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Monsoon Makeup

Rainy season may pose a great challenge for you to maintain that prim and proper makeup. During the monsoon season, it is more like sheets, so makeup may wash off as likely as not. Moreover, the humidity factor is also higher during the monsoon season, so this will add to the moisture factor. With all this water threatening in mind, being prepared makeup wise for a sudden downpour will ensure you keep your poise if not your cosmetics. The following are suggestions to keep you on the loop using monsoon makeup:

  • Start with a clean face by washing with a mild, face soap. An ice cube may be used to rub over the face to decrease the level of sweating while putting on the makeup. It will also keep the makeup on longer. For those with oily skin, an astringent should still be used while those with normal to dry skin may content themselves with a toner. Waterproof moisturizers may also be used to serve as a base for the makeup.
  • As much as possible, avoid using foundation because it will just melt off your face. Try out a good face powder that matches your skin tone so even if it washes off, there will be no unseemly blotches left. Concealers will not work out well if you get drenched so leave it off for the season. If it is really necessary for those unseemly dark smudges under the eyes, use a water-resistant foundation instead, unless you are okay with looking like the corpse bride.
  • Use powder at a minimum, just enough to take out the shine. Pressed powders tend to get patchy when wet, so avoid the leopard look and abstain.
  • The real kicker is mascara, which will really get the raccoon look going unless it is water-resistant. The same goes for eyeliner. Absolutely do not use kajal, or kohl, if you prefer. So far, there is no water-resistant kohl in the market. Avoid using eyebrow pencil as well, and keep those eyebrows in control with thread or tweezers. It is a drag but better than getting shaggy.
  • Powder-based eye shadow in sheer or pastel shades would look great because it is easier to maintain when it rains. For blush, stick with the cream kind, which are water friendly, but use sparingly. Aim for the delicate tint rather than the clown impression. Blend with the fingers outwardly and you are set. Browns and peaches are the best color for overcast days.

There are a lot of stay-on and kiss-proof lipsticks, so invest in one or two in your favorite shades. Keep it light as well, preferably the powder matte or cream matt varieties. The creamy, glossy ones will just look out of place when everything else you are wearing is on the light side. Lip liners should also be waterproof unless the pouty look is what you are aiming for. That is fine until it starts running down your chin.

The monsoon may keep you from enjoying sunny weather, but that is no reason to look down in the dumps. Strike a cheerful note with a nicely made-up face that will not streak in the rain.