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Dry Patchy Skin: Of late I have begun to develop Dry, Patchy Skin. How can I regain my complexion? (20 Apr 2008)
Dry Irritated Skin: I suffer from Dry Irritated Skin. How can I treat this? (20 Apr 2008)
Dry Flaky Skin On Face: I often suffer from Dry Flaky Skin On Face. Can you tell me something more about this? (20 Apr 2008)
Dry Flaking Skin: I have Dry Flaking Skin. Could you suggest some home remedies to treat this? (20 Apr 2008)
Bleached and colored hair cures: I just bleached and colored my hair and i need some ways to keep my color and my hair healthy!! (15 Mar 2008)
Dandruff and oily hair remedies: My problem is that when I shampoo my hair gets too dry and within 2 days my hair gets oily. It gets so oily that people feel I have applied kg of Oil on my head. I have dandruff too. (15 Mar 2008)
Gray hair remedies: My age 26, my hair started graying and white. Any homemade remedy to stop my hair from graying? Please suggest. (11 Mar 2008)
Chickenpox marks remedies: I have marks of chickenpox on my face. My face is very dull no glow. Please suggest what can I to do. (11 Mar 2008)
Hair care and hair loss remedies: How to take care of hair after a wash. Is it possible to regrow hair? If yes then what is the easy way to do so. (11 Mar 2008)
Pimple scars home cures: I have pimple pits on my face holes ...some are quite big how to remove them...other then surgery ( 9 Mar 2008)
Remedies acne and scars: I was wondering what I can use for terrible acne that keeps reappearing on my right cheek. It leaves black spots. ( 6 Mar 2008)
Enhance lip color: How can I make my lips red? ( 6 Mar 2008)
Hair care home remedies: I have short, straight, thin, and oily hair. I want long n thick hair. Please suggest some short n easy home remedy for this. Thanks. ( 6 Mar 2008)
Hair loss natural cures: I had very thick hair some 6 years back, but now they fall a lot and got very thin. They are very dry and don't get longer. What should I do now to get stronger hair? ( 6 Mar 2008)
Silky hair tips: How to make my hair silky please give me suggestion . ( 5 Mar 2008)
Grey hair remedies: I am 35years old and my hairs are white and please give any treatment for achieving ( 5 Mar 2008)
Dark and oily skin remedies: I have dark complexion and oily skin due to which I have pimples on my face. Please help me ( 4 Mar 2008)
Oily hair remedies: My hair becomes oily often even though I wash my hair once every alternate day. Can u suggest me a solution? ( 3 Mar 2008)
Boils scars remedies: What can I use to lighten dark marks left from boils on my buttocks area? ( 2 Mar 2008)
Pimple natural remedies: I usually get pimples on my face; I want to get rid of them. Is there anything like masturbation will be the cause of pimples? Please suggest me something...and please give me some tips ill be thankful to u ( 2 Mar 2008)
Dry skin home cures: If you have really dry skin and have tried all sorts to help. What is the best product to use? (28 Feb 2008)
Dandruff and acne marks remedy: I am manikandan, working as a executive engineer in an highways project. My face is looking so ugly because of pores formed due to pimples & I am also having dandruff & hairfall problems. I kindly request you to get me some (28 Feb 2008)
Pimple scar remedy: Sir my age is 23 year old male. My face is looking so ugly because of pores formed due to pimples. I want to get cured. Please send me some tips to improve my face. (28 Feb 2008)
Advice on Benzoin: What is this Tr of Benzoin? (28 Feb 2008)
Acne on nose remedies: I used some cream to reduce pimple on my nose, but after using that cream my nose is becoming red. Please help. (28 Feb 2008)
Dry and curly hair remedies: My Hair so dry and even very curly what should I do to make my hair soft and silky. Please suggest me home remedies. (28 Feb 2008)
Children hair care: My child age is 6 years with curling hair and is very rough.. How to make it as soft?? (27 Feb 2008)
Lips blisters causes: I have what I thought was a fever blister come up on my bottom lip but it doesn't hurt and it wont go away it has a purplish dot in the middle of it. What is it? (27 Feb 2008)
Brown spots on face and lips advice: Over the past month I have gotten brown spots on my face and lips what is going on? (27 Feb 2008)
Dry hair home cures: I have a bit dry hair. What do I use for conditioning? (27 Feb 2008)
Rough hair remedies: How to smooth rough hair? (24 Feb 2008)
Dandruff home remedies: How to control dandruff? (24 Feb 2008)
Hair care home remedies: Tips to take care of oily hair and skin and how to grow long and lustrous hair (24 Feb 2008)
Dry skin remedies: I have dry skin and it develops some white patches on my face only after taking bath please give some remedies. (22 Feb 2008)
Wrinkles home remedies: My age is 45. I need to remove the wrinkles from face please give home made remedies. (22 Feb 2008)
Hair loss queries: Hi I am 24 years old female and my hair is thinning. My blood test results were clear and no one has hair thinning or hair loss in my family. What can I do to make my hair thicker again? (22 Feb 2008)
Hair straightening home tips: I am a middle class girl so I cannot afford expensive hair straightening techniques and even I want something natural so please tell me some home made hair straightening techniques. (22 Feb 2008)
Skin care products advice: What are some recommended skin products for teens? I don't want to purchase anything too abrasive. (21 Feb 2008)
Freckles home cures: Freckles treatment (21 Feb 2008)
Hand care advice: I m fair but my hands are dark in complexion. Please suggest how to lighten my hands. (20 Feb 2008)
Hair coloring with henna: How to color hair with henna and is it good to do that. Does the hair get rough? (17 Feb 2008)
Hair growing tips: Hi I am 13 years old when I was younger I used to have long hair and now I don't. I need a hair remedy that will help my hair grow at least 2-4 inches in 6 months so I can look good for prom please and thank you!! (29 Jan 2008)
Hair care advice: Where can I find some hyper allergenic shampoo? ( 7 Feb 2008)
Silky hair remedies: I want silky and bouncy hair what to do ( 6 Feb 2008)
Hair growth home remedy: My scalp is dry though my hair seems nourished. When I oil my hair before I shampoo it, my hair falls extra. What can I do?? My hair is rather scanty in the front as well, what can I do for hair to grow back? (28 Dec 2007)
