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Getting natural color of skin by using natural skin exfoliators and scrubs. Drink plenty of water to prevent wrinkles, dark spots and skin blemishes: How to enhance dark skin? ( 4 Aug 2009)
For dry scalp and acne on scalp treatment use natural hair moisturizer made using rose water, fullers earth and lemon juice: How I can prevent scalp itching? I have acne on scalp but there is no dandruff. ( 4 Aug 2009)
Using natural skin toner for tightening the pores. Skin toning for dry and oily skin care. Homemade skin toners for face cleaning: Why a skin toner should be used and when it should be used? ( 4 Aug 2009)
Olive oil massage and intake of Vitamin E oil to tighten sagging skin: I am 53 years old, active and trim, but recently I got loose skin on thighs and arms. What can I do to get rid of this without surgery? ( 4 Aug 2009)
Regular exfoliation to control discolouration of skin. Natural remedy to prevent uneven skin tone: I am 25 year old Asian and having uneven skin tone. Some part is darker and some part is lighter. ( 4 Aug 2009)
Get rid of hair dryness with warm oil massage and application of aloe vera gel. Using mayonnaise for hair nourishment: My hair looks dry. What are the home remedies for shining hair? ( 4 Aug 2009)
Home remedy for eye swelling and acne. Natural cures for swollen eye and pimple removal: I am 10 years old girl. I have got swelling on eyes and small hard acne on my forehead. What treatments should I follow? ( 4 Aug 2009)
Preventing hair frizziness and dryness using natural hair products: I have rough, curly and frizzy hair. How to make hair soft and silky and control curls and frizziness. What shampoo and conditioner should I use? ( 8 Aug 2009)
Hair highlighting for curly and brownish hair: I have curly shoulder length hair, blue eyes, round face, fair skin tone and dark brown hair with some natural highlights. What is the best hair color for me? ( 8 Aug 2009)
Take care of skin with natural exfoliation and daily exercise. Soap free cleansers, facial exfoliate and face pack for skin marks treatment: Treatment for brown patches and rings on face. ( 3 Jul 2009)
Pumice stone benefits for clearing the dry rough skin on feet: Is usage of pumice stones advisable for women over forty? How many times skin should be rubbed? Is the use of steel utensil cleaner good or not? ( 3 Jul 2009)
SPF 15 sunscreen lotion for pigmented spots: I am 37 years old with dark pigmentation on upper lips, cheeks and nose. I think so because of birth control pills. I have a daughter 10 years old. The pigmentation did not occur at the time of pregnancy. ( 3 Jul 2009)
Fenugreek seed and Indian gooseberry for the treatment of early age white hair: I am just 27 and suffering from many white hairs. Now I want to convert and stop all white hair to black. ( 4 Jul 2009)
Massage baby oil for treating sap skin infection: While gardening seems to have marked legs and arms with some kind of sap. The skin has darkened in patches. I tried few things but nothing seems to work. How to get rid of these marks? ( 3 Jul 2009)
Henna benefits hair by providing coolness to the scalp and acts as a excellent natural hair conditioner: How many times in a month one should apply henna on hair? ( 3 Jul 2009)
Treatment for sudden hair loss and thing of hair with natural Vitamin E oil and regular hair conditioning. Using coconut, almond, lavender or olive oil for hair growth: Hair loss and thin hair remedies. ( 3 Jul 2009)
Natural skin bleaching and exfoliation using home remedies. Honey and curd for skin care: Does daily application of natural things like turmeric, lemon, honey or curd on the face affect the skin? ( 4 Jul 2009)
Lime and crushed almond for the treatment of pigmentation of skin: I have pigmentation on upper lips, cheeks and nose. I think because of birth control pills. I am 36 years old with a daughter 10 years and is not because of pregnancy. ( 3 Jul 2009)
Reducing freckles with egg and lemon juice: I have freckles and I have heard that lemon juice fades them. Does it work? Is it good for your skin? Is there such thing as to remove freckles? ( 4 Jul 2009)
Prevent dark skin with natural skin care tips and treatments and make skin look fair and clear. Healthy diet for preventing hyperpigmentation of skin: I want to be fair. Suggest good remedy. (27 Jul 2009)
Excellent remedy for skin lightening is natural skin bleaching. Using lemon juice for making skin color fair and improving skin texture: I want to be fair in one week. (27 Jul 2009)
Good skin care routine and application of olive oil and egg for preventing wrinkles and make skin look charming and glowing: Suggest remedies for very old and wrinkle skin. (27 Jul 2009)
Dry frizzy hair control and hair fall natural home remedies: My hair is very frizzy and is not at all manageable. I am also suffering from great hair loss. Suggest some natural remedies. (28 Jul 2009)
Natural dry hair treatments with safflower oil and egg: for I just highlighted my hair with blonde streaks due to which hair looks really dry. What can I do to get back some of the sheen. I had hair dye 3 days ago. (27 Jul 2009)
