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Find out how you can get that wonderful bronze tan in other ways besides staying out in the sun for hours.

People often perceive tanned individuals as sexy and exotic. This kind of a perception has led people to go and get tanned as well and the quest for the golden tinted skin has taken on numerous forms because of this.

Among the ways for people to get and sport a tan, the most common one and the least expensive one is sun tanning. Staying out in the sun for certain periods of time to get that luxuriously golden color is often helped along with a tanning lotion or a suntan lotion. People often do this in conjunction with going to the beach or a sun exposed area and they spend a huge portion of their time there lying under the sun, trying to get the perfect tan. Tanning under the sun is not without tanning problems, however. Among the things people do not like when tanning under the sun are the tan lines and the uneven tan they can get. This is where artificial tanning solutions come in.

Tanning salons were created to answer the need for flawless tans without tan lines and the problem of uneven coloring. Tanning salons often use a few tanning techniques. One of the most popular tanning techniques they use involves the utilization of a tanning machine called the tanning bed. A tanning bed basically gets a person an even tan by using ultraviolet rays to give a person that tan they want. Since a tanning bed is often placed in a room where the person can tan in private, with the help of a tanning technician, they can always tan in the buff, eliminating those tan lines. The effects of a tanning bed is called a commercial tan and can be had in a few tanning sessions that can run for 4 weeks or so, with maintenance tanning sessions being done every now and then.

Another alternative to these tanning options is sunless tanning or tanning with the use of chemicals. Sunless tanning uses certain chemicals that react to the skin's amino acid content to give it the golden tint that people love getting. While a lot of people scoff at this technique, calling it a few terms like fake bake and canned tan, there are people who do use this for that quick tanned looking skin. These instant tan products often work in a span of one to six hours and comes in either gel, lotion, mousse, wipe or spray forms. You can also get your sunless tanning application from tanning booths that spray the substance on your body evenly or by an airbrush equipped tanning technician.