Freckles home remedies: I have light freckles on my face. I am afraid that may be I have some internal problm.Bcz i am using Garnier's Sunblock with some tablets from Dr also e.g Vit E,Multi Vitmin but not effective yet.Kindly Suggest I am tooo much upse (15 Nov 2007)
Effects Of Aging On Skin: I am 50 years old. My skin has become rough & it is sagging. What are the causes & Effects of Aging On Skin? (17 Apr 2008)
Effective Anti Aging Skin Care: What are the benefits of Effective Anti Aging Skin Care? (17 Apr 2008)
Brown Marks On Skin: I have brown marks on my skin. Please suggest some natural cures. (17 Apr 2008)
Brown Skin Discoloration: I need help on Brown Skin Discoloration. Can you please suggest some remedies? (17 Apr 2008)
Cleanser For Dry Skin: I am looking for information on cleanser for dry skin. (16 Apr 2008)
Chronic Dry Skin: Have been suffering from chronic dry skin for many years. What can I do to solve this? (16 Apr 2008)
Cause Of Dry Skin: Can you tell me what are the causes of dry skin? This has been troubling me for a long time (16 Apr 2008)
Borage Dry Skin Therapy: What is borage therapy and how does help, particularly for dry skin? (16 Apr 2008)
Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin: What is the best moisturizer for dry skin - any information on this? (16 Apr 2008)
Best Foundation For Dry Skin: What foundation can I use for dry skin. Can I use regular foundation or do I need some special product? (16 Apr 2008)
Baby Dry Skin: My baby has dry skin. Can someone please help me with natural remedies for my baby's dry skin? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Skin Treatment: My skin is very dry and looks bad. Please suggest some treatment that is helpful to me. (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Skin Patches: I have a problem of dry skin patches. How do I get rid of this problem? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Skin Lotion: I have tried a lot hunting for information on dry skin lotion. Can you help by providing suggestions? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Skin Face: What to do to prevent dry skin on my face? Otherwise my skin is good. (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Skin Cream: We have a query on cream for dry skin. Can you suggest what kind of cream should be used for dry skin? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Skin Care: Are there any special measures for dry skin care? Can you provide me with more details? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Itchy Skin: How can I cure dry itchy skin? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Flaky Skin: My skin is dry and flaky. What can I do to improve it? (16 Apr 2008)
Brown Skin Spots: Need advice on Brown Skin Spots. Please tell me something about it? (17 Apr 2008)
Cure Dry Skin: How can I cure dry skin? I have tried some products but the problem remains. (16 Apr 2008)
Diabetes Dry Skin: I have diabetes and also have dry skin. Is there any connection and what can I do for my dry skin? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Acne Prone Skin: My skin is dry but it is prone to acne. I wanted to know what to do about this. (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Bumpy Skin: I have dry bumpy skin, can you tell me what this is and how to cure it. (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Chapped Skin: Frequently I have a problem of dry chapped skin which is painful. Can you suggest some solution for this problem? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Cracked Skin: My skin is kind of dry and cracked. Is this some infection (16 Apr 2008)
Blue Facial: Explain the advantages of Blue Facial? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Facial Skin: I need help to fight dry facial skin. Can some one please answer? (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Flaky Skin: Suffering from problem of dry and flaky skin. What is the treatment for the problem. (16 Apr 2008)
Dry Skin: Help me please someone - what is the cause of dry skin and what are the effects? (16 Apr 2008)
Facial hair remedies: My skin is fine but I have hair on my face and because of that I have started face threading. For my problem what can be is a better option1 threading 2 waxing 3 bleaching. Thank u. ( 7 Apr 2008)
Hair loss treatment: How can I prevent hair fall? ( 5 Apr 2008)
Damaged hair advice: What is the cause of damage hair and curls? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Hair care tips: How can I make my hair smooth and silky? ( 5 Apr 2008)
Fruits for summer: Which fruits are good during summer? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Exercise for good health: How much exercise is good for heath? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Healthy hair natural remedies: What are good ways to keep healthy hair? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Hard toenail remedies: I have developed hard toe nail after one of the accidents. It has developed hard and its been 2-3 years. I dont know whom to consult and right medication. ( 3 Apr 2008)
Acne home cures: I have been suffering from chronic skin problem as I am developing acnes on my centre of upper butts. Please help me out ( 5 Apr 2008)
Dark lips home remedies: Hi, my lips are dark in colour though I don't smoke; I sometimes have coffee & tea. plz suggest me some good homemade remedy for my lips? I have read a remedy of a mixture of glycerin, lemon & honey help. is it good? (31 Mar 2008)
Thick and shiny remedies: What is hair made up of and how to make it thick and shiny? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Birthmark removal advice: I have birthmark. Should I go remove it with the help of laser therapy or plastic surgery? (28 Mar 2008)
Dull and oily skin remedies: When I wash my face it looks fresh but after 15 min. It becomes dull and oily. What to do? (28 Mar 2008)
Dry and dull hair remedies: My hair was silky but now days they r becoming so dry and dull. I wash my hairs daily and apply conditioner. After bath it feel good but up to afternoon they become dry. (28 Mar 2008)
