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Perfect Eyebrow Tips -  Eyebrows Threading, Eyebrows Plucking, Grooming Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a major part of our face. We may sometimes take these for granted because there is not much we can do with them except to contour them to our preference. Many women are in search of the perfect eyebrow arch or shape.

Most of the time, women pluck their eyebrows into shape to achieve perfect eyebrows. The methods of shaping eyebrows include tweezing and waxing. Tweezing or plucking is the most often used method of shaping brows. There is even a method that uses a thread to pluck the brows but the concept to tweezing and plucking is the same. Waxing is more expensive and may affect your eyes so it is better to consult professionals to do this for you.

Stylists say that putting vaseline on your brows before plucking or tweezing will help ease the pain. You could also try putting ice or better yet, teething gel on your brows to help ease the pain. Just be careful not to get the gel in your eyes.

Tips on shaping your beautiful eyebrows:

  • One of the most effective ways of shaping your eyebrows is to first decide what shape your eyebrows can achieve. Not all eyebrows are the same shape and size, be content with the capacity of your eyebrows. Do not expect unrealistic results like those of a fashion model because you can not add to the height or length of your eyebrows, you can just shape them.
  • Outline the shape that you want to achieve with eyebrow pencil before you start plucking away at your eyebrows. You must also stop plucking or tweezing gone in a while to see if you are doing it right or not. Eyebrows take approximately eight weeks to grow back so be careful how much you tweeze off.
  • Your eyebrows may just need grooming not tweezing. Try experimenting how your eyebrows might look groomed instead of plucked. You can try to tame your eyebrows with a little hair gel or even transparent mascara. There are eyebrow brushes and combs to help you with this.
  • Try to work with what looks natural on you. Arched eyebrows might give you a surprised look while straight brows give you angry look. If your brows can not achieve the arch you want, then get another eyebrow shape that suits you.
  • If you wish to color your eyebrows, go for a color that is a few shades darker than your current hair color. This will still look natural compared to lighter eyebrows or those that are too dark.
  • Avoid pencil thin brows as these are reminiscent of the forties and may give you a shaven appearance. Natural looking arched brows are better than pencil thin ones and will give you a softer look.
  • If you have over tweezed you brows, you can fill in the gaps with eyebrow pencil with similar color to your brows. Use short wispy strokes instead of heavy drawing on your brows for a more natural look.

These tips can help you achieve better looking brows with less pain.