned please send an excellent remedy which gives result in one night - please send! (15 Dec 2008)
Reducing swelling on a swollen tear duct, get rid of a sty, home remedies for eye sty: How would treat a possible sty on upper eye lid; which has blocked upper eye tear duct and I have a swollen tear duct on that one part of the eye lid? (15 Dec 2008)
How to lighten lips which have turned black due to smoking: My lips are black due to smoking, now I want to see natural. (15 Dec 2008)
Reduce scarring due to boils, home remedies to remove boil scars: Are there any product or home remedies to remove boil scarring? (15 Dec 2008)
Lumps on feet causes: I get lumps on the bottom of my feet, they come and go in different places, make painful to walk on and itch when they come, they usually come in evening and are gone by morning, I don't get them everyday. What could they be? (15 Dec 2008)
Steps to prevent dark circles, reasons for having dark circles: I want to know how to get rid of circles under eyes Ė please help! (15 Dec 2008)
Killing scabies mites by sanitizing skin: How to treat scabies? (15 Dec 2008)
How to sanitize your skin and kill scabies mites, home remedies to get rid of scabies mites: How do I get rid of scabies? Can I soak in anything? (15 Dec 2008)
Reduce swelling due to ant stings, using yogurt and tea cubes as remedy for ant stings: Is there an effective remedy for red ant stings? (15 Dec 2008)
Home remedies to lighten lips which have turned dark due to smoking: My lips and gums are turning black - I am a smoker, my chin looks black and wrinkles are at the angle of mouth Ė please advice me any product that can turn my lips pink! (15 Dec 2008)
Tips to reduce dandruff grow strong and healthy hair: My hair is loosing strength I need tips to keep it healthy & grow faster I am a college student so pollution makes my hair weak & increase dandruff - please send precautions & treatment! (12 Aug 2008)
Moisturizing severe dry skin, benefits of coconut oil as a skin moisturizer: Is coconut oil a good skin moisturizer? If yes, how often should I apply it on my body? (16 Aug 2008)
Tips to avoid and treat wrinkles on face, how to care for greasy, oily skin: My age is 23, I have oily skin type and I use Johnson baby's cream and soap is it fine to go ahead with this, what should I do for wrinkles on face to avoid it? (14 Aug 2008)
Treating white gray hair, causes of premature hair graying: Is there any treatment for white hair? (17 Aug 2008)
Treatment tips to get rid of dryness in curly hair, what are the causes of dry and curly hair: I'm 20, I have curly hair it just looks like dry hair, I also have dandruff, so please suggest me hot to get rid of these! (16 Aug 2008)
Precautions to reduce excess hair fall in men, extreme hair loss causes: Hi I'm 35 years old male and I'm losing about 10 hairs while combing in a day. I'm losing 20 hairs while taking head bath. Tell me the remedy to control hair loss. (14 Aug 2008)
How to prevent and reduce hair fall due to PCOD, thinning of hair due to PCOS: Hello I am 17 years old girl suffering from PCOD and severe hair fall - can my hair fall be prevented even if I have PCOD? Please do reply I am very much worried about it! (12 Aug 2008)
Very dry hair ends and treatment for dry hair problem: What is the treatment for dry hair? My hair roots are fine but the end of the hairs are very dry - what can I do? (12 Aug 2008)
Home remedies for pimple scars caused due to oily skin, tips to fade strong pimple marks: I have very oily skin and have pimple marks which are not going please tell me any remedy for pimple scars (13 Aug 2008)
Types of facials, Facial methods and procedures: Hi! I request you to provide facial steps since I am learning and I want to learn the correct method and also because I feel my instructor is misguiding me. Thanks! (12 Aug 2008)
Symptoms of piles and tips to soften tools and reduce pain due to piles: I got a small pimple like thing outside the place from where the stool falls - its on my skin & it bleeds at the time of defecation, it is happening from 5 days, is this piles? (26 Nov 2008)
White spots causes and symptoms of yeast infection: I have recently developed white spots on my well tanned back, shoulders and stomach, someone told me it is a yeast infection but I read different symptoms for a yeast infection - what could this be? (26 Nov 2008)
Effects of stretch marks, causes and remedies for stretch marks: What are some home remedies for stretch marks? (26 Nov 2008)
