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A mask is a facial covering that hides the face of the beholder, it deceives the onlookers and it can make so much difference in a person’s social life. From the Italian word for mask, mascara is a cosmetic which is applied to the eyelashes to give it a thicker and fuller appearance. From the past’s coal mascara to the elegant mascaras of today, this cosmetic has gone so far.

This cosmetic has even taken three different forms. The three forms are the cake, liquid and cream. The mascara was started by a man named Eugene Rimmel. Peculiarly, to this day, the word, “rimmel” stands for mascara in some languages. It started as a simple mixture of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with a hint of coal dust. Now, it has three forms, which oddly sounds delectable.

Long and brighter looking eyelashes is the goal of the application of this cosmetic product. It works in such a way that attention shall be drawn into the eyes. Many cosmetics pinpoint the eyes. They are used for emphasizing the beauty that is hidden beneath seemingly shrouding brows and lashes. The conventional mascara was made up of fibers which gave the lashes the thickening effect. Now, marketers and cosmetic scientists alike have created a new form of mascara, which lack these fibers.

The fibreless mascara gives a longer look to lashes ad adds definitive colors which would absolutely draw the attention to the eyes. This type of mascara is usually used to accentuate the more matured eyes. This type comes along with a thin wand-type object which would add the elegant curl to your lashes. This is of course the only option for those with pretty sensitive lashes who can’t take the curler.

On the other hand, the thick mascara with fibers constitutes a volume-enhancing effect. Actually, younger women opt to use this form because if you aren’t endowed with enough lash hairs, this effect will speak volumes, literally. But if you really have a sparsely populated eyelid, then keep your expectation of a high volume eyelash small. Because if you overuse, you’ll appear to have black sticks jutting out of your eyelid instead of hairs and it really doesn’t look good.

Waterproof mascara also exists in the cosmetic world. It makes people who sweat a lot have intact mascara rather than seemingly crying black tears, which is a common comedic spoof. This also works for people with oils facial skins and deep-set lashes whose hairs touch the face. This type of mascara creates a protective layer, which helps keep the melting effect vanish.

The eyes are pretty important. If you need a mask to keep them looking good, then mascara’s the way to go.