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Eyeliner and Brow

Cosmetic products are geared in making the person who applies it look better in the outside. They exploit what the person already has by enhancing those, which she doesn’t have. The magic of cosmetics is manipulation of the sense of sight. It creates visual illusions that trick the eyes and deceives the brain. Eyeliners, being the cosmetic product that they are, do the same thing.

Eyeliners are used to distort and reshape the eye shape of a person. It is also used to exemplify a certain mood. They use penciling techniques of sharpness and roundness to convey an artistic expression and personal mood. With respect to eyeliner’s texture, its application can be clearly defined or abstractly smudged. In the market, four formulas of the said cosmetic product are present. Each of these formulas brings a certain characteristic to the person’s face.

The first formula is what is commonly called the liquid formula. This formula paints a crisp and sharply defined line, which perfectly defines and stays as is even over a significant time span. Being liquid, it smudges a moist line, which adds to glow and vitality on the part of the wearer. This type of eyeliner formulation comes in small bottles whose hue comes in dark and goes with a felt applier. Warning though, recommendation is until top eyelid alone for it yields a harsh line and is a common irritant.

Another type is the gel eyeliner. This type of formulation yields a quick and easy application and is generally softer that Kohl. It is greatly recommended that this formulation be supplemented with eye shadow creams to truly bring out the person’s hidden beauty.

The dark-matte available powder-based eyeliner draws an explicitly sharp line that clearly and masterfully defines the eyes. As I said, the magic of cosmetics lies in their manipulative tendencies, which actually work well. It enhances the superficial beauty of the person and it adds a degree of confidence to the wearer, which boils down to its psychological effect.

The last formulation type is the soft wax-based eyeliner is very good for application and is easily smudged for use. Also, they come in a wide variety of colors, which can all make your eye, pop in a special way. This eyeliner type comes in a pencil form, a cone form, or maybe a compact form with a brush applier.

Another special eyeliner form is the Kohl, which is actually the softest powder eyeliner that exist s in the known planet. This is used to definitively capture the eye’s contour and to especially emphasize the eye’s shapely figure.

Generally, it boils down to one thing – eyeliners defining the eyes, your ever-loyal personal jewels that you have.