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Nail Art

Art knows no boundaries. There is no surface, no matter how large or small that escapes an artist’s instruments of expression, be it canvass, the walls of a building, the side of a mountain, the ceiling of a church, or some other non-traditional location. Even the human body can serve as the medium for art. It is no wonder then that the finger and toenails inevitably become a surface for artistic expression.

Nail art is not really something new. The application of colored nail polish itself on the fingernails can already be considered art in its basic form. The application of different colors on the different finger and toe digit can also be considered as air support. However, over time, artistic expression has gone beyond the mere application of color. Nail technicians became nail artists, experimenting with various nail designs to their personal delight as well as those of their clientele.

Finger and toenails art is really quite fascinating. Imagine trying to express yourself artistically on a surface that is, quite literally, thumb size! Yet, it can be done as evidenced by the various nail art designs that are the forte of professional nail artists.
Some of the early forms of nail art were simply the application of small stickers on top of pre-nail polished finger and toenails. The design was on the sticker, with the nail polish providing the background. This was a hit with teenagers. This nail art form was so simple that it was actually possible to buy the stickers and apply them yourself. This type of nail art form cyclically generates interest.

The more sophisticated nail art form is freeform nail art. With this type of nail art, the artist treats the nail plate as a canvass, using nail polish of a wide variety of colors as he would with “normal” paint. The materials used, however, are not necessarily limited to nail polish. For example, the use of precious or semi-precious stones as an accent is a popular practice. Colored dust is another material that can be used in nail art.

The frustrating thing about nail art is its transient characteristic. Unlike most other surfaces, the nail plate grows over time. This means that the work of art also changes up to a point wherein the original artwork disappears over a relatively short period of time. This fact, however, does not discourage many a member of the female gender to spend countless dollars having this done to her.

The fingernails of a woman do not escape scrutiny, whether done by design or by choice. That is why it is important that these remain clean and presentable at the very least. If you have some money to burn, time to sit through an extended session, and a special event to go to, consider having your nails going beyond “just” presentable with a nail art session with your favorite nail artist. That way, you will certainly be remembered for a long time, even until the time that the event and the nail art are just mere memories.