Treat sensitive and dry skin by massaging the skin using paste natural homemade paste made using egg yolk, honey and milk powder: Please suggest a good moisturizer for my sensitive and dry skin. (27 Jul 2009)
Preventing skin darkening and glowing dark skin with natural remedies and skin care tips: I am having brown complexion with fair cheeks. Rest of the part is dark. Please suggest remedy. (27 Jul 2009)
Natural skin moisturizer for prevention and treatment of peeling skin on feet. Using apple cider vinegar and water for peeling feet healing: Why does bottom of feet of my 13 year old son peel? (27 Jul 2009)
Promote healthy hair growth with lemon. Hydrating shampoo and conditioner using egg, lemon and henna for strong hair growth: Can lemon act as a conditioner? (27 Jul 2009)
Prepare natural hair masks using mayonnaise for dry frizzy hair treatment and prevention: I have curly and frizzy hair and used some jergens body lotion. Is body lotion good for hair? (27 Jul 2009)
Lip care tips and treatments to get rid of dark upper lip: My upper lips are dark and larger than the lower one. How to make lips pink without swelling? Is honey good for lips? (29 Jun 2009)
Preventing skin irritation and itchy skin problem using tea tree, lavender, sandalwood, and margosa: Why do I have frequent itching on legs, face, arms etc? It also gets worse at night. (29 Jun 2009)
Best remedies for hair loss control with lettuce and spinach juice: How can I prevent hair fall. I am using herbal shampoo but I face hair loss even after applying oil, combing hair. How to take proper hair care? (29 Jun 2009)
Vitamin E diet for hair loss control: I started using almond and castor oil on hair and washing with organic shampoo. But if I miss oil one day I see hair fall. Also advice what stimulates hair growth from dead follicles? (30 Jun 2009)
Get strong hair root with warm and cold water treatment and nutritious hair diet: I dyed my hair 9 years ago and my hair does not stop from falling. Did I burn the root of my hair or is it a medical problem? (29 Jun 2009)
Natural cure for treating head lice using Margosa oil. Head lice removal shampoo should contain pyrethrum, permethrin or Lindane: How can we prevent lice from hair? (29 Jun 2009)
Reducing holes due to acne with natural home remedies of milk, aloe vera and chickpea flour: How to get clear skin from holes due to pimples? (23 Jul 2009)
Tinea Versicolor natural remedy using garlic: I am a black woman with light blemishes on face. What should I do or what can I use? (22 Jul 2009)
Clearing scars on face using honey and lemon juice. Green tea also helps to remove scar marks on face: I have red scars on face due to warts removal. How do I get rid of it? (22 Jul 2009)
Treating dark patches on skin with cucumber and tomato juice: I am having black marks on skin. Please suggest a good quality cream. (22 Jul 2009)
Hair moisturizing using natural oils helps to get rid of damaged hair. Almond or coconut oil is effective in strong and long hair growth: Any problems if split hair is straightened? (22 Jul 2009)
Natural remedies to get hair volume and stop hair thinning: I have very thin and straight hair. I want long hair with volume. What herbs and methods? (22 Jul 2009)
Nourishing and promoting hair growth using natural home remedies. Coconut milk for thin hair prevention: I am 17 years old and started getting bald from side. (22 Jul 2009)
Body hair removing tips and natural treatments to get rid of unwanted hair: I want to remove the hair from my whole body. Please let me know the how to remove or where should I go for removing hair. (20 Jul 2009)
Natural home treatment for oily skin and black head removal using milk and lime juice: I am 16 years old and my skin is oily. I have blackhead on my nose and want to get rid of it please suggest home treatment. (21 Jul 2009)
Darker skin tone treatment using natural home remedies. Reducing black marks on skin using home treatments of potato and lemon: Please suggest whether I can use coconut water on face for removing black marks. (19 Jul 2009)
Olive oil treatment for curing urticaria. Aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil for the treatment of small bumps on the body: What are these small pimples like bumps all over my hand and fingers? (21 Jul 2009)
Home remedies and hair care tips for treating hair graying naturally. To prevent graying of hair apply and massage boiled curry leaves and coconut oil on the scalp: How to treat white hair? (21 Jul 2009)
Warm compress for reducing swelling on foot. Get relief from swollen feet using natural treament: What can I put on my foot to reduce the swelling caused by a blood clot on the top of leg in the groin area? (19 Jul 2009)
Tips and techniques for hair removing. Getting rid of unwanted body hair naturally: My 14 year old daughter has hair on her nose. I thought it was black heads but after looking closer there are little black hairs. (20 Jul 2009)
Natural remedies for pityriasis alba. Tips to reduce the white skin spot appearances: My son aged 12 has suddenly started getting fine white spots on his face and neck. I want to know the reason and why are they slightly raised? (20 Jul 2009)
Home remedies and skin care tips to remove facial black marks caused due to pimples or acne. Oatmeal and honey for pimple scarring treatment: How to get rid of black marks on your face from acne? (21 Jul 2009)
