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Lip Balm Benefits, Make Your Own Lip Balm with simple Ingredients

People who have cracking lips know how painful they are. Rough hands are another problem for many. Who likes flaking, peeling and cracking lips? But the cold, windy or dry atmospheric conditions turn out your lips to be no better than a sand paper. Lip balm or lip salve as many people call it, is an excellent way to get satin smooth lips. Lip balm is the best way to keep your lips moist and avoid chapping of lips. Lip balms or lip salves are very similar to the lip-glosses. But lip-gloss is more of a cosmetic and lip balm is more of a treatment for your lips.

There are various types of lip balms available in the market these days. You have a variety of choices from lip balms that not only moisturize your lips but also come in various flavors like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla etc depending upon your liking. The lips salves available today are enhanced with sunscreens and vitamins to add to the benefits of the lip balm. Adding botanicals is the latest trends in the markets to make the lip balms more appealing.

There is one basic recipe to make lip salve. Manufacturers add number of additives and create various types of lip salves. The lip balms are made up of beeswax, menthol, petroleum jelly etc. You can make your own lip balm at home. All you need is around one fourth cup of coconut oil, around thirty drops of essential oils such as lavender or may be peppermint and a few drops of vitamin E oil. A popular flavor of lip balm nowadays is chocolate. You can add around two tablespoons of semi sweet dark cocoa. Also cocoa has flavanoids, which behave as anti oxidants. Now add dark coca and beeswax with the coconut oil and heat the content in a double boiler till all the content melts well. Cool slightly and then add the essential oils and vitamin E. Mix well and cool. Put it in a bottle and refrigerate. Your own lip salve is ready for use.

Apart from rough lips, rough skin of hands is also a problem for many. Hand salve smoothes your skin and also protects your hands from infections. It moisturizes your thirsty hands, boosts blood circulation and repairs the rough tissues without making your hands oily Similar to lip balm, it is easy to make hand salve. All you need to do is to take around three cups of olive oil impregnated with one cup of lavender buds and one cup of calendula petals. Add two oz of butter and three oz of beeswax and heat the content. Cool slightly and then add half an oz of tea tree oil to it.  Your own homemade hand salve is ready.