Appearance of tiny stray white spots on skin, is it Leucoderma: On my upper thighs are tiny white spots what could it be? (26 Nov 2008)
Causes of darkening of skin and remedies for lightening skin color: Hi, I need a remedy to lighten my entire body as I was fair skinned but now only my chest area is fair - I want to regain that colour for my entire body! (26 Nov 2008)
Causes of dark circles in eyes: Please suggest remedies to reduce dark circles in the eyes! (26 Nov 2008)
Apple cider vinegar for dandruff treatment and white vinegar for toenail fungus: The home remedies for dandruff and toe nail fungus both use apple cider vinegar. Would regular white vinegar be just as good? (26 Nov 2008)
Causes of hair loss in females and remedies to reduce female hair loss: Please suggest some female hair loss remedies! (26 Nov 2008)
Getting rid of canker sores and cure for canker sores: What is a home health cure for canker sores? (26 Nov 2008)
Causes of outer vaginal itch and itch in the genital area, tips to prevent and treat vaginal itch: Outer vaginal itch (26 Nov 2008)
How to avoid white spots on skin and getting rid of blackheads and spots: How do you get rid of spots and blackheads without cream? (26 Nov 2008)
Regular hair and scalp care for treating dandruff: I have been losing a lot of my hair over the past 1 year, nowadays whenever I sratch my scalp I find sticky matter (particles) sticking to my fingers - Is it because of dandruff or something else? (26 Nov 2008)
How to smoothen frizzy hair: As I get older my hair is getting frizzer - what natural remedies or solution would help with this? (26 Nov 2008)
Using plantains for glowing skin and excessively dry skin: I want to know more about how to make homemade remedies for skin problems by the use of plantain! (26 Nov 2008)
Tips to get rid of chicken pox and wound scars: How to remove chicken pox spot by home made therapy? (26 Nov 2008)
Measures to take care of white spots on the back: I have a patch of white spotting on my back, don't know if its because of the sun but it doesn't hurts or itch but is spreading. Anything I could do for the spots other than going to the hospital? (26 Nov 2008)
Causes of unhealing sores: Sores that do not heal! (26 Nov 2008)
What are ringworms, treating ringworms and tips to get rid of ringworms: I have round spots in my body that resemble ringworms - please tell me what I need to use or apply, I noticed them like 2 weeks ago! (25 Nov 2008)
Treating red scars on face caused by pimples: I have red scars on my face caused by pimples. Is there any solution to get rid of red scars? (25 Nov 2008)
Prevent hair thinning and treat thin and short hair: My hair used to be long, thick and curly now it became thin and short - please give me tips for thicker and longer hair and suggest me good shampoo and natural conditioners. (25 Nov 2008)
Reduce darkness of lips and lighten lip color: My lips are too dark - what can I do for it? I just want to remove the extra drakness. (25 Nov 2008)
Tips to heal abrasions on nose and preventing hyperpigmentation: How long will skin abrasions on the nose heal due to laser? Also how long will the temporary hyperpigmentation last? (25 Nov 2008)
Sagging skin treatments and remedies to treat droopy skin on thighs: The tops of my thighs have droopy sagging skin - can this be firmed up? (25 Nov 2008)
Skin care products and pure essential oils: Do you have any information on Pure Essential skin care products? They are caring this in a salon I frequent and would like to know more about it. Unable to find any information online. (31 Jul 2008)
Benefits and side effects of hair transplants: My age is 23 and I am working in qatarv gas field, I have some problem in my hair how to stop the hair faldown, what about hair transplant? Any side effects? (22 Jul 2008)
Short hair style tips for men and women: I want to know about short hair styles can you please provide info! (26 Jul 2008)
Herbal hair solution plants and flowers: What plant is in the herbal hair solution? (26 Jul 2008)
Dry hair conditioner and shampoo: My hair is dry so can you please recommend which shampoo and conditioner shoud I use to make it better and shiny? (29 Jul 2008)
Skin care routine: Is there any special care needed for long term glow and results for skin? I'm 21 years old and my skin is oily frm inside and normal on top. I heard fruit pack should be used for skin care, please advise. (25 Jul 2008)
