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Causes of Pigmentation

Pigmentation is the evidence of a substance that produces a color in plant or animal tissue. Patches of skin that appear to be darker than the color of the rest of the skin is and said to be caused by external factors is called epidermal pigmentation. Normally the skin color is produced by melanin. This is a natural substance that also decides eye and hair color. When there is too much deposit of melanin in the skin, pigmentation occurs. It is a complaint of skin tone and color. Sometimes it can happen all over the body but most of the time in patches and spots.
It has been said that the most common causes of skin pigmentation is external. What our skin undergoes because of too much exposure to the elements, especially the sun, contributes to the happening of skin pigmentation. Sun basking for that glorious tan may not be glorious after all. Excessive sun is not always good. Anything not exercised in moderation can always do more harm than good. The sun’s ultra violet rays can permeate the skin at the same time damage the skin cells. Always use shields when going for a tan. But what we put on our skin can also cause discoloration. Take makeup for instance. Some makeup products are chemically charged. Any wrong cosmetic that touches the face causes harmful effects on the skin surface. Chemical found in cosmetics would include mercury and chemical substances found in colors. Pigmentation on some spots is the resulting effect.

But don’t despair. What is skin deep can always be remedied. External factor is not something to be alarmed about. Oral medications like drugs for hypertension, diabetes, asthma, birth control and acne can bring about adverse upshot on the skin. Frequently, these drugs can generate skin pigmentation. They may not be harmful though, medically that is; yet check it out with your physician as this can be an indication of skin cancer. It doesn’t look good. No doubt about that. So the cosmetic world has come up with lightening creams and lotions to help diminish the appearance of skin blemishes and dark spots. But this has to be applied under the supervision of a physician. It is unwanted so it has gotta go.

Pigmentation, whether by exposure to excessive sun, oral medications, or the wrong cosmetic for the face, can be remedied. But the best thing to do is always to avoid what external factor may be causing the dark spots around your face. When under the sun wear shields. That may be in the form of sun blocks or sunscreen lotions or hats. It is always the taking heed of precautionary measures that saves our skin from being blotched. Getting some sun is beautiful, but extra sun can be damaging. Naturally avoid the appearance of dark spots to maintain that even skin tone. Our beautiful skin is what keeps our body together glowingly, let’s keep it that way.

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