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Get Rid of Large Pores - Enlarged Pore Treatment & Tips on How to Tighten Pores

How to get rid of open pores on skin permanently?

How to Get Rid of Large Open Pores on Skin and Reduce Large Pores?

Open skin pores are generally also known as enlarged pores, and are a fairly common skin problem. There are several methods you can employ for enlarged pore treatment and to reduce the size of these enlarged facial pores or large pores and improve your looks at the same time. A whole lot of these methods to tighten pores are also easily available at home. However, if you are unable to reduce pores or your problem is out of control, you would have to opt for a stronger solution to open facial pores such as cosmetic surgery to take care of it. Before you do this, it would be advisable to interview at least three cosmetic surgeons and get their views on your condition first. Since this procedure is relatively expensive, you may not want to move into unchartered territory without any proper information.

If you do not wish to involve any invasive procedure like surgery for enlarged pores treatment, however, then you can use simpler methods to take care of the problem and reduce the size of open facial pores. There are certain face packs you can use to return the elasticity of your skin which has been lost when the pores expanded to such a degree. Soak some almonds overnight. Remove their skins and make a fine paste of them to which you can add a few drops of rose water. Apply this to your skin and leave it on till it dries out. Wash with water. Almonds have the property of gradually returning the elasticity of your skin, thus shrinking your pores as well.

You can also make a collagen face pack which will help to tighten your skin and make it look generally better. Take two tablespoons of crushed pineapple, add a teaspoon of egg whites and a few drops of honey to this. This pack can be used weekly. It will not only clear out your complexion, it will also help to improve the elasticity of your skin. This will also help considerably with reducing your pores and get rid of open pores. You can also make a face pack with plain yogurt to which a pinch of rock salt has been added. Applying this on your face will rid you of dark spots and enlarged pores as well. You must also begin a daily routine of skin maintenance. Make it a point to cleanse, moisturize and tone your skin every night before going to bed. To take care of your problem, use an astringent based lotion or liquid as a toner. This will show very good results. Alternately, you can also use camphor lotion and leave it on overnight. But make sure you do this no more than twice a week, or your skin may just dry out.