Causes of split ends: How do I get rid of split ends? (25 Jul 2008)
Treat dry skin on feet: Please advise how to treat dry feet! (26 Jul 2008)
Straighten rough curly hair: My hair is very curly, it is very rough and umnanageable. I want to make my hair straight bu naturally, can you suggest some natural remedies to straighten my curly hair? (25 Jul 2008)
Forehead hair growth to reduce balding and thinning of hair: Hair on my forehead is becoming thinner - it is looking very big, can you please suggest if I can regrow my hair over there, its going towards back. (25 Jul 2008)
Causes of oily skin pimples and pimple treatment tips: Hi, my skin is oily and I'm having pimples - after washing my face becomes dull after 15 mins, also, I'm using facewash for my oily skin but it's of no use. (31 Jul 2008)
What is vitiligo and pigmentation: What is pigmentation loss in the fingers (24 Jul 2008)
Using rollers to curl your hair: How to make hair curly from ends (23 Jul 2008)
Get free from black spots: How to get free from black spots on my face. I have dry skin. (23 Jul 2008)
Dry dull hair, turn dry rough hair to silky, straight hair: How to turn rough and dull hair into silky hair? (23 Jul 2008)
Facial hyperhidrosis: I am suffering from Hyperhidrosis and I sweat excessively on face alone, all other parts of my body sweat normally. Is there any product available in the market to reduce excessive sweating on face? (23 Jul 2008)
Healthy and thick hair, get thick healthy hair: I have very thin hair - please tell something for thick and healthy hair! (23 Jul 2008)
Dye brown hair to blonde: I have brown, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I want to dye my hair blonde but I don't know whether it will look good on me. What should I do? (20 Jul 2008)
Lemon juice to reduce pigmentation: Is fresh lemon juice bad for brown pigmentation on my face if I use it as a toner? Do I leave it on or wash it off? I've seen on the net that its really bad especially if you go into the sun? (22 Jul 2008)
Fade sun spots, lighten pigmentation marks, remove dark spots on back: I have some black spots on my back, what should I do to remove them? (21 Jul 2008)
Salicylic acid for skin care and salicylic acid side effects: Half of the skin on my nose has turned black due to the application of salycylic acid - the other half is normal. Can you suggest how to turn the pigmented skin to original color? (21 Jul 2008)
I have oily skin and I have acne and blackheads on my cheek. How do I wash my face without disturbing the acne and which face wash should I use ( 6 Jun 2008)
Blemishes on the face, clear blemishes on face: My skin is normal but there are blemishes on my face - please solve my problem! ( 5 Jun 2008)
Diet tips for oily hair and prevent thinning of hair: I have oily hair which are and thinning as well! What can I do? Please help!!! ( 3 Jun 2008)
Almond oil and cucumber slices for dark eyes: I had a dark circle under my eye, please give any home remedies to be reduce the dark circle ( 5 Jun 2008)
Cutting hair to grow long and strong hair: Hey guys I have heard that cutting your hair after certain intervals make it longer and it true?? ( 3 Jun 2008)
Dietary changes to prevent greying of hair: I want to know more about removal of grey hairs! (18 Nov 2008)
Red itchy spot on face: I have one dry red itchy spot on face now though my face is normally oily. Please suggest some help! (18 Nov 2008)
Tighten sagging skin face after weight loss, sagging skin treatments: How can I treat sagging skin face? I am 43. Does loosing weight effect it negatively? (18 Nov 2008)
Itching and bumps on shoulder due to sunbathing or polymorphous light eruption: What is the cause and remedy for my shoulder itching so intensely that I can't stand it for about a week now and little bumps come up after I scratched the area a lot? (18 Nov 2008)
Dry and cracked lip corners, dry and chapped lips, cure for dry chapped lips: The corners of my mouth are dry and cracking - what can I do? (18 Nov 2008)
Treatment for freckles, get rid of freckles & lighten freckles: I want to remove my face freckles. (17 Nov 2008)
Remedies to improve fairness of skin & tips to improve my skin tone: I want to become fair Ė please offer simple remedies! (17 Nov 2008)
How to lighten skin color and improve fairness of skin complexion: Please suggest remedies for improving skin color and fairness of skin! (17 Nov 2008)
Getting rid of toenail fungus: How do I get rid of fungus toenails? (17 Nov 2008)