Skin problems advice: How to stop itching in the joint between nose corner and chin....and how to reduce the scar on that? is drinking water will clear skin problems? (28 Mar 2008)
Hair coloring tips: My grey hair does not hold color well around my temples. What can I do, someone told me to use table salt? Any advice (26 Mar 2008)
Grey hair cures: I am 26yr old.. My problem is for white hair...I am suffering from white hair...and I m single now what can I do for that... (24 Mar 2008)
Acne remedies: How to solve pimple problem. Please can you guide me in solving this problem. (22 Mar 2008)
Mosquito bites remedies: Before going to sleep I have to apply odomos on my hands, legs to prevent from mosquito bites. If I not do this then next morning red acne will come on my body so what should I do to get rid of this. (22 Mar 2008)
Acne scar remedies: My skin scars very easily. Lately I've really noticed that where I have had acne is now a purple scar. Is there a way to lighten and make less noticeable without wearing makeup everyday? (19 Mar 2008)
Ingrown toenail cures: I suffer from ingrown toenail, what is French pedicure? And want tips to maintain my nails. (19 Mar 2008)
Dark circles treatment: How can I reduce the dark circles around my eyes? (18 Mar 2008)
Pimple natural cures: I am getting pimples. How to cure? (18 Mar 2008)
Health benefits of almond: Uses and benefits of almonds for health particularly skin and hair ( 9 Mar 2008)
Grey hair treatment: How to avoid grey hair in young age? ( 6 Mar 2008)
Information on Eucalyptus: Benefits of Eucalyptus? ( 6 Feb 2008)
Alternative treatment for dark complexion: My skin is dry. I am 40-year-old female and some what dark complexion. I want to know how to maintain my skin in and out of house (17 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for healthy hair: I have a very dry, frizzy n wavy hair. Hair fall has increased. Please suggest some home made remedies. (18 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for clean face: I want to know homely methods to have a face clean up daily in order to reduce and prevent pimples. (18 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for gray hair: Can u suggest some home care remedies for gray hair? (17 Feb 2008)
Home remedies for marks on legs: How do I remove black marks on my legs from scratches and bruises from my childhood playing (16 Feb 2008)
Home remedies for hair growth: I used hair straightening irons forcefully for 3 years almost every day, pulled my hair back really tight in pony tails and burnt the scalp at the temples. I now have very thin hair on top and the temples have receded slight (16 Feb 2008)
Advice on thin and curly hair: My hair is very thin & curly but I want long & straight hair so what can I do? please tell me (16 Feb 2008)
Alternative treatment for hair loss: My hairs are falling & are very thin. Please tell me how can I control this problem? (16 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for fair skin: I want fair skin so what can I do for it? (16 Feb 2008)
Home remedies for dark circles: My skin is very dull and I have dark circles I have used many creams of good quality but all waste. Please help me out I want to remove my dark circles (15 Feb 2008)
Home cure for hair fall: Now days my hair is falling so much that's why I am facing hair falls. I want to cure that by natural home tips. Please suggest me some natural home made tips for preventing hair falling. (14 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for hair fall: Sir, I want to know I am 24 Years old boy. My hair is falling from the front side of the head. Please advise me what to do. My hair is very thin. I take proper diet also. ( 8 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for dry hair: Home made remedies for dry hair. And for excessive hair loss? ( 4 Feb 2008)
Hair style advice: Hello, I am Ankita. My hairs are curly & thin. It is up to shoulder. My face cut is oval shaped. Please suggest me the hair style suited on my face. ( 4 Feb 2008)
Advice on every day shampoo on hair: Is it ok if I use shampoo everyday? How can I prevent frizzy hair? ( 2 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for curled hair: How to untangle tight curly hair ( 2 Feb 2008)
Home remedies for healthy hair: Two years before I had long and healthy hair. But now I don't have? How do I get my original hair? How do I maintain long and healthy hair? And some beauty tips for glowing face. ( 2 Feb 2008)
Dry skin during menopause: I have gone through menopause and my skin is extremely dry and itchy all over, what can I do to remedy this problem. The more I scratch, the more itches. ( 2 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for pimples on cheek: I m 19 year old male. I have so many pimples on cheek so how can I make smooth and soft face. (31 Jan 2008)
Natural treatment for curly hair: I have dry curly hair with too much volume and bounce. What do I do to get rid of the too much volume "problem because of which my hair blows out?" (30 Jan 2008)
Advice on hair oil: Can I use Safflower oil for my hair? Same as olive oil? (29 Jan 2008)
Advice on hair fall: My name is Prit and my age is 22 years. My hair is long but before some time they are falling very rapidly. This time I am also passing some unwanted condition. because I am searching job (29 Jan 2008)
Natural treatment for tan skin: how to treat sun tanned skin and achieve fair skin (24 Feb 2008)
Home remedies for dark face: Hi, I am 26 yrs old unmarried girl. My problem is that the area around my mouth corners is dark. Also part of my chin is dark. It is like I have dark circles around lips, it looks very bad. (10 Apr 2008)
Advice for fair skin: How to make my skin fair (10 Apr 2008)
Natural Treatment for fair skin: How to become fair, clean and clear skin (10 Apr 2008)
Shiny Hair with mayonnaise: Mayonnaise for hair (10 Apr 2008)
Advice on hair serum: I am using Dove hair serum (live in) regularly i.e., twice a week, after wash. Can I continue using it in future too? (10 Apr 2008)
Home remedies for healthy hair: how to make my hair healthy and soft (10 Apr 2008)
Advice on hair Straightener: I found a straightener that actually straightens my hair. When the lady at the store straightened it she got all the volume out of it and it layed flat. I got home and straightening but it still goes down like a pyramid. ( 9 Apr 2008)
