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Winter Makeup

During winter, heavier makeup is usually called for. There are many tips for make up use during the winter season. It is usually polished and deep colors that are the trend for the winter season and many women look exceptionally well in these colors.

Several tips for winter makeup include:

  • Moisturize your body and lips especially during winter. You may think that the cold winter season will not dry your skin out but it will; the cold winds and dry air can dry out your skin, including your lips and hair. In this regard, use sun block when you go out for the day. Even during the winter season, you will need to put on sun block to help your skin cope with the sun’s rays.  You may not feel the heat but your skin will still burn when you stay out in the sun for too long.
  • Waterproof makeup is great especially during the snowy days. You might not notice it but snow melts and it could also melt away your make-up and make it smear, especially around the eyes if you aren’t vigilant. Waterproof mascara will serve you well during these times.
  • Use deep and polished colors that are usually the trend for the winter season. Deep reds and plums are great for winter nights and days. Shimmery or smoky eyes are also right for winter. One suggestion, though, is to keep from going overboard by accentuating both your eyes and lips. It is better to mute one of them and let the other shine. Accentuating both will turn out garish and too much. Cinnamon colors along with other deep browns are very good for the winter.
  • To properly moisturize your skin from the ravages of winter, you might also like to put on night cream after cleansing your face from make-up and going to sleep. Some moisturizers really help a lot since winter can dry out the skin.
  • Keep your hair moisturized and nourished by applying conditioner when needed. Winter events usually call for formal and prudently coiffed hair. Make sure that your hair is kept in place and not all over the place.
  • You can keep your fingernails in tip top shape by keeping them well rounded and not too long. Long finger nails are not too popular these days and the color is usually creamy pink or coral. You might also opt for shimmery soft colors to make your fingernails more elegant.
  • You might also like to lighten your foundation during winter because skin tends to be lighter during the winter season. Do not go too light though, maybe a shade lighter than the foundation that you normally wear during the other seasons will suit you.
  • Beware of static especially in hats and other head covering that you might use during   winter. Having a bad hair day because of static frizz will only make you more harassed. You can apply anti-static on some of your combs, brushes and hats to avoid hair standing on end when you take off t\your head gear.
  • Drinking lots of water during the winter season will also help keep you moisturized. You could also spritz some mist on your face every now and then to keep your face fresh.