Causes of bumps on hand & remedies to cure bumps on the hand: I have bumps on my hands Ė please suggest a cure for this! (17 Nov 2008)
Fastest way to get rid of a black eye: How to get rid of a black eye quickly? (17 Nov 2008)
How to heal abrasions & treatment for wounds and abrasions: Should I cover up an open abrasion on my leg approximately 5" long. (17 Nov 2008)
Moisturizing and intensive conditioner for dry hair & egg shampoo for dry hair: What do I put on really dry hair? (17 Nov 2008)
How to stop finger nail pain: I smashed my finger nail how do I get the pain to stop? (17 Nov 2008)
Good hair growth for full shiny hair: Well Iím 15 year old and veg and I been noticing my hair is falling off more than it should, is it because of my food intake or outtake, is there a way for my hair to grow shiny and full? (17 Nov 2008)
Get rid of peeling skin under fingernails: The skin under my fingernails always peel? Why and what stops it? (17 Nov 2008)
Warts on my face & tips to cure facial warts: I have many little warts in my face how can I remove them and cure facial warts? (17 Nov 2008)
Hand injury treatment & injury to hand: What to do if some body fell on a glass bottle and seriously injured their hand. (17 Nov 2008)
Get rid of heat blisters, get rid of blood blisters & how do you get rid of blisters: My daughter has a blood blister in her ear. What is the best way to get rid of it? (17 Nov 2008)
How do you get rid of scabies or scabies mites and tips to get rid of scabies infestation: What is the fastest way to get rid of scabies and how do I keep them from spreading to other family members and keep from getting them if someone has them? (17 Nov 2008)
Clear bruise marks on skin & how to get rid of a bruise fast: How do I stop a bruise from darkening my skin? (17 Nov 2008)
Treatment for sudden pimples in teens & regular skin care with cleansing and exfoliation: I suddenly started to have pimples which seem to be unstoppable Ė please help! (17 Nov 2008)
Remedy to remove black marks under arms: I have black marks under my arm pits why are they not going away? (17 Nov 2008)
Removing dark circles, home remedy for fair complexion & how to grow long hair: Please provide me home remedy for fair complexion, dark circles and to grow long hairs? (17 Nov 2008)
Prevent hair from turning gray & black hair remedies: What are the home remedies to have my hair black as some of my hairs, beard, mustache, etc. have become white hairs. Please help me having Black Hair permanently instead of Hair dying every month. (17 Nov 2008)
How to regrow hair & tips to have excellent and healthy hair: I am office going lady of 31 yrs and my hairs are not growing. Please help me out because I have less time to spend on myself! (17 Nov 2008)
Reduce belly size & tips to reduce belly fat: I am 41 year old man having very good health but I have to reduce my belly size as my large stomach is a concern for me. In fact I am now consuming less food but itís not working out so please advice. (17 Nov 2008)
Reddening of skin in bikini area & remedies for itchy red bumps in bikini area: My second session of IPL on my bikini area left me with red, itchy bumps - no puss - How can I treat this without leaving any scars or irritating my skin even more? (17 Nov 2008)
Remedy for skin rash due to infection & tea tree oil to treat ringworm fungal infection: I have a small dime size red raw patch that seems to be oozing oil what is it? (17 Nov 2008)
Stop genital herpes infection & tips to heal genital herpes infection: Please suggest cure for herpes! (17 Nov 2008)
Treatment for dark lips & home remedies to lighten lip color: My lips are too dark - What can I do for it? I just want to remove the extra darkness. (17 Nov 2008)
Remove round spots, get rid of round spots on skin & remedies to get rid of ringworm: I have this round spots in my body that resemble ringworms - Please tell me what I need to use or apply. I noticed them like 2 weeks ago. (17 Nov 2008)
Effects on facial hair in menopause, menopause facial hair: Does menopause cause facial hair? (17 Nov 2008)
Using fruits rich in anti oxidants like papaya and pineapple to get rid of black eye: How can I get rid of the color on my black eye? (17 Nov 2008)
Type of eczema: I have Eczema and have been treated many many times and nothing works. But today I just found out there are many types of eczema. What are the different types? Is there different treatment or remedies for each type? (17 Nov 2008)