Home remedies for hair fall: I am facing the hair fall problem for so long how can i get rid of it by using L’oreal kit ( 9 Apr 2008)
Hair perming: What is the difference between acid & alkaline perms? ( 9 Apr 2008)
Alternative treatment for gray hair: I am a female age 17 plus. Some of my hair turns gray. Please suggest me if oil is of use. FREYAL - SRI LANKA ( 9 Apr 2008)
Dietary benefits of oatmeal: what is oatmeal? can you tell me what it is called in hindi ( 9 Apr 2008)
Natural cure for oily hair: What are some home remedies for oily hair? ( 9 Apr 2008)
Diet for eczema: What is the dietary treatment for the eczematous disease? ( 9 Apr 2008)
Natural ways to remove unwanted hair: How to remove hair from any part of body by natural way ( 9 Apr 2008)
Home remedies for black heads: how do u get rid of deep set black heads, with steam already used on the area for a specific time on someone with sensitive skin ( 9 Apr 2008)
Information on hair stylist: Are there any salons or stylist who concentrates specifically on women over 55? ( 9 Apr 2008)
Advice on hair straightening: I am 22, my hair is of medium length & I need to straighten my hair. How much will it cost? ( 9 Apr 2008)
Advice to remove hair from public area: Please suggest me to remove pelvic hair by product present in home ( 9 Apr 2008)
Natural treatment for orange or yellow eyelids: Yellow & orange eyelids ( 9 Apr 2008)
Advice on eye shades: Please send me some pictures of making up the eyes with aye shades. Thank you. ( 9 Apr 2008)
Alternative treatment for hair on public area: I found some small hair growing on the penis please suggest me some remedies to resolve this problem ( 9 Apr 2008)
Home remedies for weight loss: I have put on weight after my marriage kindly tell me some good exercises and dietary plan to loose weight and get into perfect shape. Thank you. ( 9 Apr 2008)
Advice on skin toning: what does toning the skin mean? ( 9 Apr 2008)
Home remedies for oily scalp: my scalp is very oily and my hairs are dry at the end? What should I do ( 9 Apr 2008)
Hair break remedies: my hair r rough they break easily and i am loosing my hair frequently (24 Jan 2008)
Dull hair and skin remedies: day by day my skin & hair becoming so dull. So please suggest me. I am 22 years old a working lady. (23 Jan 2008)
Dark spots remedies: there is a dark spot near my looks very odd.i think its due to sun exposure .how can it be removed?i have a lot of dark marks on my forehead ?i tried a lot but failed to remove them plz help? (20 Jan 2008)
Acne remedies: iam 27 year old working in a office last 10 months i am faceing acne problems and other problem is that black mark which comes after finishing acne. Some home made remedy please (24 Jan 2008)
Scar natural remedy: i am having the burnt marks in my hands which i want to remove. how can i remove with the natural products? (18 Jan 2008)
Hair care treatment: when i use coconut hair oil my hair starts falling and if i stop using oil then dandruff is a problem .how will i tackle this problem please help my hair? (20 Jan 2008)
Dry skin home remedies: What is home- made treatment to make dry skin smooth and soft? (17 Jan 2008)
Dandruff remedies: How dandruff can be removed from dry hairs? (17 Jan 2008)
Hair fall natural cures: im 23yrs old,married n mom of 1 kid,im suffering 4m severe hairfall,rough,no shine r other problems, kindly suggest some solution as soon as possible (16 Jan 2008)
Itchy skin remedies: i am 17 years old girl and i have hair on my body and second thing is i use a mild body lotion but still my body skin itches, I consulted a doctor also but there is no serious problem as such. Please tell me some natural way to get ri (15 Jan 2008)
Hair care treatment: I used to have hair like Shirley Temple when I was younger... but now my hair is poofy and damaged from wearing a ponytail for 12 years straight. Is there a natural remedy that can help????? (16 Dec 2007)
Lip color treatment: My lips are turning black, donot why. please suggest any home remedy to get pink lips. (16 Dec 2007)
Hair massage remedy: can we apply both oil and amla to hair (16 Dec 2007)
Dark skin remedies: I am 20yrs old.i have the problem of dark skin around my mouth. Only that part of my skin remains dry. It is been formed as a curve around my mouth. (15 Dec 2007)
Dry brittle hair remedy: What can I put on my hair so it looks silky and not dry and brittle? I blow dry everyday and have tried the no friz products..doesn't work. (14 Dec 2007)
Hair conditioner advice: what is the right method to use hair conditioner? i prefer garnier conditioner is it right ?? my hairs are normal but slightly dandruffed (13 Dec 2007)
Dark marks home remedy: remedy for dark marks on my face on both the sides on my cheek. I am 35years old I got the problem when I was pregnant. please could u suggest a home remedy (12 Dec 2007)
Hair growth remedy: i cut my hair 2 week ago i know my hair grow faster but I have to grow my hair at least 5 inch in 10 month so can I apply oil every day and yogurt to make it grow very quickly? and I take good diet and care very much (10 Dec 2007)
Eyebrow hair loss treatment: i am suffering from eyebrow hair loss. suggest me home care ( 9 Dec 2007)
Natural treatment for Pimples and black spot: How to clear the skin if there it has some pimples and black spot ( 7 Apr 2008)
Home remedies for scars on skin: how do you get rid of old scars on the skin (20 Dec 2007)
Gray hair diet: For graying hair,please tell me how much of the following is needed - Iron, Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Choline, Pantothenic Acid.Thank you! (17 Dec 2007)
Acne home remedies: Hi,i am 26 years of age and i suffer from frequent acne bouts and post acne scar. i have oily skin. do let me know home remidies for my oily skin and how to get clear skin (18 Dec 2007)
Bumps on skin remedy: I have small red bumps along the back of my arms and legs. I have had this problem with my arms for a couple of years and now it is on my outer and inner thighs. What is it and how do I get rid of it? ( 7 Dec 2007)
Hair straightener remedy: if you have curly hair can you perm it so it can be straight?(for guys) (18 Dec 2007)
