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Nail Care Tips

Both men and women now visit salons to have manicures and pedicures or buy professional nail care products. Indeed, the topic of nails and of how to care for them is for everyone, man or woman, young or old.

Natural Nail Care

Apart from regularly visiting a nail salon, one can also care for his or her nails even at home by soaking them in olive oil for about twenty minutes. This should be done every other day and the oil should be a bit warm. This natural nail care method is to harden brittle nails. If you have hard nails, soak them in horsetail. You can also use organic silica (which will induce nail growth), essential fatty acids, methyl-sulfonyl-methane and you may also take vitamin B regularly since this will help strengthen your nails. Also, check out the benefits of biotin, a vitamin given to animals in order to strengthen their nails.

Research suggests that this may also help human nails. You can purchase this type of vitamin in health food stores and in pharmacies but do ask medical opinion first before you use it. If you are fond of doing your manicures or pedicures on your own, do this after you have taken a shower or a bath. This way, all the dirt from under your nails has been cleaned up. If you prefer clear polishes, you may want to use a clear top coat. This will decrease the chances of your nails chipping off. Apply two or even three coats. Also, avoid using nail polish removers every now and then. This is because nail polish removers have certain ingredients that cause the nails to become dehydrated. Dried out nails are prone to crack. This, of course, means that you are not encouraged to change the color of your nails more than once a week.

Make it a point not to remove the cuticles of your nails, by the way. Removing them will only make your nails prone to infection. You may also want to rub moisturizing creams and lotions on your hands and on your nails as a way to further strengthen them. Many apply the creams before they go to bed or after they have used their hands in a rough task like doing the laundry by hand.

Amid all these tips, however, one must understand that the most important aspect in nail care is still healthy and strong nails. There is no point of polishing them and doing all the other fancy works if you have soft nails that are too fragile or can easily break.