Lip fever blisters, lip blister treatment: I have lip fever blisters, please suggest a suitable remedy to treat blisters on the lip! (17 Nov 2008)
Organic or virgin coconut oil for eczema, honey, coconut oil and eczema: Can I use honey or coconut oil for dry eczema? (17 Nov 2008)
Discoloration of toenail, thickening and discolored toenail treatment: Toenails thickening and discoloration. What is a good home remedy for this problem? (17 Nov 2008)
Shingles and herpes zoster, treatment for herpes zoster infection: I am suffering from herpes zoster. Please suggest some remedy or treatment. (17 Nov 2008)
How to soothe and heal mosquito bite, heal insect bites: I have a mosquito bite that looks infected, its sore red and hard. (17 Nov 2008)
Hairy underarm or armpit hair problem, armpit hair removal: how to find remedy out of having a hairy underarm? (17 Nov 2008)
Groundnut oil and lemon juice for acne cure, garlic juice for acne remedy: Will acne and its scars cure completely? (17 Nov 2008)
Prevent hair loss in the front of head: I am losing a lot of hair and I find I am going bald in the front Ė please suggest appropriate remedies! (17 Nov 2008)
Heal skin abrasions on the nose, Remove abrasions due to laser surgery, Treat Hyperpigmentation: How long will skin abrasions on the nose heal due to laser surgery - also how long will the temporary hyperpigmentation last? (17 Nov 2008)
Get rid of red rashes with ethyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide: I have red rash how do I get rid of it? (17 Nov 2008)
How to grow thicker eyebrows: I recently plug my eyebrows in a salon but the lady plug my eyebrows so thin - is there any kind of remedy that will help to grow or thicken the hair? (17 Nov 2008)
Healthy diet and skin care routine, Get rid of scars due to pimples with exfoliation: I have red scars on my face caused by pimples - is there any solution to get rid of these scars? (17 Nov 2008)
Treat bumps on my vagina: I have 2 little white bumps on my vagina. (17 Nov 2008)
Dark Skin around the Neck, Dark Skin on Back: My neck and back is very dark. It has dark patches. Therefore, I can’t wear deep necks. Kindly suggest me some home made recipe. ( 6 May 2008)
Open Skin Pores, Open Pores Treatment: How do you open your pores? Can you open with hot or cold water? ( 2 Jun 2008)
Excessively Oily Skin, Face Pimples, Dark Spots on my Face: My skin is oily. I have face pimples and dark spots on my face around my nose and eyes. Please suggest treatment. ( 9 May 2008)
Oil Treatment for Dry Hair, Rough Hair Treatment: My hairs are very dry and rough, can you please suggest some inexpensive treatment? ( 5 May 2008)
Reduce Wrinkles Naturally, Wrinkle Free Skin Care, Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines: What is the remedy for wrinkle lift and to reduce facial wrinkles naturally? ( 1 Jun 2008)
Get Rid of Face Scars, Dark Brown Spots on Face: I have dark brown spots on my face from where I had acne. How do I get rid of them? ( 8 May 2008)
Shampoo and Conditioner for Oily Hair, Care of Oily Hair: Is it advisable to use conditioner for oily hair? ( 4 May 2008)
Remedies to Stop Hair Fall, How to Reduce Hair Loss: Hi, my hairs are falling daily. Please tell me how to control and reduce hair loss. Thanks! ( 1 Jun 2008)
Wet cloth dipped in cool rose water and kept in refrigerator to soothe tired eyes and get rid of dark circles under the eyes: How to get rid of dark circles? ( 7 May 2008)
Homemade Skin Cleanser, Natural Skin Toners: What are natural home made skin toners? (31 May 2008)
Treat Dry Brittle Hair, Gray Hair Colors: I have gray hair and I am using hair colorants from more than two years but now I have started encountering brittle hair and breakage along with hair brittleness. Please help! ( 6 May 2008)
Unusual Hair Growth, How to Reduce Hair Fall, Reduce Premature Graying of Hair: What are the nutritional deficiencies causing different hair problems and unusual hair growth, premature graying of hair and how to overcome them? ( 2 Jun 2008)
Treatment of Alopecia, Care for Hair Loss: I am 28 years old and have a 4 year old baby. I am almost bald in front; taken all types of treatment but couldnít work. I feel bad to go out with my husband as he is very handsome. Please help me out. (30 Jun 2008)
How do you get rid of pimple scars: I have holes type of patches on my face which are due to pimples which I had on my face till 5 years but not now. So please write to me if there is any treatment to make my skin plane and good? Please help me! ( 5 May 2008)