Body hair loss home remedy: for last six months i noticed a patchy hair loss one spot on my beared and very smal spot hair loss on my eyebroe-would like to know natural remedywill garlic have any effect on this (19 Dec 2007)
Yellow eyelids causes: What is the cause of orange/yellow eyelids? Thanks (22 Dec 2007)
Healthy hair treatment: how to make my hair healthy and shiny. (29 Dec 2007)
Follicles care: does hard combing of hair damages the follicles? ( 1 Jan 2008)
Thin hair remedy: what should i do for my thin hair? ( 6 Jan 2008)
Dry hair and skin remedy: hi i am 29 years and havng 2 kids After my 2nd issue my hair & even skin has become very rough & i look much older than i m, i really don't know how to take care of it. my skin is very sensitive & having pores on my cheeks. pls ( 6 Dec 2007)
Hair care treatment: I need to get rid of hair spray buildup. ( 8 Jan 2008)
Clear skin treatment: how to become clean skin without any pimple and scars ( 8 Jan 2008)
Hair care remedy: How do I treat a large (tennis ball size) knot of hair in the back of my daughters head. Thick shoulder length, age 10. ( 3 Dec 2007)
Gray hair natural treatment: natural treatment for removing white hair problem. (26 Dec 2007)
Dry skin remedy: i have a whitish skin tone.will b gettin married soon.want to know how can i get that glow n clear pinkish skin.hav a normal to dry skin type.could u pls help me with it?? (26 Dec 2007)
Homemade hair conditioner remedy for dry hair: have long dry hair.they become frizzy at can i give them deep conditioning treatment at home.any good shampoo n conditioners that u can suggest me??please help (26 Dec 2007)
Home remedy for fair complexion: my body color is fair & my face skin color is dark so please suggest home made remedies to became fair ( 3 Dec 2007)
Remedies for pimples: can u give me tips of how to get rid of pimples and blackheads on my face please.i want a clear, smooth and shinning face. (11 Jan 2008)
Hair growth treatment: I have very less hair so how to give growth to my hair? (12 Jan 2008)
Silky hair remedy: what is the best way to make a hair silky and smooth? (14 Jan 2008)
Frizzy hair remedies: My hair is extremely frizzy.On touch its soft but looks rough and shine less.What should i do so that its looks nice.I also suffer from hair fall.I am 15 years old (15 Jan 2008)
Skin patches treatment: My facial skin has severe sun damage.I have black patches on the T zone due to the sun damage.I have been using hydrocotisone for last two months as prescribed by the dermitologid but to no avail.Please Help (15 Jan 2008)
Pimple natural cures: i am 17 years old skin is dry and itchy and i get acne and pimples also.i need to know a natural way to get rid of it.plz help (15 Jan 2008)
Gray hair remedy: madem,my hair turns white at age of there any chance of getting regrowth of black hair? What natural products I have to use to solve my problem? Give me some suggestions please. ( 2 Dec 2007)
Shampoo for oily hair:What household products could be used to wash someone's oily hair with? ( 1 Dec 2007)
Pores home remedy: i have open pores in my face due to ance & chickenpox marks kindly suggest homeremedy for me, thankyou, (29 Nov 2007)
Deodorant removal remedy: how to remove deodorant from armpits (27 Nov 2007)
Eczema natural cure: what are the dietary treatments for eczema's disease? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Freckles home remedies: I have light freckles on my face. I am afraid that may be I have some internal problem. Because I am using Garnier's Sun block with some tablets from Dr also e.g vitamin E, multi vitamin but not effective yet. Kindly Suggest ( 3 Apr 2008)
Whiteheads treatment: I am brown colour... my problem is whiteheads, no clear skin. Want to improve my complexion fair. Could you tell me a solution for this? (12 Nov 2007)
Home treatment for dry hair: I have short hair not too short, and I have hair fall, And very dry hair. Could you tell me a solution for these problems? (12 Nov 2007)
Information of nails: What is a nail made from (12 Nov 2007)
Natural remedy for break out: I break out on my chest and back along with my neck and face I am 29 yrs old and have tried every product on the market. Some of these products work on my face but won't on my neck and chest. ( 9 Nov 2007)
Advice for healthy hair: My hair is thin and grows slow the top area of scalp got thinner than the sides. What should I do to have a stronger, healthy and thick hair? I am taking Multi Vitamin and Vitamin E 400 IU everyday ( 8 Nov 2007)
Natural treatment for fairness: how to become fair? ( 4 Nov 2007)
Home cures for dandruff: dandruff ( 2 Nov 2007)
Advice on hair removal: How do you make hair invisible that is on your skin? ( 2 Nov 2007)
Advice on hair wash: Is daily hair wash good for hair? ( 8 Oct 2007)
Advice for healthy hair: I'm 23,my hair is rough and brittle. Kindly suggest me some home remedies to make my hair smooth. I am also suffering from a great dandruff problem. Please help me. ( 8 Oct 2007)
Advice on hair perming: Hoe long does it take to preform the perming process ( 9 Oct 2007)
Advice for foot care: My feet are very ruff and ugly i have corns,and hard skin on the bottom of my feet. please help i can't wear cut out shoes. (14 Oct 2007)
Advice on blackheads: How do I get rid of deep set blackheads with sensitive skin when using steam to open the pores they prove to be very sensitive after. (16 Oct 2007)
Home cure for patches on face: I have dark patches on the both side of face, for last 2 weeks its worsening, even though i'm continuously taking iron tonic(dexorange ),please tell me remedy (18 Oct 2007)
Remedy for black lips: i am careful not to burn my lips when smoking pot but they are still black also my skin (19 Oct 2007)
Home remedy for gray hair: Got white hair,i am 27 yrs,unmarried what shall i do (25 Oct 2007)
Natural treatment for dry hair: I used baking soda on my hair and now my hair is totally dried out and can't brush it (28 Oct 2007)
Home remedy for pink lips: Giv me home made remedies to make lips look pink. My lips are dark brown I don't smoke, please do give answer, I badly need it. (29 Oct 2007)
Advice on face lift and dark skin: How can i make my face fat? How can i make my knee become white?thank you (30 Oct 2007)
Advice on dry, long and healthy hair: I want to grow long hairs I fear that i will have hair fall as my hair is dry. Suggest tips for hair fall & healthy hair. I never use conditioners should i use it ? Which conditioner is good? Pls suggest. (30 Oct 2007)
