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Face Make-up

The most important reason on the application of face make-up among women is beauty enhancement.  There are many women who believe in the maxim that beauty is really skin deep.  Before they go to work or to a date or just out of the house, they put on shades of this and that on eyelids, cheekbones and lips.  There are even others who will not go out of their room without putting some kind of make-up first.

While there are really women who are quite adept in putting on make-up, there are also others who apply this face paint quite haphazardly that sometimes they look like clowns.  There are certain ways on applying face make-up that would present a look that is quite elegant and very becoming.  “Less is more” is actually one of the keys on putting on make-up, coupled with knowing where to put them and how.

Make-up, which could somehow be considered as a facemask, must be applied in a certain sequence that is proven to get the desired results.  You will see that you will look quite stunning after you follow this sequence.  

  • The first thing that you should put on is the foundation.  You could put on an eye concealer before the foundation if you need to hide dark circles under your eyes.
  • You could actually do some corrections and improvements on your face through the use of a make-up base.  There are many colors of make-up bases that are perfect to correct the appearance of your skin.
  • The blushers or the rouge should then follow after this.  In putting on this make-up, you should smile and apply the brush lightly on the part of your cheek that appears more fatty and draw it in an upward slant towards the temple area.  You could also add a touch of rogue on your chin and across your forehead.  Make sure that you only put on enough to create a healthy glowing effect.
  • After the blushers, the powder comes next.  Use a shade of powder that is just one shade darker than your own skin color to get the more natural effect.
  • The powder should be followed by the eye make-up, which should not be put on too darkly except if it is for a night-out.
  • After this, the lip make-up is then applied.  You could use a lip-liner for this, which should be one shade darker than the lipstick that you will use.  

Once you get the trick of applying make-up on your face, you would have achieved the art of putting on face paint that constitutes your facemask.  But unlike a mask, properly applied face make-up could create a whole look of natural beauty that would seem like you are not wearing any make-up at all.