Haircut for Small Face, Hairstyle for Small Face: I have a small face and a skinny body. Which hairstyle is best for me? ( 1 Jun 2008)
Alopecia and Treatment, Oily Hair and Scalp: I have problem of very light hair and on few parts hairs are not growing yet means patches on head. My hair is oily too. Please suggest me the treatment. ( 9 May 2008)
Face Pack for Oily Skin, Fruit Face Pack, Facial Mask Oily Skin: Mine is an oily skin with scars, which always looks dull. Can you suggest me with some facials? ( 5 May 2008)
Extremely Oily Face, Natural Cure for Pimples: Hi, I have pimples on my face and body also. The pimples come more on face mostly in summer but in winter little bit come. Also oil comes on my face. Please suggest natural cure for pimples! ( 1 Jun 2008)
Hyperpigmentation Home Remedy, Hyper Pigmentation Treatment: Kindly suggest a home remedy for hyperpigmentation [darkening of skin in patches] and itchy skin. ( 9 May 2008)
Shiny Hair Treatments: I am a male aged 24 and my forehead hair is dry as compared to rest of hair on my head and it looks as if it is dead. Some hair on my temporal lobes has fallen making me look old. Kindly advise some healthy shiny hair treatment ( 1 Jun 2008)
Remedy for Heat Boils: How to get rid of heat boils? ( 7 May 2008)
Short and Curly Hair Styles: Please suggest hair styles for short and curly hair. (26 Jul 2008)
Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair: I have frizzy hair; I wish to grow long hair but cannot due to the friz. Conditioners have not helped and because of humidity blow drying doesn’t stay. What can I do to improve texture of my hair and leave it open? (30 Apr 2008)
How to Improve Skin Color: How can I improve my skin color? (28 Apr 2008)
Herbal Neem Treatment: How does neem powder help us? (26 Apr 2008)
Treatment for Dark Skin: Hello Sir/Madam, My mother's face skin, back skin, arms have become black; I am not able to recognize which skin problem is that. So, please tell me about the kind of problem she has. (14 Apr 2008)
Controlling Oily Skin, Hairloss Remedy: I have oily skin, curly hairs and suffering from hairloss. If I donít wash my hair regularly with shampoo they break more. Should I wash regularly and what extra care do I need to take for my hair? ( 1 May 2008)
Reduce Facial Wrinkles: I have vertical lines right above my upper lip. There are 2 really noticeable ones. What's the best remedy, short of botox or something really expensive? Thank you, Lynn. (26 Apr 2008)
Dark Skin Problems: I have a problem of dark skin. When I remove my under legs and underarms hair after few minutes back those parts seems so dark (black). I want to make those body parts white as other parts of my body. (18 Apr 2008)
Leucoderma Skin: My mother and father are facing the problem of Leukoderma. Can I face the same problem and can my children face the same problem? Is this problem a hereditary one? ( 1 May 2008)
Oily Skin Medication, Treatments for Dry Hair: My hair is dry and my skin is oily. Whenever I apply oil or gel on my hair to make it look nice my skin becomes oily and it looks really dirty. Help, please! Is there any natural treatment? (22 Apr 2008)
Deep Condition Treatment, Care of Dry Hair: On the first hair wash my hair is dry and frizzy, but the next day it becomes oily (combination hair type). Please advise how to manage this. (27 Apr 2008)
Cause Hair Fall: I am 50 years old and my body hair is thinning. All my leg hair is lost and on my hands too. I am healthy but have little sugar. Does diabetics cause hair fall? (15 Apr 2008)
Gray Hair Treatments, Dandruff in Children: My daughter is 12 years old and she has gray hair and dandruff. Please suggest me some treatments or provide me the name of the doctor. (26 Apr 2008)
Treatment for Split Ends, Remedies for Dandruff: My hair is very rough, curly and dry. It is full of tangles and combing my hair is quite a job. It has split ends too and I have dandruff also. My hair is shoulder length. Please help! (14 Apr 2008)
Skin Protection from Sun, Face Mask for Sun: Hi! I am a 23 year male. I am doing training at airport so I have to work under sunlight whole day. Please tell me what precautions I should take to protect the complexion of my skin. ( 3 May 2008)
Coconut Oil Hair Loss: Does application of coconut oil helps me reduce hair loss? (26 Apr 2008)
Hair Fall Treatment: I have hair fall problem from last 10 months, what is the best treatment for it? (18 Apr 2008)