Home remedy for bumps on face: Hi,I have little bumps all over my nose and under my eyes and when I pick at them white stuff come out and two days later they come back I can't get all of them I tried every thing like masks etc. Help what can I do. ( 6 Oct 2007)
Natural way of hair care: What is the best way to protect my hair from blow dryers and curling irons the natural way? Thanks,Mia ( 7 Oct 2007)
Home remedy for dark patches on face: I have got dark patches on the sides of my mouth and my chin is darker that the rest of my face. It looks unsightly. please help ( 2 Oct 2007)
Home conditioner for healthy hair: I am 28. my hair is not healthy. i want to flooted in my hair while going to outside. can u give some home remedy conditioner for my hair (30 Sep 2007)
Home Remedy for acne: sir i have a dark dull skin wth acne please sir suggest me something (27 Sep 2007)
Home remedy for soft and beautiful skin: how can let my skin soft and beautiful (24 Sep 2007)
Home remedies for fair skin: My two years old daughter was born very fair but her skin got dark in light therapy during jaundice treatment, will she be able to recover her skin color as she was born very fair, kindly tell some home remedy for her (22 Sep 2007)
Question on oily skin and pimples: I have fem pimples and pimple spot on my face what should I do to get rid of this also my skin is oily (18 Sep 2007)
Solution on hair fall: my hair is falling day by day give me the solution (15 Sep 2007)
Question on hair color: How can i get the red colour of tint out of my hair i want it ash blonde but the red keeps coming out (11 Sep 2007)
Question on color of lips: My lips tend to itch and turn very dark almost black in color. What should i do to stop them from turning colors? I've tried different lip balm. But nothings helping... (11 Sep 2007)
Home remedies for pimple marks: What r the home remedies for reducing pimple marks? (11 Sep 2007)
Moisturizer for oily skin: why do some ladies think they should not use a moisturizer when they have oily facial skin? they think it will make there face more oily ( 8 Sep 2007)
Makeup for round face: How can I use makeup to increase the look of a round face? ( 4 Sep 2007)
Information of Electrolysis: What is the cost for Electrolysis for removing hair of neck. so Electrolysis is done in Nepal or not. by Electrolysis the unwanted hair on neck is removed permanently or not. Please answer me. And please say me cost. ( 4 Sep 2007)
Facial Hair Removal: How can i remove facial hair easily at home using a home remedy? (17 Aug 2007)
Home remedy for regrowth of hair: I have bald patches is there any home remedy which can help the regrowth (17 Aug 2007)
Straitening Hair: Thank you very much. You have answered my question, but what about wave or curve in my hair? how can I get rid of that and make my hair straight without curve (14 Aug 2007)
Question on Long and Healthy Hair: Can we grow long and healthy hair after 30 years age (11 Aug 2007)
Home Remedies for Pimple Marks: I have lots of pimple marks on my face. Suggest me some natural home made remedy to get rid of that (11 Aug 2007)
Home remedy for growing hair: I want to long hair about 2.5 feet but my hair not grow. They are too short like bob. What can I do for this. please tell me easy home made tips for long hair. (30 Jul 2007)
Treatment for oily hair: My problem is oily scalp leading to oily hair and oily skin; thus hair fall and acne in my face. Please name few easily available shampoos for oily hair. ( 6 Jul 2007)
Question on receding hair line: My hair line is receding I am worried, living in a small town, not able to avail the facilities of big names or big parlours . help me it itches from forehead and disappears after few days. ( 6 Jul 2007)
Remedy For Electricity In Hair: Is they anyway to stop my hair having 'electricity' in it even when l comb it (27 Jun 2007)
Home products for growth of hair: What to use for your hair to grow at home products (22 Jun 2007)
Treatment for vein on hand: I am very upset about vein on my hands because I work very hard like man is there any solution please tell me. Thank you. (21 Jun 2007)
Broken hair treatment: i am a 22 yrs old problem is my hair is broken at different length. So at bottom it is very lean. What can i do? (26 Jan 2008)
Dry hair remedies: My hair is dry but they are soft (26 Jan 2008)
Dandruff and clean hair remedy: i have a thin hair and more over i am having the oily dandruff and also getting grey hair can you suggest me a good home remedies to improve my hair condition and get rigid of dandruff and to keep the scalp problem free and (27 Jan 2008)
Pimple scars treatment: to remove pimple spots (19 Dec 2007)
Skin glow remedies: i want to do know sm tips for glowing skin (22 Dec 2007)
Treatment for dark spots: I have dark spots... get me a solution to get rid from this... (12 Nov 2007)
Eczema home remedies: what are the dietary treatments for eczematous disease? (19 Nov 2007)
Advice on hair removal: Give me a solution to remove hairs from my face? (12 Nov 2007)
Fair skin treatment: I want to have fair white skin? How do I make it happen as fast as possible? (20 Nov 2007)
Dandruff home remedies: I have dandruff every after 2 days i have to wash my hair please give me home remedies. (23 Nov 2007)
Natural way for hair fall: when i wash my hair it is ok. after washing it starts striking on the comb but after applying oil, hair falls and after one week oil starts coming out. hair fall is too much what should i do.which shampoo or conditioner (25 Nov 2007)
Healthy hair diet: suggest me list of items that i should have in my regular diet for healthy hair (21 Nov 2007)
Hair loss remedy: My hair is weak and if i comb it with my fingers, I can see the hair coming into my hands. I am thinking of going for a complete head-shave so that the scalp becomes clean. Does it really help in preventing hair-loss? (22 Nov 2007)
Home remedy for fairness: i am a bit dark. i want to become fair.what are the good fairness products available in india?and please provide some tips which can be done at home to become fairer. (22 Nov 2007)
Natural treatment for dry hair: i have very dry can i make it smoother?what products should i use and can it be treated using natural products? (22 Nov 2007)
