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False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are eye accessories that can accentuate your eyes and make for a dramatic over all appearance. There are two kinds of false eyelashes, full or just groups of false eyelashes. The full set of false eyelashes usually add more drama to your eyes and bring attention to it whereas the clumps of false eyelashes will bring quite glamour to your appearance.

It is better to stick to your natural color when choosing false eyelashes. Going too dark or too light might only serve to make you look startling. You might also opt to trim down the fake eyelashes to a reasonable and more natural length. Wearing false eyelashes that are longer than your own might look too unnatural and pretentious.

You might also like to add some false eyelashes on your lower lashes to match the upper ones. Some caution needs to be taken when putting false eyelashes on both upper and lower lashes since they might appear too abundant and unnatural. The aim of false eyelashes is to accentuate and beautify your eyes not make them look like a bush.

It is also a good idea to do a skin test with the glue that you will use to apply the fake eyelashes. Be extra careful not to glue your eyes shut when applying the fake eyelashes.

Here is how to apply false eyelashes:

  • Clean your eyes carefully and properly from any make-up or debris before starting to apply the false eyelashes. It is better to dry out your eyes naturally before doing    anything else; wiping them dry might not work too well.
  • Apply the appropriate glue on the false eyelashes. Using some commercial glue which are not the right kind might irritate your eyes and even result in blindness. Apply a thin layer of glue on the false eyelashes and wait for it to sit for a while before application.
  • Attach the fake eyelashes as close as you can to your natural eyelashes, while looking at a mirror. Follow the curve of your eye when you place the fake eyelashes to maintain a more natural look. You can make adjustments with tweezers or a toothpick. Do this with care to avoid poking your eyes.
  • Check the intensity of your eyes before trying to put on your normal make-up. Your eyes may be dramatic enough to warrant going without eye make-up. You could also opt to put on just some light makeup especially if the false eyelashes are of a darker shade and thick.

When you remove the false eyelashes, do not just pull them off as you might also pull off your real ones in the process or worse, you might take off some of your skin. A make-up remover usually does the trick or you might try to apply a warm compress on your eyes before taking them off to facilitate easier removal. The fake eyelashes can be soaked in an eyelash cleaning solution for some time before you dry them and use them again.