Best way to treat skin pores using natural remedies of onion, cucumber and carrot and tightening the open pores and avoiding skin problems: How to tighten pores? (20 Jul 2009)
Bleach the skin with cucumber juice and get fairer skin: I am 17 years old with wheatish skin. I have oily skin and sweat out a lot. How can I get a fair, glowing and healthy skin complexion using homemade remedies? (17 Jul 2009)
Hair styling techniques and tips for small face person: I have a small head and not much of a chin either. My hair at the moment is shoulder length with a fringe. What hair style will suit on small head? (15 Jul 2009)
Restore hair pigmentation loss with buttermilk and coconut oil. Nourishing hair with natural oils to control early age hair graying: My age is 20. I recently found a small white strand in scalp. Is there any remedy for this? (14 Jul 2009)
Removing child body hair using natural homemade treatment of turmeric and chick pea flour: My daughter is 4 years old with hair on arms and neck. Can you please advise me how can to remove her hair? (15 Jul 2009)
Aloe vera gel skin benefits and scarring and blemish control treatment using garlic clove. Natural remedies for skin blemishes: How can I get rid of scar on legs? (14 Jul 2009)
Skin whitening products facts and side effects: I have been using a local fairness cream for 3 to 4 months which caused some white patches on cheeks and pigmentation on forehead. It seems the fairness cream had bleach content. Please help. (15 Jul 2009)
Solutions to remove hair on upper lip include waxing, bleaching and laser removal technique. Electrolysis is a less expensive hair removing solution: I am 21 years old with hair on upper lip. How to get rid of them? (15 Jul 2009)
Natural oil massage on scalp using almond oil, olive oil helps to nourish the hair and reduce loss of hair: I am 28 years of age 28 and facing hair loss due to change of location. Please suggest the tips. (15 Jul 2009)
Natural skin bleaching using lemon juice for dark skin spot treatment. For discolored skin lightening use milk cream: I am fat and brown skinned person with area between upper thigh and buttocks very dark due to rubbing. Please suggest remedy. (14 Jun 2009)
Combating acne with lemon juice and honey. Natural face scrub for preventing closed skin pores and reduce acne marks: I am suffering from acne since last four years. Please guide me to overcome from it. (14 Jun 2009)
Orange peel or lemon peel helps to get clear and acne free skin: I am 19 years old suffering from pimples and scars from the age of 13. I drink aloe vera, take vitamin c regularly. This has improved my complexion but pores and scars are still there. (10 Jun 2009)
Cure dark skin spot using beet root juice: I have been sitting in the sun a lot with sunscreen. There were small scabs and spots that I picked, and now I have white small marks that look like freckles. What are they? And how do I get them to go away? (13 Jun 2009)
For skin tan treatment, potato and lemon juice are very effective. Natural bleaching helps to glow the dark skin: I have fair skin but because of sun exposure the face has turned dark. Give me some tips to get fair skin back. (10 Jun 2009)
Hair diet to prevent and control loss of hair is vitamin B6, vegetables, whole grains. Almond and olive oil also helps for strong hair growth: How to prevent baldness? (13 Jun 2009)
Controlling hair fall with meditation and deep breathing techniques: I am 25 years old female with white and falling hair since childhood. Can lost hair be recovered? Please suggest remedies. (13 Jun 2009)
To control white spots on skin, vitamin D intake and avoiding citrus fruits and sea food is effective: My friend has white spot on neck. It is very small from last 6 to 8 months. It might spread on other parts too. Please tell treatment for this. (12 Jun 2009)
Natural tips and treatments to remove red colored spots on legs. Maintain strict hygiene to treat insect bites marks: What causes red itchy spots on leg? (13 Jun 2009)
Reducing stress with meditation and deep breathing improves blood circulation and helps to grow strong hair and prevents hair loss: How does an emotional disturbance affect the growth of hair? (10 Jun 2009)
To get rid of moles milkweed herb and castor oil is very effective. For mole removal, dandelion extract and cauliflower juice is also beneficial: How to remove raised mole? (13 Jun 2009)
Household remedies for pimple removal. Deep cleansing and preventing skin from pollution are good alternatives to stop pimple growth: Is petroleum jelly good to treat pimples? (10 Jun 2009)
Easy ways to remove unwanted hair on face are sugar waxing, tweezing or threading: I am 27 with hair on upper lip, chin and chicks. Can I do sugaring on face or electrolysis? (13 Jun 2009)
Improve lip color by applying mixture of fresh cream and saffron and drink plenty of water. Water keeps lip hydrated and helps to get soft lips: My lips are has different color. Please suggest remedy for pigmented lips. (13 Jun 2009)
Natural remedy for cradle cap using tea tree oil and aloe vera gel: In children there is development of white like powder on head. What are the causes and how to treat it? (26 Jun 2009)