Question on lip color: Can lemons lighten your lip color also? (16 Nov 2007)
Hair straightening at home: I m 23 my hairs are long but not so healthy i want to get them straight at home kindly help me (19 Sep 2007)
Home Remedy for damaged hair: Is there is any type of home ramadies which can help me to change my damage hair (15 Sep 2007)
Question on dark circles and dark marks: I have black circles around my eyes what can i do to get rid of them i also have dark marks on my forehead plz help (12 Sep 2007)
Treatment for callus : How do you get rid of a callus? ( 5 Sep 2007)
Essential Oils for Hair Loss: HI, i'm 17 and i've been having some hair loss for about 2-3 years now. What are some essential oils that i can apply in order to reduce my hair loss? (28 Aug 2007)
Treatment for Blackheads: How do you get rid of stubborn blackheads (11 Aug 2007)
Tips for fair complextion: how to get fair complexion in 15 days and with easy tips. (16 Aug 2007)
Natural cure for Greasy Hair: I have a greasy hair, i wash my hair and the next day i feel my head hot and my hair greasy, do you have some natural cure? (20 Aug 2007)
Pigment in Caucasian People: what is the name of the pigment found in caucasian people (13 Aug 2007)
Causes and Treatment on Orange Spots on Eyelids: I have orange spots on my eyelids. Some days are more orange than others. What is the cause and how do I get rid of it? (25 Aug 2007)
Dry Hair Treatment: I am using regularly gel on my hair becoz of which my hair is getting worse and worse....i mean it is getting very very dry.plz advice... (27 Aug 2007)
Face Hair Growth Remedy: I have thick hair growth on face and i do waxing. is it ok (27 Aug 2007)
Make-up for Thin Face: My face look like i do my make up to look my face more round ( 9 Aug 2007)
Advice on Hair Fall after Delivery: After delivery my hair starts falling.My baby is now 8 1/2 months.Its not Stopping its falling more now. What to do? Is it normal?Which shampoo and hair oil should i use? (22 Aug 2007)
Remedy for oily hair: I am 20 years old. I have extremely oily hair and now they are falling out in huge amount. I took medicines and also tried some home remedies but still didn't work. (23 Jul 2007)
Shampoo for hair fall and dandruff: I am having hair fall during bath in huge level.I am also having dandruff in my head which makes me to wash by hair daily. Can u suggest the material content of a shampoo which reduces hair fall and dandruff?? udhay (20 Jul 2007)
Question on skin toning: What does skin toning mean? (18 Jul 2007)
Hair treatment for hair growth: Hi i am mamta.i am 23 years hair is thin and also fall & breakup.i want to know that how to made my hair stronger & hair growth.i also try many typs of hair treatment ayurvedic products.please send me ur reply and pl (18 Jul 2007)
Pregnancy and hair fall: Hi i am 23 years old and had a baby who is 3 months old. i didnot face any hair loss problem during my pregnancy but after delivery i feel that i am having a major hair fall problem and my hair are very dry as well. please help (17 Jul 2007)
Home tips for agemarks: I am 27 how can I prevent my skin against agemark with some homemade tips (16 Jul 2007)
Home remedies for hair fall: Hello Sir/Ma'am, Can u suggest me a home remedy 4 stopping hair fall & to strengthen the hair?I would really appreciate if u can help me in this regard. Thank You, Rao (14 Jul 2007)
Treatment for pigmentation: I suffer from Pigmentation loss over a wide area of my body, could i use a tanning salon, or a chemical based tanning agent to cover this,or is it some thing i have just got to live with, (13 Jul 2007)
Remedy for grey hair: I have a grey hair , kindly tell me how to cure. and what kind of shampoo i have to use. (13 Jul 2007)
Question on white and black mark on skin: White mark on skin and some dry black mark on face (11 Jul 2007)
Cause of orange/yellow eyelids and eyebrows: My upper eyelids and below my eyebrows the skin looks and orange/yellow tone what can cause this (29 Jun 2007)
Home Care For Fair Skin: How can i make my skin fairer and clearby homemade remdies (27 Jun 2007)
Home Remedy For Thick Hair: How can i make my hair thick and colourful with the home remedies (27 Jun 2007)
Cosmatic Surgery for black lips: My complexion is very fair .but my lips are very very dark wit 2 to 3 black spots on it. it looks there any cosmetic surgery for this ?? i do smoke but not much like wat other people do.kidly guide me in w (14 Aug 2007)
Question on Hair Problem: I have itchy scalp with dry hairs & i also have premature greying of hairs plz help me. (14 Aug 2007)
Home remedy for Black beauty spots: Give me a home remedy which can remove black beauty spots from my face (17 Aug 2007)
Question on dandruff and hair fall: I have dandruff as well as hair fall problem...suggest me some remedy were i can get rid of dandruff and can have good long healthy and dense hair (11 Aug 2007)
Oily Skin Solution: WHAT IS THE SOLUTION OF OILY SKIN (10 Aug 2007)
Home remedies for wavy and dry hair: My hair are wavy and so dry, and i want to make it long and silky, but i see curve in them. And i want to get rid of this problem. ( 8 Aug 2007)
Diet advice for Lichen Planus condition: what is the diet to be followed for Lichen planus like skin condition? ( 5 Aug 2007)
Cause for eyelids turning orange: what would cause your eyelids to turn orange ? ( 5 Aug 2007)
Home remedy for hair fall: Please tell me some homemade remedies for hairfall.thanx (19 Jul 2007)
Treatment on dark circles: How can my dark circles be eliminated (19 Jul 2007)
Greasy hair cure: How do u get optimum oil therapy shine booster OUT of your hair. I've washed my hair 5x's using shampoo, dish liquid, and baking soda. I'm still greasy and extremely mad. (30 Mar 2007)
Tips on natural hair color: Give natural tips for hair coloring ( 6 Apr 2007)
Remedies to tone down the red in my hair: Every time I dye my hair brown, I always end up getting a tint of red in it. What can I do to tone down the red in my hair? (17 Apr 2007)
Removal of hair on neck: I have too many hair on my neck and i want to remove it for permanently so what i can do? (18 Apr 2007)
Question on blonde hair for pale skin tone: I'm a natural medium brunette and i have blue eyes and pale skin with a rosy undertone would i look good with blonde hair? (22 Apr 2007)
