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Pseudomonas, also known as the “Green nails”, is a bacterial infection that occurs between the nail plate and the nail bed. The green coloring of the bacteria that can be seen on the nails is a result of the infection, and comes from iron compounds. Pseudomonas thrives in moist places, so it can spread in the nail plate if the nail has been lifted. If left on its own, it will take two to three months for it to go away on its own. The best one can do to cure it, is to keep nails short, and paint the nails to avoid showing the discoloration.
The main cause of the infection is when the nail plate is not cleansed properly, or germs that have spread from a dirty nail file. Nail files used in beauty salons should be sanitized, as germs can spread from one hand to the other. Sanitation and cleansing of nail products are the most preventive way against the spreading of pseudomonas. It is also important to keep nails at a healthy length, because keeping them long increases the chances of the original nail being lifted and the bacteria enters.
Nail enhancements and artificial nails are also another main cause for the nail disease. The removal of the artificial nail sometimes lifts the original nail, and forms a pocket on the nail bed. As water and bacteria creep in, the bacterium begins to consume inside the nail and it grows and multiplies in the moisture. The green coloring is the waste products left behind by the bacteria. If you wear nail enhancements, remember to avoid as much as possible lifting the artificial nail, since the original nail is stuck to it. As both nails lift, the pockets will form on the nail bed, allowing entry of bacteria. Whether you do wear artificial nails or not, it is important to practice hygiene by constantly washing hands and using alcohol to keep bacteria at bay.
Technically the bacteria are harmless while it is in the nail, but at all costs must be prevented from entering the body by putting the infected finger in the mouth or through cuts. It is necessary to ensure that all nail enhancements are sanitized properly before use, and during the use of artificial nails, to avoid lifting them as much as possible. Also remember that the artificial nails themselves are not the cause for the nail disease, but is it the lifting of the nail that causes it.
Thankfully, keeping a clean regimen daily can help prevent one from acquiring the nail disease. It is simply a matter of hygiene, as constant washing of hands in soap and constantly cleansing the hands in rubbing alcohol can prevent the disease from occurring. The cleanliness of the nails and prevention of pseudomonas is very important, because if the bacterium reaches the blood stream, bone, or root of the nail, there is no other way to stop it but to amputate the finger. Prevention is the best medicine against pseudomonas.