Dry hair care tips and treatments to prevent hair drying at home: My hair is very dry. When I apply coconut oil they appeared locks with little amount of oil and it looks lifeless. Please tell how to grow hair fast with help of home remedies. ( 3 Jul 2009)
Make hair straight at home using hair iron and heat styling: I made the mistake of chemically straightening my hair but now I have half curly and half straight hair. Is there anything I can do? ( 2 Jul 2009)
Early age hair graying treatment with the application of Indian gooseberry and coconut oil. Natural hair tonic for premature gray hair control: How to prevent premature grey hair? (27 Jun 2009)
Natural skin treatment for treating Seborrhoeic Eczema includes application of aloe vera gel which is a non-oily moisturizer and massaging with onion: What is Seborrhoeic Eczema? (26 Jun 2009)
Hair nourishment with coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil for dry hair treatment. Natural hair care pack made up of bananas and beaten curd for improved hair texture: What are the natural drying hair solutions? (26 Jun 2009)
Minerals and vitamins to promote hair growth. Natural hair massage oils like primrose oil and flaxseed oil for healthy hair growth: Does olive oil help with forehead hair growth? ( 2 Jul 2009)
Removing excess unwanted hair using depilatory creams, gels, or lotions: I have a problem of thinning hair in the hairline region. How to manage fine and smooth hair along the hair line? Can I treat or remove with laser therapy? ( 2 Jul 2009)
Retain natural hair color by applying castor oil, Indian gooseberry oil or sesame seed oil on scalp: What should be done if hairs get whiter at the age of 20? And what are the reasons of hair getting whiter? (27 Jun 2009)
Treating facial pigmentation with yellow lentil and orange peels: I have tried lots of home remedy for pigmentation on face but they are not working. I want to remove them please give any good home remedy. ( 2 Jul 2009)
Get good hair growth using natural remedies and healthy balanced hair diet treatment. Proteins and vitamins for hair loss control: How to bring back the loss hair and stop hair from falling out? (28 Jun 2009)
Natural treatments for dull and damaged hair control. Nutrition for good hair growth: My hair is straight and dry and is thinning day by day. How to get shiny hair? ( 2 Jul 2009)
Make hair texture straight with natural hair conditioner: I am 16years old with normal wavy hair. I want silky and straight hair. Please suggest good shampoo or any good product for hair. ( 2 Jul 2009)
Care for child hair and control dandruff on children hair. Us mild hair shampoos and conditioners on child hair and keep hair healthy: Should children use shampoo or not? (30 Jun 2009)
Hair shampooing and conditioning tips to stop hair dryness and making hair smooth and lustrous: Please advice shampoo that will not dry out the oil on my hair. (30 Jun 2009)
Keeping the skin hydrated and increasing the intake of green vegetables helps to keep the skin glowing: When I stay at home my skin looks fair but when I go to school, skin becomes dull and dark. What should I do? ( 2 Jul 2009)
Shampooing tips for dry hair control and to make hair strong and thick. Using almond oil on hair before shampooing helps to make hair lustrous: Can I use almond oil after shampooing hair dry? ( 2 Jul 2009)
For regenerating hair growth home remedies are not effective. Finasteride, minoxidil, and ketoconazole help to promote thicker hair growth: Will castor oil help to regain hair growth on dead follicles in scalp and help maintain hair thickness? (30 Jun 2009)
Natural treatment for alopecia and controlling baldness. Growing thick hair follicles and stopping hair loss: How can I use castor oil to stimulate dead follicles and maintain thick growth? (30 Jun 2009)
Natural remedy to reduce scar includes application of cocoa butter, turmeric and honey. Using a mild moisturizer also helps to cure scarring: I have a scar in the middle of eyebrow from surgery. How to diminish the scar? ( 2 Jul 2009)
For getting fairer skin, fresh mint leaves can be applied on tanned skin. Remove dark patches on skin using cucumber slices or cucumber juice: How to lighten darker hands and face? (28 Jun 2009)
Treating pimple marks with garlic juice and fade acne marks by applying unripe papaya. Blemish control using lemon juice and honey: What are the natural treatments for pimple spots? (28 Jun 2009)
Heal chicken pox scar using natural remedy of lemon, honey and aloe vera gel. Healthy diet for chicken pox marks: Give some tips to clear chicken pox pimples from face. (28 Jun 2009)
Get rid of skin darkening using natural homemade paste of paste of oatmeal, tomato juice and yogurt. Applying raw milk and lime juice helps to lighten face skin: My face and hands are darker than body. How do I make them fair? (28 Jun 2009)
Get glowing fair skin with home remedy of Vitamin E capsule and castor oil. Lemon for skin bleaching and cleaning dark spots on skin: I am 32 years old with dark complexion on face. Also I have dark circles above and below. (28 Jun 2009)
Home remedies for skin blemish removal. Natural treatment for pimples and dark spots on skin: I have pimples on face and dark spots. Please give treatment for pimple free skin. (25 Jun 2009)
