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Nail spas are nail salons, fully equipped with latest technology instruments and methods to look after your nails and keep them glowing and shining. Here your nails are given proper care by cosmetic experts so that they look and stay healthy. The process includes massaging, filing, cleaning and other steps of manicure. Other nail services like French nails, acrylic nails etc. are also provided. The atmosphere and ambience of these spas is generally quiet and luxurious. The experience in itself makes you feel special.

Spa manicure


  • The first step of spa manicure is dipping your hands in warm and aromatic water.
  • Then your hands are rubbed gently.
  • Spa manicure has something extra than the regular manicure. Your hands and nails are given aromatic salt rub and a paraffin dip.
  • Now is the time to enjoy the relaxing hand massage.
  • Your nails are painted with a suitable color of nail paint or they mey be left like that as per your wish.

The cosmetic experts in spas shape your nails beautifully and guide you regarding nail colors that will suit your skin and will go the best with the season.

Spa pedicure

  • Your feet are soaked in lukewarm water having bath salts and oil of your choice added to it.
  • Rubbing them with an exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin is done.
  • Now your feet are rinsed with cold water and dried gently with a soft towel.
  • Cuticle is pushed back and nails are trimmed to give them a nice shape.
  • Now comes the massage part. Your feet are given a gentle massage with high quality moisturizer. Massage is done in a particular way from toes to calves using acupressure rollers and vibra nodes.
  • Finish the procedure with application of nail polish. Firstly a base coat is applied followed by a second coat.  

You can do experiment with colors. You can ask the beautician to apply a pale shade on your nails and a darker one on your toes or vice versa. You can also get stripes, stickers or tattoos done to your nails.

The job done at a nail spa has no chips and bubbles and lasts for a longer period of time. Now a days, there are a number of products like nail spa kits containing foot gel, foot scrubber, massager etc., to do spa manicure and pedicure at home if you know the technique. But, if you are in a mood of enjoying the luxury and that special treatment, then spa salons are eager to serve you.