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Fake Nails

There are many women who are not contented with their current physical attributes. They want to be bigger here, smaller there, rounder here, etc. Hence, those who can afford it go thru enhancement and/or augmentation treatments. There are no sacred cows. Even nails are being considered for enhancement/augmentation.

Fake nails are used to enhance the appearance of nails. They are made of a pliable plastic-type of material that look and feel like real nails except for the color, which is white. These false nails are placed on top of the real nails and secured using nail glue. Once secure on the nail surface, these are cut, smoothened out, etc., to make them appear to be a natural part of the real nails. Once this is accomplished, nail polish is then applied to cover whatever imperfections and gaps there are.
It does not stop there, however. Instead of ending with the normal nail polish, drawings and designs may be added for décor. Nail art is what the finished product will be. With a bigger surface to work on than normal fingernails, better expression of art may be accomplished.
Having fake nails is aesthetically justifiable. However, the sad truth about fake nails is that that is all they really are: aesthetics. There is no utility for fake nails. First of all they are bulky. Secondly, they are expensive. Thirdly they are still essentially transient in nature.

More on nail art: Some of the early forms of nail art were simply the application of small stickers on top of pre-nail polished finger and toe nails. The design was on the sticker, with the nail polish providing the background. This was a hit with teenagers. This nail art form was so simple that it was actually possible to buy the stickers and apply them yourself. This type of nail art form cyclically generates interest.

The more sophisticated nail art form is freeform nail art. With this type of nail art, the artist treats the nail plate as a canvass, using nail polish of a wide variety of colors as he would with “normal” paint. The materials used, however, are not necessarily limited to nail polish. For example, the use of precious or semi-precious stones as an accent is a popular practice. Colored dust is another material that can be used in nail art.

The fingernails of a woman do not escape scrutiny, whether done by design or by choice. That is why it is important that these remain clean and presentable at the very least. If you have some money to burn, time to sit through an extended session, and a special event to go to, consider having your nails going beyond “just” presentable with a nail augmentation and art session with your favorite nail artist. That way, you will certainly be remembered for a long time, even until the time that the event and the nail art are just mere memories.

Fake nails have a place in a woman’s vanity. They augment what is not a naturally given feature. What is important to note is that, with the right professional help, you will not even be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is a fake.