Using aloe vera gel and castor oil for eye brow hair loss treatment: Will aloe vera gel regrow eyebrow hair, if there is fungal infection or dermatitis which is not yet confirmed for a 16 year old? Does castor oil causes hair fall on eye brows? (24 Jun 2009)
Fresh lemon and cucumber juice for reducing chicken pox marks from face. Get rid of scarring using coconut water: I got chicken pox scar on face. I need natural and other ways to get clear scar free skin. (25 Jun 2009)
Vitamins E for skin help to make color of skin fair. Get fair skin using apple cider vinegar and castor oil: I am 20 years old girl. My hips are darker than body. What should I do to make skin fair? (24 Jun 2009)
Warm hair massage with natural hair oil to grow hair long and thick and prevent hair fall: I am 19 and have lost upper side hair with a very less growth. Please suggest the treatment. (24 Jun 2009)
Improve hair growth by rubbing a paste made up of fenugreek seeds and water: My hair is thinning rapidly, could you suggest some home remedies for faster hair growth. I have hypothyroidism for the last 2 years or so. Also less hemoglobin count. (23 Jun 2009)
Natural home treatment for lupus rash. Reduce lupus rash itching with cod liver oil and vitamin E oil: I have an itchy lupus rash what can I put on it to stop itch and rash. (25 Jun 2009)
Treat dull hair problem with apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise and avocado. Natural hair conditioner for strong hair growth: My hair is very rough and dull. I have major problem of hair fall from forehead. Tell some tips and remedies for strong hair. (25 Jun 2009)
Permed hair treatment with olive oil for smooth hair growth. Hair perming tips for healthy and smooth hair: How do I reverse a perm? (24 Jun 2009)
Natural bleaching for removing dark skin spots and enlarged holes on skin: My face has many black marks and minute holes. There is no glow on face. My skin is brown colored. What should I do to cure black skin marks? (25 Jun 2009)
Hair massage using natural hair oils helps to reduce hair loss and promotes hair growth. Consuming spinach, alfalfa or coriander juice is also helps to grow hair: How to stop hair fall? (24 Jun 2009)
Using intense pulsed light and electrolysis for permanent unwanted hair removal. Sugaring and waxing for removing body hair: I am 15 with thick hair on legs and hands. How can I get rid of it naturally? (24 Jun 2009)
Lip acne treatment with rose water and lime juice. Garlic and honey also help to cure pimple marks: I got pimples and pimple marks on upper lips. Please suggest any home remedy. (23 Jun 2009)
Crapped lips and chapped skin treatment using natural olive oil. Prevent dry lips and skin using honey and rose water: I have dry chapped skin around mouth and lips. Will consuming fish oil capsules help? (25 Jun 2009)
Natural remedy for hair growth using rosemary oil and lavender oil. Using banana and egg to get healthy hair: My hairs are too thin, what should I do to make hair thick and strong? (24 Jun 2009)
Getting rid of the oiliness and maintaining proper hygiene helps to get oil free skin and to glow facial skin: I am 24 yrs old having oily face skin. How to control oil on face. Give some tips to glow face in 2 weeks. (12 Jun 2009)
Get rid of stretched face pores with the application of honey, lemon juice, and rice flour. For preventing large skin pores, exposure to sunlight should be avoided: How can one reduce the size of facial pores in order to reduce oiliness? (12 Jun 2009)
Best product for hair strengthening is coconut oil. Balanced healthy diet and application of almond oil also protects hair damage: How can I use henna to strengthen hair without changing color? Is there a henna product with no color? (12 Jun 2009)
Skin whitening products should contain ingredients such as hydroquinone, Kojic acid, Azelaic acid: Which type of fairness cream should I use? (12 Jun 2009)
Early age hair loss can be controlled using Finasteride and Minoxidil. Also proper hair care measures and balanced diet helps to prevent hair loss: How to prevent hair loss for my son in an early age though my father in law has not lost his hair? (12 Jun 2009)
Best hair style tips and advice for long face: I am late in 50s and have a long face that is just developing jowls, giving it a slight square look also a hint of a double chin. How should I wear my hair? (11 Jun 2009)
Causes of pimples and pimple skin care advice and treatment to control pimple. Anti pimple cream for pimple remedy: How can I get rid of pimples? (11 Jun 2009)
Best hair cut advice for round face. Avoid short hair for round face. Styling hair for rounded face cut: On round face which type of hair cut suits? (12 Jun 2009)
Preventing hair problems with coconut oil: I got hair rebonded for the second time but hair condition has become very bad. Hair fall is also there. What should I do to correct it? Any particular therapy or treatment that you can suggest? (11 Jun 2009)
Control thinning and hair fall problem with healthy nutritious hair diet: I am losing hair and facing thinning hair problem and I am 23 years old. (11 Jun 2009)
Causes of itchy dandruff on hair and best way to control dandruff using tea tree oil: I have dandruff in hair. Can I use oil? (11 Jun 2009)
