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Lip Liner - Style your lips with Glossy Lip Liners

Women love to look good and one way for women to look good is with make up. Among the many types of make up that women love, lip liner stands out as one of the better ones.

A lip liner is similar to an eye liner in that it is used to outline and enhance a certain part of the face. Where eye liners enhance the shape of the eyes, lip liners enhance the shape and contour of the lips. Lip liners are usually used together with lipstick. Lipsticks provide the overall coloring of the lips while lip liners prevent the inevitable feathering of the lipstick around the edges by providing an outlining effect on the lips.

Lip liners are not necessarily a part of a woman's make up routine, though it should be. With proper use, lip liners can firm up the lines of the lips which tend to fade away as a woman ages. It can also whip the lips into shape when the lipstick color begins to feather into fine lines along the edges of the lips.

Lip Liners- How to use Lip Liners

Lip liners can be used in either of two ways. You can use it to support the color of your lipstick or you can use it to support the color of your lips. When you want to use lip liners as a support to your lipstick, you will need a lip liner with a color that matches your lipstick color. When you use your lip liner as a support to the color of your lips, you will need a nude lip liner that is close to the natural color of your lips. As a rule, matching liners to the colors of the lipstick are perfect for bright colored lipsticks while nude lip liners are good for more subtle hues.

When using lip liners, avoid outlining your lips with dark colored lip liners and using light colored lipsticks. Also, when using a nude lip liner, a lip liner with pinky-brown tones is better than those with an orange cast. Lip liners with an orange cast will change the color of the lipstick once you put them on top of it.

Avoid making over-sharp lines with your lip liner by rolling the tip of your lip liner on the back of your hand. This serves to round off the tip of the lip liner, resulting in a better effect when it is applied to the lips.

For your lip colors to last longer, it is better to apply lip liners before coloring in with lipstick. When you apply the lip liner first and then apply color on top of it, the coloring will stick to the lip liner so that the colors last longer on your lips.