Split End Remedy: How to take care of hair with split ends? (30 Apr 2008)
How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes: How to remove dark circles? (24 Apr 2008)
Extremely Dry Skin Treatment, Blackhead Solution: Dear my skin is very dry and there are blackheads in my nose. Please give any permanent solution to solve my problem. I am suffering this problem since last 2 years. (28 Apr 2008)
Controlling Frizzy Hair: I have fine curly, very dry and very frizzy hair. I have spent an x amount of time and money trying to find a product that will cure this problem but without luck. Can you suggest anything please? (21 Apr 2008)
Treat Hair Thinning, Improve Hair Growth: I am 23 years old; my hair is too thin and grows slowly. Please solve my problem of oily skin and hair. (26 Apr 2008)
Dandruff Problems: What should I do for my dandruff problem? Give me some tips. (14 Apr 2008)
Oil Hair Remedy, Good Shampoo for Oily Hair, Get Rid of Oily Hair: What is the best brand of shampoo for oily hair? ( 4 May 2008)
Hair Fall Treatment, Natural Cure for Dandruff: Hi! Well, I have got lots of dandruff as well as my hair are falling so could you please suggest me how to take care of my hair? I am a 20 year old male. (21 Apr 2008)
Re Grow Hair, Hair Loss Forehead: How do I regrow the hair lost near the forehead? (12 Apr 2008)
Raised Mole Removal: I have got raised moles on my face. I'm considering surgery for mole removal. Is this process painful? Are there other alternatives? Can I do something to prevent further coming up of moles on my face? (12 Apr 2008)
Why are My Eyelashes Falling: I am 13 year old and my eyelashes by birth are very good and heavy but nowadays they are falling off heavily. What should I do to prevent it? (19 Apr 2008)
Dark Lips Treatment: My lips have become dark over the years. How do I lighten my lip color? (12 Apr 2008)
Hairloss Remedy: Mine was thick hair but after my two deliveries hair fall is more & my hair became thin. As I am a working lady I couldn't spent a lot of time on this so kindly suggest some remedy to stop the hair fall and give some easy tips. (23 May 2008)
Remedies for Extremely Dry Hair: My hair is very very dry and I have a problem of severe hair fall too. Please suggest a home remedy to solve the problem. (21 May 2008)
Soft and Silky Hair: How to get silky and soft hair? (24 May 2008)
Haircut for a Long Face: I'm having a very huge forehead and I donít want it to be shown as it looks too odd because my face is long. Please suggest me some hairstyle and I want my hair neither to be too long nor too short. (20 May 2008)
Blackhead Cure and Whiteheads Remedy: How to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads? (28 May 2008)
Preventing Dandruff: I am 20 year old girl. I am having dandruff. I am losing my hair and becoming bald. Can you please help? (22 May 2008)
Care for Oily Hair: why does my head feel oily all the time? (25 May 2008)
Remedy for Skin Pigmentation: I am facing a severe problem of pigmentation; tell me some remedies to get rid of pigmentation and the food that should be taken. Also, I have a combination skin complexion - some remedies for good complexion for my skin? (21 May 2008)
Deep Conditioning for Hair: How to do deep conditioning of hair as my hair is frizzy and not bouncy at all? (25 May 2008)
Baldness Solution: Hello sir I am becoming bald (little bit) from both corners of head. Please suggest me what can I do? My hair is so thin, I am 26 years old, and can I get calcium tablet for this? Kindly suggest me what treatment should I get? (21 May 2008)
Removing Dandruff: I am 29 yrs old and I have so much dandruff. Please tell me how to remove my dandruff? (24 May 2008)
Treatment of Pimples: High pimples have issued on my skin, please help there with tips for me! (20 May 2008)
Treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia: Due to Androgenetic Alopecia which is due to stress I lost many of my hairs. Using Saw Palmetto my hair fall has reduced but my baldness is still visible. What should I do to regain my hairs back? Please help! (23 May 2008)
Treatments for Dandruff: My hair is curly and I find it very difficult to manage it and also have dandruff. I loose many hairs too. My hair volume is very thin too. (19 May 2008)
Remedies to Prevent Hairfall: I am 20 years old girl. Recently I straightened my hair. After 2 weeks I got lot of dandruff and there is more hairfall! To avoid these dandruff and hairfall give me a suggestion! (28 May 2008)