Laser hair removal and electrolysis treatment for removing the hair permanently: I do not want hair on underarms. Which hair removers are there so that after use hair will not come again? (12 Jun 2009)
Causes of skin pigmentation and controlling sun tanning using natural home treatments: I am using sunscreen gel for pigmentation. Is this good for skin? (12 Jun 2009)
Healthy hair care diet for making hair lustrous and beautiful and to avoid scalp dandruff: How to get rid of dandruff and get strong and thicker hair? (11 Jun 2009)
Vitiligo skin problem causes and symptoms: I have white mark on leg since 4 to 5 years. Recently I noticed there are two more white marks. There is no itching on the white marks. Can you please tell the reason? (11 Jun 2009)
Vitamin C rich fruit or vegetable juice should be applied on skin to get charming and beautiful skin: Does bleaching on face leads to hair growth? ( 7 Jun 2009)
Control hair growth by using finasteride and other hair removal techniques: Home remedies to lessen hair growth. ( 7 Jun 2009)
Healthy skin care diet and natural oil moisturizer for dry skin problem: I have dry skin and complexion is wheatish. I want to make skin smooth. Please suggest a remedy. ( 9 Jun 2009)
Almond oil for dandruff control: I have combination hair and skin. The scalp is oily and dandruff sticks to it and the ends are very dry. I have curly hair and it has not grown past a certain length. I apply homemade hair packs also. ( 7 Jun 2009)
Dermabrasion for chicken pox scar treatment: I came down with chicken pox 5 weeks ago. The doctor did not give the right medicine dosage hence I have many black marks all over the face and body. What can I use to get rid the marks quickly? ( 7 Jun 2009)
Almond and olive oil for strong and healthy hair growth: My hairs were long but I had a cutting recently and I want them to grow a bit faster. I want some quick easy homemade treatment for dry and split ends. ( 7 Jun 2009)
Hair removal and intake of anti androgenic drugs to prevent facial hair growth: How to control hair growth in face? ( 7 Jun 2009)
Proper eye care and eating Vitamin A and C supplements for puffy eye treatment: When I get up in the morning, eyes become puffy. What should I do to remove eye puffiness? ( 7 Jun 2009)
Skin tone is the best treatment to fade dark skin spots: How to remove the black marks on the face and the body? ( 7 Jun 2009)
Finasteride and Minoxidil for the treatment of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness: What is a good homemade remedy for growing hair? ( 7 Jun 2009)
Lighten skin color and prevent scarring using lemon and yogurt. Remove zits and pimples using natural home remedies: I am 28 years old and have acne on face. Please tell, what can I use for that? (16 Jun 2009)
Blemish causes and treatment with carrot juice. Lighten skin tone and reduce dark skin spots using papaya juice: How to remove the spot from the skin and how to get fair in one month? (15 Jun 2009)
Healthy and nourish hair with head massaging with natural oils helps to treat split-ends and broken strands. Make hair straight and soft using apple cider vinegar: What should we do for rough hair? (16 Jun 2009)
Causes of dark skin and natural skin bleaching using lime to lighten skin tone and making skin fairer: Suddenly face getting darker. How to make face fair again. Please help on this. (15 Jun 2009)
Treating skin allergies and skin disorders with different types of vitamins. Benefits of Vitamin E and C on various skin disorders: Could a person in a flower shop be allergic to leather leaf? (15 Jun 2009)
Steam treatment for dead skin removal: I am 25 and my skin is becoming wheatish even when I do not go out in summers. My face is little fatty which when become wheatish looks very bad. Please suggest natural remedy for glowing skin. (17 Jun 2009)
Information and tips on controlling blemish marks on skin. Natural home treatments to remove blemish and scar marks on the body: Please tell about the male blemishes. (15 Jun 2009)
Treat front hair loss and hair thinning at home using garlic and onion helps to strengthen the hair roots and prevent hair breakage: All my hair in the front and middle of head fell out. What can I do to help it grow back? (16 Jun 2009)
Treat damaged hair problem using natural scalp massage oils like almond oil and olive oil. Split end treatment using coconut oil massage: How to get silky hair? (16 Jun 2009)
Sources of vitamin B12 are shellfish, eggs, meat and dairy products like milk and cheese. Health benefits of vitamin b12: What vegetables or fruits are good supplemental sources of vitamin B12? (15 Jun 2009)
Treat underarm skin infection using natural scrub and exfoliation. Ingrown hair and underarm swelling remedy: I have a small swelling between arm and shoulder. What could this be? (17 Jun 2009)
Tips on making hair silky and smooth. Nourishing hair with scalp massaging using natural olive oil or coconut oil and prevent split end problem: How to grow straight hair? (15 Jun 2009)
Get rid of moles using methods of cryotherapy, laser therapy and electric cauterization. Excision and lancing techniques are also good mole removal treatments: Please suggest how can I remove my mole by easy and natural way? (23 Jun 2009)
