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Semi Permanent Makeup

For some women, putting on makeup can become such a chore. Other women also feel that putting on makeup is just not enough. For these reasons and more, semi-permanent makeup are fast becoming popular makeup alternatives for many women.

Semi-permanent makeups are popular with persons who want to hide unsightly birthmarks, scars, and other marks on the skin. The operation involved with the application of semi-permanent makeup is similar to that of tattooing. However, it is far safer as cosmetic doctors use the most sterile and clean procedures and instruments in applying semi-permanent makeup.

The application of semi-permanent makeup uses a disposable electric pen tool. This tool is used in implanting the iron oxide pigment under the dermal layer of the skin. The results of a semi-permanent makeup operation can last for many years.

For maximum safety, before the operation, the client is patch tested for any adverse reactions to the pigments used for the semi-permanent makeup and the anesthetics used for the operation. Usually, the results are negative and statistics have shown that only 0.1% have adverse reactions to the operation.

The treatment is a quick one, lasting only one and a half hours to three hours. Most people who take semi-permanent makeup treatments have noted minimal discomfort regarding the operation. In fact, the operation has been said to be comparable to eyebrow plucking or leg waxing. There is usually no discomfort after the operation is done.

The most common semi-permanent makeup is the semi-permanent eye makeup. This is usually to cover some deformation or other undesirable condition of the eyebrow. This semi-permanent makeup operation usually helps to add fullness and definition to the eyebrow of the person.

During a treatment for semi-permanent makeup for the eyes, the form of the makeup is drawn with a marker before the surgery so as to give the patient a chance to see the full effect of the operation and to decide on what is their preference. Once the patient has decided, the proper amount of pigment is placed on the indicated places.

Another popular semi-permanent makeup treatment is treatment for the lips. The semi-permanent makeup treatment for the lips usually serves to enhance the natural pigmentation of the skin around the lips. This can correct uneven lip shapes. With a semi-permanent makeup treatment on the lips, the lips can be shaped perfectly, resulting in fuller, more beautiful lips.