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Skin Tightening Mask - Peel a cucumber and whip it up with two egg whites. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of brandy and half a teaspoon of ground mint optionally. In case the mixture is watery, add some Kaolin (white clay) to the extent that the mixture turns thick. Make a generous application of the paste on the areas with large pores and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse off with clear water. Use this recipe at least twice a week.

Herb Helper - Buy some camphor powder from the chemist. To a tablespoon of Kaolin, add a pinch of camphor, a tablespoon of honey and few drops of brandy. Apply it on the face and leave it on for twenty minutes before rinsing it off. Instead of camphor, alum (phltkari) powder works equally well. Use the recipe daily.

Corn Meal/Oat Meal Mask - Make a thick paste of corn meal or broken wheat (dhalia) in some butter milk or cucumber juice. Use it on the face for fifteen minutes and rinse it off. Apart from treating the large pores, this mask helps in improving the texture of the skin.

Large Pore Astringent - Mix one and a half ounce of cucumber juice, one ounce of Benzoin available with chemist, about an ounce Cologne (perfume) in 5 ounces of rose water. Use this mixture several times during the day to clean the oily skin.

Do's and Don’ts

  • Do not pick or squeeze acne whiteheads, pustules and papules.
  • Apply minimum make-up if the skin condition is extremely oily.
  • Cleanse your face at least three times a day with a light soap and water.
  • Use an alcohol-based astringent several times a day to tone the skin pores.
  • Use water-based cosmetic and powder make-up product.
  • Follow the home-made cosmetic care religiously.

The home-care toning routine is a convenient way of dealing with large pores. It is important to use the astringent especially after the acne; whitehead or blackhead is picked to close the pore. Apart from the recipes explained, vinegar in water, milk, yogurt, tomato and almond meal are the other food products effective in treating the skin pore condition. They can be used in the form of lotions and facial masks.

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