Controlling hair fall by following rich nutrient diet and hair strengthening using almond and coconut oil: I want tips for hair falling. Please suggest if using a dove shampoo is ok. (23 Jun 2009)
Straighten hair using hair iron, hair relaxer and hot comb. Regular application of Vitamin E oil: How to get natural hair remedies for straight hair? (23 Jun 2009)
Control balding and hair thinning using natural combination of saw palmetto and zinc: I am having hair fall from past 6 months and hair is getting thinner from front. Please suggest some homemade herbal solution. (23 Jun 2009)
Lemon, honey and milk mixture is best for dark neck skin color lightening: My husband is having a dark black coloration around his neck. How to get rid of this using home remedy? (23 Jun 2009)
Remedy of dark toe skin includes washing the feet with salicylic acid and exfoliating using a pumice stone: I got black scars on my toes, Doctor prescribed me Novasalic Betamethasone Dipropionate. But I got still black scars. What should I do? (22 Jun 2009)
Hair styling tips for a round face. Best hair styles for round face are soft waves and asymmetrical styles: What hair style suits round face? I have lot of thick straight hair. (23 Jun 2009)
Prevent lip darkening by exfoliating the lip using tooth brush and massaging the lips with a good lip balm: How to get the pink lips? I have dark lips not extreme. Will daily use of lipstick cause any damage to the lips? (23 Jun 2009)
Treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation with natural ingredients like rosehips oil, soymilk and lemon juice: I have been taking plaquenil for a year and 3 months and all of sudden my arms are getting darker. What can I do about this? (23 Jun 2009)
Salicylic acid is the best for treating pimple scarring and pimple pores. Tretinoin based cream is also good for scarring treatment: I have got pimples, scars and pores due to pimples. Suggest some homemade effective remedies. (23 Jun 2009)
Temporary hair coloring is good for covering grey hair. Vitamin E oil is also good for gray hair treatment: What is sold to just cover the grey hair? I have heard they have a wand which works something like a mascara? (23 Jun 2009)
Hyperpigmentation disorder can be treated using Vitamin C bleach methods which include lemon and onion: I have problem of hyperpigmentation on face that is dark area around my mouth. So please suggest some home remedies to cure this permanently. (22 Jun 2009)
Treat chicken pox scar by rubbing a lemon and Vitamin E oil: I have one chicken pox scar on my face due to scratching some four years back. Please tell how to remove it without laser treatment? (23 Jun 2009)
Dark skin around neck can be lightened by applying mixture of lemon and yogurt which helps to get rid of unwanted skin tan: My son is 10yrs old and he has a carmel complexion. But his neck is too dark what can I get to tone his neck down? (22 Jun 2009)
Reducing hair loss by eating nutrient rich diet. Hair diet includes high intake and Vitamin B-6, folic acids and others: I am losing hair. What can I do to stop it? (27 May 2009)
Drinking lot of water and good intake of ginger helps in getting regular menstrual periods: I had period. First day was light and second day was normal and after that it was just like spotting and that is not my natural period. What can be wrong? (28 May 2009)
To get healthy and lustrous hair, hot oil treatment is beneficial: I have hair that sticks to scalp. It looks like very dark root coming out and when I pull the hair it feels like my hair is ripping like paper. Also my hair is falling. (28 May 2009)
Get bright skin using potato and honey: I am a 19 year old boy and have a little dark and dull complexion. I have some acne and pimple marks on skin but skin is not oily. Please suggest effective home remedies to get a clear, fair and glowing complexion? (28 May 2009)
Reduce baldness and get long hair using balanced hair care diet. Diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps to grow strong hair: I am 19 years old and losing hair from front. What should I do to stop and regain hair? (28 May 2009)
Hair diet to strengthen and make hair strong. Straighten hair naturally at home: My hair is curly only in the top and bottom hair is almost straight. Even my hair is so weak. Where can I get these hair straighteners and straightening brushes? ( 2 Jun 2009)
Get long flowing hair by applying mixture of egg yolk and egg white on hair. This helps to make hair longer and shiny: My hair is not shiny and is always curly. I want shiny and wavy hair. (28 May 2009)
Tips for hand care and making hand and palm skin smooth by applying olive oil. Massaging using butter also helps to get smooth hand: How do you get a soft and supple palm and hand naturally and fast. (28 May 2009)
Causes and reducing dark circle and eye puffiness: I am 19 year old guy having dark circles and little puffiness under eye. What should I do? Please suggest home remedies. (28 May 2009)
For good hair growth, rich protein diet of eggs, beans and soy should be taken: I am a 23 yr old. My hair does not grow every month. I trim them but it does not go beyond the shoulders. Please suggest remedy for this as it is going thinner day by day. (27 May 2009)