Ultra Violet Protect: Is this treatment only for face? What about other parts which are exposure to sun and become dark? (22 May 2008)
Cure for Hyperpigmentation: What should I do if I am using hyper pigmented cream? Is this good for using? (25 May 2008)
Stop Greying: Is there any oil that can stop premature hair greying? (21 May 2008)
Treatment for Severely Chapped Lips: I have chapped lips. I'm having this problem for over 2 years. Either they get too dry and get peeled off or they become excessively moist and come over. Itís quite annoying. Can you suggest some remedies for this? (25 May 2008)
Remove Facial Hairs: I am 15 years old! I have a lot of facial hair on chin and cheeks! I want to remove them permanently with home remedies. I don't want to do waxing or shaving nothing like that. So can you please help me? (19 May 2008)
Care of Dry Hair: My hair is dry and rough but they are thick and frizzy and difficult to manage. Can you give me some home remedy to make my hair more smooth and manageable? (19 May 2008)
Vitamin for Your Hair: Which is a good vitamin for hair? (19 May 2008)
Electric Hair Comb: I'm currently looking for the electric comb used in my hair by a previous hair stylist back in the 1980's it was used to stimulate hair growth on the scalp, by means of electronic pulses, can you help? (18 May 2008)
Top Shampoo: Could you please inform that which shampoo is best to apply on hair and tell me the shampoo name in detail. In spite of shampoo can we use soap nut powder to wash our hairs. Will it cause any problems for my hairs? (18 May 2008)
UV Skin Damage: I am a service holder. I have combination skin. I never go under sun except going time from home to office. My problem is my face is blacker than my whole body. How could I get normal color face just like my body? (17 May 2008)
Dark Underarm Skin Care: Hi, I m a 21 year old girl and my underarms are very dark even though I wax them. Can u please suggest something? (25 Jul 2008)
Hair Loss Cures: I'm an Indian working in KSA when I am in India my hairs is very good, but since 3 year since I moved to KSA I lost so many hair. How can I get back my natural hairs, please advice? Thank you. (13 May 2008)
Washing Hair Daily: Can washing my hair on alternate days damage them? (17 May 2008)
Hairfall Control: I have normal hair. I don't use any oil, conditioner, or any other products just use shampoo. When I do shampoo, a lot of my hair fall. How do I stop this hair fall? (25 Jul 2008)
Grow Hair Fast Tips: Give some tips in fast growing of a hair and what is the recommended herbal treatment, shampoos, and hair conditioner? (25 Jul 2008)
Fair and White Skin Care: My age 26, how can I make my skin fair & white, (I have dry skin & dry hair). Is there any remedy for these? (26 Jul 2008)
Dermatologist Best Skin Care: What's the best kind of skin treatment that a dermatologist might suggest? I am to see one of that breed for my skin. So let me know what I can expect. (25 Jul 2008)
Best Skin Care in the World: Is there something known as the best skin care in the world? If yes, do provide me with information. (25 Jul 2008)
Best Skin Care for Sensitive Skin: I am 25 and have sensitive skin. How can I take care of such skin? Please help. (25 Jul 2008)
Best Skin Care Regimen: I am 40 years old. Tell me something: Is there a regimen that can be termed as the best skin care treatment? Please help. (25 Jul 2008)
Best Skin Care For Women: what's the best skin care regimen that you can recommend for women? I need some information on this. (25 Jul 2008)
Best Skin Care For Acne Prone Skin: How does one take care of skin that's prone to acne? I am so fed up of acne but acne doesn't seem quite fed up of me or my skin! Help! (25 Jul 2008)
Best Otc Skin Care: What's the best over-the-counter solution for skin care. Can you let me know of some popular products that I can use? (25 Jul 2008)
Best Inexpensive Skin Care: Can you suggest an inexpensive way to take care of my skin? (25 Jul 2008)
Best Skin Care For Mature Skin: I am 50. People say I have matured. And my friends say I have mature skin. Now, I need to know how to take care of such skin. Please help? (25 Jul 2008)
Best Skin Care for Adult Acne: I am 35 and suffer from acne. Are there natural ways to get rid of it? It's mighty annoying. (25 Jul 2008)
Best Over The Counter Skin Care: Are these over-the-counter skin care products any good? I really need advice on this. Please help. (25 Jul 2008)