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One of the keys to achieving a great effect with your whole facial make-up is being able to know which type of foundation is best for you.  This is because this type of facial make-up is the first make-up layer that you put on your face and is the base of the rest of your make-up.  This type of base make-up comes in cream and powder form.

The best way to get the right type of foundation for you is in matching it to the type of your skin, your natural color as well as your skin tone.  For example, those with yellow-toned skin should also get a make-up base that is also yellow in color.  It is always best to get a make-up base that matches your skin tone, although using more than one shade of base make-up is also useful to fully highlight the different features of your face.  You should only attempt using more than one shade of make-up though if you are already adept in blending this type of make-up just right. 

Here are some pointers to help you achieve a natural look after having put on foundation make-up in cream form:

  • In using a cream make-up base, then you must use a cosmetic sponge to be able to blend the make-up slowly in motions that are long and sweeping.  Your sponge should be slightly damp so you could apply the make-up with much ease as well as get the result of a smooth, evenly applied make-up.
  • To perfectly match the color of your base make-up to your skin tone, test the make-up on the line of your jaw.  Through this, you would be able to match your make-up color to your neck's natural color.  It would also aid you better if you try to match your make-up to your natural skin color under different light environments.
  • When applying a base make-up, you should take care in blending it quite properly, especially under the line of your jaws as well as into your hairline. You should also put the make-up in the ear lobes, around the eye area and on both the corners of your mouth and nose.  This is so people won't see the difference between your skin and your make-up.
  • In retouching an area of your face where the make-up might have run, be sure to just apply it lightly before blending it with the rest of the make-up that is already on your face.  To let the reapplied make-up right, apply a light dusting of translucent powder.