Permanent method of hair removal is electrolysis: I am 15yrs old with lot of hair on cheeks, neck and around lips with blackness. Please help me to reduce it. (29 May 2009)
For oily hair and scalp treatment, use vinegar rinse or lemon juice. Applying apple cider vinegar also helps to remove oil from hair: Should oiled hair be combed? And if it is left overnight should it be tied or left opened? (30 May 2009)
Bruising remedies includes application of milk and increasing intake of parsley which helps to cure bruises: Can milk help get rid of a bruise quickly? (28 May 2009)
Removal of cysts using home remedies: I have a cyst in breast and other parts of body they are very painful. When they go away it always leaves a scar and they sometimes come back in the same place. Is there a lotion or medication. (29 May 2009)
Treat nail infection using proper nail care and soaking them in a tub of Listerine: How to keep nails healthy? I have nail infection since years and taking cream which cures it but comes in another finger. Please advice. (29 May 2009)
Stop hair growth permanently using laser hair treatment and waxing: and I have hairs on legs that are very long and thick. How to make them a bit lighter? (29 May 2009)
Making skin fair using paste made up of honey and peanut: I am 26yrs old woman living in New Zealand. My skin is getting dark and dry. I am using tomato once a week for getting fair skin. What home remedies I can use to get rid of dark and dry skin. (28 May 2009)
For hair breakage treatment, massage hair using hot oil treatment of warm coconut oil and follow good hair diet: I have broken hair especially on the front portion. I have used serum but that does not work. Please help. (30 May 2009)
Get healthy skin using tea tree oil and balanced diet: I am having some bumps on the surface of nose since many years. I have been treated with injections and some minor surgery known as quatery. But seen no results. Please help, my nose appears big. (29 May 2009)
Removing wrinkles and treating dry skin problem using home remedies: My hands and feet are wrinkled and dry. Please suggest a remedy to avoid this and make it look more presentable. (29 May 2009)
Get rid of excess oil on skin using homemade face masks: I am 25 years old and my skin is oily. I do not actually know which massage cream should I use during summer and winter season. Please advise me. (27 May 2009)
Warm oil massage to stop hair fall and reduce dandruff problem: I am a 13 year old girl having hair fall and dandruff problems from now. How do I treat them and make hair silky, strong, thick and straight naturally? (26 May 2009)
Home treatments to remove hair on face: I have unwanted hair on upper lips, cheek and chin. Please advice for removal of unwanted hair as soon as possible as I am getting married in November 2009. Request for home made remedies only. (27 May 2009)
Treating white spots on skin using mint leaves, margosa or holy basil leaves: My son is 9 years and 9 months since last year he has been getting small mustard like white thing on face? What is the reason? (27 May 2009)
Treat thinning hair problem and grow hair fast by massaging using herbal hair oils: My hair does not grow and it is going thinner day by day. Please suggest something related to this problem. (27 May 2009)
Get rid of curly hair by moisturizing and conditioning your hair using aloe vera gel: Please advise me which is good shampoo and conditioner for curly hair? What gives smooth and silky hair? (27 May 2009)
Reducing stretch mark skin problem using daily application of lavender oil. Almond and olive oil also helps to fade stretch mark scar: How to remove stretch and underarm pit marks? (26 May 2009)
Get silky and strong hair using treatments of fenugreek seeds and yogurt. Indian gooseberry is very beneficial for strong hair growth: Tips for hair fall. (27 May 2009)
Get glowing, smooth and radiant skin using natural scrub made up of lemon and honey: I want my skin to glow, what should I do to get it? (26 May 2009)
Herbal oil and shampoos containing basil and Indian gooseberry for making coarse hair, healthy and shining: My hair gets kind of coarse whenever I use any oil, what should I do? (26 May 2009)
Causes and solutions for cracked heel problem. Glycerin and rose water treatment for moisturizing the feet and treating cracked heel: What is the reason for cracked heels and mention the successful treatment also. (16 Jun 2009)
Best dandruff and hair loss solution in application of either lavender, rosemary or lemon shampoo: Please give me a solution for hair loss and dandruff. (22 May 2009)
Facial skin care for oily skin. Germ oil for moisturizing the face: My face is oily and with pimple pit marks on my face. When it becomes oily in the mid day, marks are seen more. What should I do? ( 9 May 2009)
Essential hair care to protect hair from dust and sun. Home hair conditioner to maintain healthy hair growth: What should be done to prevent hair from wind? I use two wheeler. ( 8 Jun 2009)
To tighten skin pore use sandalwood powder and tomato as a natural skin toning agent. Honey is also an effective treatment for pore: How to get rid of pores. Is there any cream? (21 May 2009)