Remedies for Hair regrowth: hey I'm 18 old boy I'm suffering from serious hair loss especially in forehead so please tel me some remedies to hair regrowth. ( 1 May 2007)
How to blow dry hair: How do you use a blow dryer to blow dry your hair with out damaging it (28 May 2007)
Advice for yellow acne and dry skin: i am 23 yrs and i have yellow acne on my face (on jaws).i have dry skin what should i do for rid of it with home remedy. thanx ( 2 Jun 2007)
Remedy to clear up cyst on the face: How do I quickly clear up a cyst on my face? Also, I think some of the products I was using to help dry out the area caused that area to have red dry patches...How do I also clear that up? THANKS!! ( 3 Jun 2007)
Home care for Alopecia: I think, i m goin to suffer a problem named alopecia. In Sun light, top head portion in front is usually seen as it was not before. Please suggest me some home care tips, and reason why it happens? (20 Jun 2007)
Remedy on loosing hair: I am continously loosing my hair .i have normal hair .pls tell me homemade remedy to control it. (18 Jun 2007)
Sticky hair care: My hair becomes very sticky the very next day i shampoo. i have shampoo my hair every alternate day. I am not able to get the right shampoo and how to take care of the hair. (15 Apr 2007)
Medicine for white hair: Is there any medicine for white hair (15 Apr 2007)
Treatment for long healthy hair: What should i do for long healthy hair (10 Apr 2007)
Frizzy hair control: I have very thick frizzy dry hair. i have tried many things to control it and finally realized that everything is junk, except for natural oils. I use jojoba every day, but it still doesn't control the puffiness and uncontrollable fri (17 Apr 2007)
Solution for pimple free face: I have used cleanser milk more than 2 days but now my face have more pimples now and allergic. what is the solution. my skin is oil type. please tell me the right solution. (19 Apr 2007)
Advice on increasing hair volume: Firstly i have a full head of hair.Its not very thin but i do want to to thicken it to give it more volume. are there any treatments or supplements i could use? ( 1 Jun 2007)
Hair Loss Tips: I have facing problem hair loss.tell me the tips (12 Jun 2007)
Remedy on perm hair: I am taking a medication called Toprol for about a month now and I had a perm yesterday, but it did not take completely like usual. I am on other medications and it never affected my hair before. Could this new medication be the rea (16 Jun 2007)
Advice on no shower on hair: I am going on camp for a week and am not going to have access to a shower so i was wondering if you had any tips to keep my hair not looking greasy or horrible. iv heard braids could help as you dont need to wash your hair (12 Jun 2007)
Advice on getting rid of split ends: how to get rid of too many split ends because of which my hair does not grow ( 1 Jun 2007)
Solution for brown hair with red orange pigment: A barber colored my hair only in the roots and result is brown with red orange pigment especially at the sun. how I can remove or to neutralizer the red orange pigment. My natural hair color is brown. ( 4 Jun 2007)
Cure for red /black spots on the legs:I am 26 yrs old, i have small red spots on my both legs, when consulted a doctor he said it was due to improper blood circulation, now the red spots are turning black and looking awful, kindly suggest me cure for it. ( 6 Jun 2007)
Advice for gray hair: what to do for gray hair ( 5 Jun 2007)
Benefits of tea tree oil: what is tea tree oil good for ( 5 Jun 2007)
Home remedy for veins on the face: is there a home made remedies for small veins on your face? ( 5 Jun 2007)
Remedy for dark marks on legs: i would like tips on how to remove dark marks on legs to get gorgeous legs ( 5 Jun 2007)
Tips on lightening the upper lips: i would like tips on how to lighten my dark upper lip please ( 5 Jun 2007)
Question on lightening lips through home remedy: how long does it take to get your lips lightened by using lime juice and honey? ( 5 Jun 2007)
Remedy for Darkened Area on the Face: Area surrounding my lips is darker than rest of the face.Any remedy? ( 8 Jun 2007)
Remedy for black lips: my lips are very black i am 20 years old i will smoke regularly (27 May 2007)
Question on best anti dandruff or anti breakage shampoo: which is the best herbal or natural anti dandruff and anti breakage shampoo?Any other type of shampoo that serves both the purpose is also okay. (26 May 2007)
Advice on pigmented body areas: Can anybody help me .. my underarms and vagina is getting pigmented black.. (25 May 2007)
Advice on hair loss and graying: how to get rid from excessive hair loss and graying? (18 May 2007)
Home remedies for dark lips and chin: hi, my upper and lower lip and my chin are dark and its been like tht frm my childhood. i go for threading so tht the darkness cant be seen, but, it gets highlighted. hv tried many home made cosmetic creams, pls help (24 May 2007)
Remedy for dark lips: hi..I'm a 23yr girl and the part of my lips is dark and have tried all kinds of methods but its of no use. plz. help me...i feel so embarrassed... (21 May 2007)
Advice for Curls: I have type 4a/b hair with tight tiny curls, I am looking for a natural based product that would make my curls more defined. (15 May 2007)
Advice for dry hair and dandruff: i have dry hair and dandruff too.i apply oil once a week and apply shampoo very alternate day. how can i make my hair silky and lively and get rid of dandruff (20 May 2007)
Home remedy for glowing skin: what is the solution for glowing skin (18 May 2007)
Advice for oily scalp: i have an oily scalp but the end of my hair r dry & split ( 6 May 2007)
Simple remedies for lifeless and weak hair: Hi, I am a 21 year old girl. My hair is too thin, lifeless and weak, to such an extent that whenever I apply oil my scalp is seen. Every strand is thin and weak. Kindly suggest simple remedies. (23 Apr 2007)
Natural remedies for curly and frizzy hair: my hair is naturally very curly& frizzy and i cant control it at all. tell me some natural home made masks i can put on my hair and make it better ? thanx (11 May 2007)
Natural home made remedies for black heads: home made recipe for black heads? (11 May 2007)